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    So we have put new turbo on and didn't quite crack 500wkw as ran out of fuel pumps. Have designed a new setup of headers and mounting turbo in front of cam covers with this coming on to full boost at 3800rpm ish. Absolutely mental when it hits boost as torque skyrockers. Gotasuby - 479.76wkwModel: 2002 V7 STI GDBDisplacement: 2.35lMods: S366 Turbo, ID1700@55psi base. ported heads, cams, fmic, 3.5" exhaust, DW300 FP, G4+, front mounted turbo. Fuel: E75Tuner: Me/SAS 
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    Don't try and increase the power... you have a 1.5 with no turbo, so it's going to be very hard to increase the power. I personally would not spend any money on it... just drive it the way it is and enjoy it.
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    Before with it’s different colour guards and no bumper To this now. So very happy with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tried to use my mx5 like a subaru. Didnt go very well but it was a lot of fun.
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    These are pretty good to avoid speeding tickets
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    If anything, start collecting tools, jacks, axle stands etc, start learning to maintain it yourself, you’ll save a lot, and learn a lot. Then when you get a turba it’ll be even easier
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    Relaxing Sunday drive up a small hill.
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    I think we would all concur with this statement. If you want more performance start saving and buy another car one day. You won't really get any value for money out of this one. Enjoy the Subaru life with a decent fuel bill while you can!
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    Back to the circuit after the offroadin stint the other week. Had a bunch of issues with 5th gear, need to do the bushes and whatnot so I dont have so much play in each gear. Half a second slower than my PB last year. And the not so good bit of the day...
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    well, after crashing my street triple in march 2018, and the subsequent rehab process, then 6 weeks around europe over christmas, returning to nz to then biff my daytona, and subsequent healing time, i've come to some decisions. a few people know about the build saga thats happening with my v7. please do watch this space.
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    Definitely check to see if the airbag has been done. Subaru NZ are working with Subaru Japan to recall all imported Subarus that are affected. https://www.subaru.co.nz/takata
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    thats what forum hook ups are for! Chur & I shared this on our FB page too
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    Yeah I had the 2.0 tho. I agree its not worth modifying too much as its only a 1.5. A nice set of wheels and tyres is definitly an option though. If you want it lowered you can put in some lowering springs but it won't make it handle better and may spoil the ride quality. If you dont have a rear sway bar i have a stock 2.0 one which came with my car of your interested. Im Unsure if they will bolt on but someone else will know. I replaced my muffler with a straight pipe which my mate did. Gave it a bit of a noise. Doesnt sound as good as the turbo versions tho. Most of all, enjoy it. I had so much fun in my one Edit: when you get bored of it, buy a wrx and the possibilities are endless however this could be the start of many bad monetary decisions
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    4th and blew up gearbox up at just over 420kw and swapped it out and went back to dyno
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    Hi everyone The forum software has been updated. Unfortunately due to an error made by me we lost the last 24h of data, sorry for this. Please respond here if you come across any other issues.
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    So eg33 is actually really easy to get parts as it's just a ej22 with 2 more cyl so all ej22 parts work incl pistons, rods valve train etc. Cams are only issue but they can be reground easy enough. They are a stronger block factory and have thicker cylinder wall thickness but it's a far bigger engine physically.
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    Come to the conclusion that my time has come with my S401. It'll be leaving my hands in the coming months, as I simply cannot afford to own and run it with my other half wanting to do lots of road trips, as she's seen a lot of the world, but barely any of NZ (I'm the opposite lol). I've already found its new owner, which is a good friend of mine. He'll be continuing what I set out to do with it, which is tastefully mod it, namely on the suspension side - he's not too keen to change the engine up. What will I be replacing it with? Well... a motorbike for starters - a 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT, and as for the car, a 2010-2013 Mazda 6 GSX wagon (the update one, as they get a lot of extras standard vs the release model). Having one of those will enable road trips for the both of us, and also her to drive it, as she's not a confident manual driver, and the Mazda will be auto. I do plan to own another Subaru in my future, but the time is not now. Probably when my grey hairs start to develop lol.
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    Three engines might be more a reflection of how you're driving rather than the oil that's going into it Haha.
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    Repaint those wiper arms man! Make it look much nicer. And a grille definitely. Looks awesome though! FeelsGoodMan to have a car all one colour aye!
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    Recently just bought this BP5. So stoked!
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    After getting costing and mapping turbo spool and flow it seems the stroker is almost pointless and costs an additional $3200. Plus reduces the redline potential so it seems the engine is 2.0L again. Heads should be heading down to horsepower heads for the CNC next/this week. With new bronze magnesium guides fitted since they will be removed for porting and the current ones are a bit worn. If I get some time I’ll get video of the before and then some after. On the valve front if there is any Easter sales 1mm oversized valves may find the way in. These are needed but since most places don’t stock or sell the stock size inconel exhaust or undercut stems intake. Tomei have a full set and some of their stuff is just cosworth built. JE newest Ultra pistons have been ordered.
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    Autolign North Shore is having it's official grand opening Saturday 13th April from 9am to 3pm. 127D Target Road, Glenfield, Auckland The BBQ will be on all day, and this isn't being advertised but all sales on the day they will be doing at trade pricing, so come down and take advantage of that. There will also be a couple drifters with they're cars on show.
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    I am not 100% sure to be honest with you, I think it was the overall picture. I have been through about 9 Honda's and this is my second Subaru. After owning my first (95 WRX) I just loved the feeling of them, They are great cars to jump in and drive day to day, you have torque when you want it and boost when you want also. I find the interiors from the later models up in WRX's really nice as well. Plus the AWD is so much fun!
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    We have had this conversation quite a long time ago with another member that had basically the exact same car. @Subru I think it was? Any money you spend on it will probably make it worse and will reduce the resale value. Just enjoy it for what it is and save your pennies for something fast at some point in the future The only thing really worth doing is putting some adequate tyres on it.
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    Curbed a wheel from a perfect set I’ve had for like, 8 years. Feelsbad.jpg Pulled some speakers from the Gf8 to measure and see if my other ones will fit, just need some spacers, got my front right speaker going again, and found my 200gig folder worth of music. Never been one for ICE, but it looks like this thing is getting some Doof Doof
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    Picked up some far less angry Group N engine mounts to try. The Kein ones are progressively getting better but still kind of annoying. The GN ones will be a good test set since The Kein and sloppy worn factory ones really are on the opposite ends of the scale. Currently I've been comparing the Kein harshness to rubbish factory ones without any idea how harsh the midground ones are so opinions may change.
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    speak for yourself, you're a freak of nature mate
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    Finally now that I’m home with all the garage gear and driveway space I can clean parts of the car that have been neglected. Today was the wheels lights and exhaust. Wheels had curbing thanks to my wife[emoji849] so thought I’d try and sand the outer lip and see how that looks came up sweet and will keep me happy till the tyres need to be replaced Exhaust was an easy clean with some metal polish and bit of arm muscle Headlights were super nasty yellow from Being outside at Wellington airport for almost 8 months. Used rainx kit that including a sealant to hopefully make it last longer. Will see if it really works Tomorrow’s job is wash and wax and and clean the inside. Once I paid the duty for the whiteline gear that will be installed as well.
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    Hey there fellow Subie owners, Anyone heading out for drag wars tonight?
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    Police stopped the car driving through Henderson last night, two arrests, limp wristed charges placed, and one smashed up ignition... Got to wait for insurance to assess the damage now :(
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    thats weird..i am back..😍 This time it had saved my old password.. Anyway great work by all concerned.. Time now to donate some money to CS.
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    Why not just do the smart thing and let the GF get the practical touring car then you can keep all the toys.... That's the kind of winning strategy I'm working with
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    it’s $10 and a 40 min train ride to get it from the city on Monday long lunch time and you’re done
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    I went for a ride in a mates creation today after delivering him a new Windscreen
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    Aren't the pre-facelift 6mt’s different to all the others in some way too? Remember reading something ages ago about differences but really can't remember what it was.
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    quoting my old post, as it seems this one will sit right below old car in leader board but oh boy does it feel SO MUCH BETTER and it's mostly stock lol. Model: WRX STI V11 GRB Displacement: 2.0L stock engine Mods: PBMS Downpipe, PBMS Stage 2 Baffled oil sump, HKS catback exhaust/twin carbon tips (guessing it's 3"), HKS intakepipe/carbon box (doesn't make a difference but mentioning carbon cos carbon fam), PBMS heavy duty organic clutch Fuel: Gull Force 10 Tuner/dyno: PBMS/ Rollling road / Dyno Torque gonna be putting WRXMAS plates on it tomorrow, not sure why dyno date is showing like that, as he didn't even have the car back then haha i'm guessing default dates but anyways;
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    FD2R are so nice or for that raw track feeling a EK9 type r would be epic. I have had so many Hondas, don't know why I ditched them to make build a Subaru 🤣
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    My favourite.Could I stance my car so the new tyre labels don’t wear.
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    After spending many hours doing research last night, I found that it is much simpler than first feared. A lot of the higher end headunits that support Android Auto also have built-in steering wheel control decoders which means you don't need a 3rd party device to interpret. Thanks for the suggestions
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    For some people it has auto renewed, have you checked your bank acc to see if we’ve already pinched some money from you?
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    No real experience with either sized engine, but I would imagine the EZ30 would have a lot more spare parts and would be cheaper than the EG33.
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    both of them! my "G sensor" hit the windscreen a couple of times on Braking Turn #1 / Toyota @Tony (aka "Ronin" old forum name) took out Fastest on the day in his Evo I was just out there for fun Don't think I did too bad for a Thousand Dollar car! $$/smiles/miles I think I won
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    Gave me a reason to wash the car
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    Doesn't arrive for a week or two, but I'll post more then. The WRX is definitely a better-handling car, more mechanical, and more connected to the driver. The Stinger is a GT car so a lot more relaxing place to be, closer to a Legacy in size and intent, but also blazingly fast in a straight line. Likely to be a handful in the winter as well.
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    This is only ok if it's a Stinger..
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    Just did a swap with Motul 300v 10w40, but thats in my 1997 STI RA. Hardly drive it so decided to fork out for the good stuff.
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