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  1. With the lighter wheels it should make steering lighter and more responsive anyway. I weighed a wheel and it's 9Kg which pretty light for an OEM 18x8.5 wheel. Had a mate weigh a 5 spoke wheel and it weighed 12.4Kg (both weighed using a bathroom scale). Agreed, however, the bigger brakes is probably the only 'form over function' thing I'm doing which will only be noticed by some people and get them to wonder if anything else been done to the car.
  2. Most likely yes! they are +55 offset which I think with a 15-20mm spacers would look perfect. I’m also working on a 6pot front brake setup at the moment and I really hope those wheels will clear.
  3. Purchased a set of the optional STI BBS forged wheels to remedy one of the few I don’t like about the car. Also a bonus is less unsprung weight (apparently they are around 3kg lighter/wheel). **Images from the internet Will go from To
  4. not sure yet but I think will be clocked down to run under the intake pipe/filter.
  5. i didn’t do anything myself but I did receive some photos of turbo installed on the mock engine in car, down pipe next. Things getting more exciting, hopefully not long to go now.
  6. Assuming my car is finished by then, I plan on making an appearance. Unlikely to enter the track day but hopefully be there for the whole weekend.
  7. Apparently modified as well, somewhere in the 400-500kw. 2.5L and looks like a twin-scroll EFR turbo?, 6-speed etc.
  8. I'd start by making sure volumes are correct in the cooling system and overflow tank and no air in system and keeping an eye on it. If still smell of coolant/overflow then could be as simple as a failing radiator cap (not holding correct pressure and overflowing) or cooling system getting pressurised from combustion and some coolant is escaping causing the smell.
  9. I'll be keen, can't do this weekend (other thread) as I'm away so during next week should be all go
  10. Yep interested, aiming to be there And thanks man
  11. yep should be able to come to meets! Not sure i can, don't really have enough fund and don't think i can have time off work
  12. Ya, moved here bout 3 week ago now
  13. B4 2000


    And many many smiles [quote name='l2eeFer13 said: You had it dynoed? Killer turbo man Currently after the switch to BP98 it's sitting at 287Kw at wheels, previously on gull 98 it was making 307Kw! Would've still been able to go over 300 with BP98 but temperature on day of tune were causing car to go to limp/safe mode as coolant temps kept hitting 105 so we decided to call it a day instead of pushing more (yes I know I need a better cooling system/a better radiator than factory legacy one) However, with BP98 it's much economical, did Palmerston North to Rolleston on one tank and could've continued to Ashburton and probably further with a fully loaded car.
  14. B4 2000


    Here's a photo, sorry might not be upto some people standards with keeping engine bay very tidy and sparking clean tho! Turbo is a GTX3076r
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