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    • @patrickc22 flick me a PM on Monday and i'll see what i can get FJK-7123HD for through work. Should be a bit cheaper than $799.
    • Mine you pretty much had to drop the clutch with enough revs to stop it stalling. Got over it very quickly. Exedy puk I had drove a bit on/off but relatively normally.
    •   What @evowrx said. I smashed one in my gc8 with their 11lb flywheel. I was mostly attracted to it due to the price and it seemed like an affordable up grade.    Drivability is not the worst I've ever encountered, however it is a case of no engagement until the last 20-30mm of the peddle throw and it is reasonable hard to make a smooth start without shudder. I'm personally not worried by this, but I can see how others would not be able to live with it.    I can't comment much further as iv done minimal mileage due to the car still being a work in progress, have maybe out 200km max on it. I'd like to think it will hold the power I'm aiming for (200wkw) and will handle abuse. My advice would be to consider other options if you want/need something that's feels drivable in a daily.  
    • I took all the cats (4) out of my E55 and no one was the wiser.  04, imported in 2015.   The Exxon Valdez was better for the environment than my E55.
    •   I had a drews puk jobbie was S*** compared to exedy puk. Horrible drivability wouldnt touch a drews again.