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    • I finally after 6 months installed my anti lift/caster correction kit on the BL5, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Also replace the leaking hydraulic diff cradle bush and its partner on the otherside with a whiteline positive retention kit and am yet to go row some gears. Now to get it retuned and go for that 12sec pass 
    • House, family, car. No time for much else 😂   Parts line up is looking good, keen to see what power it ends up with! 
    • Changed my power steering fluid. Well, more accurately, I sucked out the fluid and poured some new atf in, cycled it, sucked it out, new stuff in etc etc so it was no longer a black sludge, and is now a semi translucent Reddy brown.    Going to do it again in another week or so, just going to run that stuff to loosen up all the crap while chasing out other rattles.    Car is running ok, need to get it tuned. Then a write up of the saga that has been this "she'll be done by Christmas" engine build that is now nearly 2 years overdue.
    • I found the Philips + whatever bulbs lasted for longer than I owned the car. 
    • cracked coil?