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    • A few other places can that can do gearbox flashing probably can too
    • They are driving down with a loan car and we are swapping over. It would need to go to subaru to diagnose the gearbox i would have thought.
    • Thanks Andy I thought you might know . I did see a wiring diagram on the net I'll download it and get on with it . I think it's been coming for awhile TBH as it's play up a bit lately Thanks again .
    • You need an aftermarket amp that has high level input as that is what the stock HU puts out. There is some info out there on what each wire does in the multicore round interconnect, so you just need to cut that open and separate each wire off to run to each terminal on the new amp   This would be a good time to replace all the speakers with some 6.5 components up front and 6.5 coaxial's in the back. The stockers all tear eventually so you're on borrowed time really
    • Hi guys it's been awhile since I last posted anything . So here we go I have a 2006 BP5 STI Legacy wagon . Today I started my car and set my music to play via bluetooth which is a aftermarket setup that goes into the McIntosh stereo . And I heard a pop and then the sound went away I've pulled the amp out ( EF-12591 ) and it smells very burnt . I pulled it apart and I can't see any issues I've checked fuses and they're all good . What I'd like to do is replace it totally for an aftermarket amp there seems to be no info on the net on the swap . So has anyone done this before ? Or should I try and find another standard one ? How reliable is the factory amp? I'm a bit lost on what I should do the factory speakers aren't great and I think one or more of the speakers are torn. Any help would be great and very appreciated .