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What have you done to your car today?

Guest keltik

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Me, fitted a pod filter. This isn't where you post up your whole project and your life story. just maybe what you did today - Whether it be change your radio or your oil, or finally finish up a swap you've been working on. Why not post it up and let everyone know your accomplishment :D

(shamelessly stolen from SL-I forum)

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Drove the Legacy, found out it lights up the front wheels ??? when giving it a bit of stick in the wet. Need to give the radiator a feed.

Swapped it for the Impreza at lunchtime. Found out that likes to light things up in the wet too, but all four wheels. Need to get a wheel alignment.

Got a rude letter regarding the first Legacy wagon I owned; forgot to deregister it.

Considered getting the exhaust for the third Legacy I own all flanged up, but CBF.

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I popped the bonnet and looked at all the shit thats got to come out. Got confused as hell when it came to the standard boost solenoid ??? went upstairs, looked at my shiny new sti stuff and E Boost Street. Fondled it all, then came on here.

Extremely productive day here :P

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