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Impreza GF - Scrap to Track Build.


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Figured I should start a proper thread on this for entertainment/Education. 

So Background, I have competed in a few different motorsports and currently loving the Lemons (Now Nazcar) series. I've got my own team and Car we Race in it, But knowing how amazing it is I wanted to get friends involved and the Perfect car popped up for it. As I'm sure you guessed its a GF wagon, Factory Manual, AWD 1.5L Engine. Interior is in amazing condition while the exterior is what you expect, Also someone threw a rock through the rear window so thats on the Parts replacment list

 It was used as a paddock car as due to some chassis crease it can't pass a WOF, I've had a look underneath and the thing drives damn well. and at the price it was offered for its become the perfect car for my Friends to learn a lot more on cars but also gave a go at Racing! 

Pics from the day I collected it. 



So Hopefully work begins this weekend stripping it out and getting it ready for the Cage and other bits, We are going to be keeping everything as stock as possible But will look at upgrades like brake calipers, Radiators and hell even a bigger engine if its Cheap enough and just Bolts right in as the whole point of this is reliability and Fun. 

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Soooooooo Update time :P 

Its been slow going as been flat out building Motorsports Wiring looms, and finishing my Personal car. 

But We stripped it all out... 


Much Better.

Also For all those Wondering. The entire Interior from a GF3 Excluding Seats fits inside a RS4 Avant. Who would have thought it. 


Who can resist Fitting the Seat and making some engine noises. 



Also Finally Got it off the Steelies, 

Got these nice 15" Rims for a happy $100. 

The Budget Rally car continues. 

This weekend, Weld in a Harness bar and the Harness plates in the floor. 

Still focusing on doing the absolute bear minimum to just go out and enjoy the car. 

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So None of those Pics seems to work, Will relook at sorting it all out, Here's one that hopefully works. 

So We Invested a whole $200 into a $200 Car, and well its now got New Oil, New Sparks, New Filter, and A Tiny little New Battery. 

Was also able to score some sweet Rims off someone at a Rally when the person didn't pitch up to collect them. so another $100 there but they'll replace the Steelies on the car currently. 

In really Fun news. The Car is going down to Hawks bay this Weekend for a Grasskhana Event. So some life left in the old Girl. Will get some Pics hopefully.

will spend Saturday giving it a once over, and Hopefully try figure out why she chokes a bit when going from idle to flooring it, like is super hesitant for a few seconds then rev's up nicely. 


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