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  1. It certainly does. Have seen it range from 70-83%.
  2. Correct. Was Scott's car, now my car. Gone to the dark/light side (whichever way you want to look at it lol). Bit of a learning curve, but a good challenge - currently in the process of a big tidy up. My Subaru is back in the Manawatu now, and the new owner will be competing at various Manfeild Events
  3. Yes, you could change your hubs to the Version 9-10 STI 5x114.3 ones, but be aware it is not a cheap exercise unless you can find second hand parts for a good price. The 5x114.3 front knuckle assembly has a thicker clevis and the hole spacing for the lower shock mounts is different. You either have to use V9-10 front shocks, or have the knuckle machined thinner, and one of the shock mount holes re-drilled to use your existing shocks. Once that's done, just bolt everything on. You have a couple of options for the rear.... I am not too familiar with the Foresters, but is yours an STI? and if so, does it have the R180 rear diff etc? If you do have an R180 diff, then you should be able to just get a set of V9-10 rear hubs and swap them over with your existing ones. Or, the other option is to use the 5x100 R180 rear hubs, and re-drill them to 5x114.3, and re-fit the studs. They have enough meat in them to be re-drilled, I did this on my old race car and it was fine, BUT, I am guessing your car will have ABS and re-drilling may interfere with the large bolt-on tone rings that I have seen on some of the later rear hubs (my car was a GC8 RA so no ABS etc). If your car doesn't have an R180 rear end, then you will need to change the rear end to R180 (axles and diff) to make the 5x114 hubs fit your car - just comes down to how much you want to spend, so if that;s out of your budget, the 5x100 to 5x114 adapters would be the far easier/cheaper option (even with a cert).
  4. Mitsi evo. Will be there on Saturday too, am helping out a couple of our customers with their cars and getting them sorted for superlap on Sunday. I'll keep an eye out for you :-)
  5. I'm doing Superlap as well... but not in a Subaru.
  6. I'll show him tomorrow and see what he thinks....
  7. Matt, just got your email. We shouldn't have a problem, Dave will check to see if he has a definition file for it, and if not, we can get one sent to us from the software supplier - hence the reason I wanted to confirm before you came down as it sometimes take a day or so for them to get back to us. No point coming down and then finding out we didn't have the definition and couldn't get it until the next day! I'll be in touch anyway
  8. Let me go through some old emails as I am pretty sure I have his contact from a few years ago.... I'll be in touch if I have any luck.
  9. A lot of those big aftermarket top mounts seem to have the same problem on the track - with repeated laps, continuous WOT, full boost etc they heatsoak to the point they cannot recover and IATs sky rocket. They are so thick, but have a comparatively small surface area so they end up turning into a massive heat-sink. We had this very problem on BT's race car years ago with the PW top mount. Back to backed it with the factory Ver. 8 STI intercooler and the logs proved it worked a lot better. The factory cooler, in this case/application, was actually more efficient than the aftermarket PW one.
  10. Just on that point, there is no plug-in ECU for a GRB that costs $1400-1600. Link do not make one for this model Subaru. If you were considering a plug-in ECU, budget at least $3250 +GST (thats for an Emtron. I dont know what the Motec plug-in is worth, but it will be at least the same money, if not more).
  11. The cup car drivers you speak of must be fairly new/inexperienced or taking easy surely??? Back in the days of the NZ Porsche GT3 Championship the older cup cars (996-997) were doing lap times around NZ tracks that most Subarus would struggle to match these days (there are 3 Subaru circuit cars I know of that lapped close to those times - all 3 had VERY good drivers, and yes, more HP than a cup car).
  12. Yeah Eddie is up here in Tauranga now. Sorry I don't know anything about the new owners of Elite, however I think Mo/Lasersooby still takes his car there for servicing?
  13. Nah I haven't broken any axles for many years now. I only broke my front axles once (both at the same time!)... that was with a 7000rpm side-step launch on warm slicks! I wont do that again!!!!! Yeah the V7-8 ones are massive, then they go smaller again in the later model ones from memory (GR/GV)
  14. GC axles will fit them. Most of that stuff is compatible through the versions (I am still using GC front axles in V9-10 front hubs).