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  1. Can I ask why? Are you going to be running a giant turbo that won't spool until 6000/7000 rpm?
  2. I wouldn't do it personally... the sock on the pump is all you have between the crap floating around in your tank... and the injectors.
  3. How does it run with no 02 sensor?
  4. Seem to be quite popular with the towing crowd. I've gone diesel now too, love the torque so much after 18 years of none turbo Legacys with no bloody torque or power to speak of.
  5. what seal costs $230 from Subaru but is $30 on partsouq?
  6. What exactly is wrong with the idle? looks stable to me.
  7. makes sense... the torsion bars on mine are brutal... when i first got it, it had no spoiler and I had to disconnect the boot release because it would fly open so fast I though it would smash the rear window one day.
  8. it will just run on what info it has... i.e. the TPS. it will run like s***... but better than with a bad MAF.
  9. no... it's an STI trunk... GC era... maybe that's the difference.
  10. It will be fine, they are very solid... that's why they weight about 10kgs. Mine has 4 bolts only.
  11. Yes you can check just by pulling the side covers back a bit... you just need to be able to see all the alignment marks. Off by one tooth doesn't mean it will run bad through the whole range... but could make the idle a bit s***. You really need a proper vacuum gauge... not a boost gauge. 20 inHg is a healthy engine... less might be badly sealing valves... or cam belt off a bit. Do the compression test too.
  12. Have you checked the cambelt is on right? You could be one tooth off on one of the cam wheels. Also have you checked the vacuum with a proper gauge? I know the ecu manifold pressure looked ok... though more borderline tbh.
  13. Pick a part injectors? You are brave. Have you done a compression test?