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  1. On the intake mani, directly under the throttle. So there is the crankcase breather port... it has a plastic T section... one side goes to the intake pipe, the other goes to the pcv. Some newer blocks have two crankcase breathers... I just blocked the second one up when I had one of those... I don't know how it is plumbed into the OEM system at all.
  2. The air going into the catch can is not metered air... it can be vented to the atmosphere. The biggest thing to be worried about it is not restricting the flow from the heads and crankcase with small ports on your breather. I use a 4 port can... one port for each breather appropriately sized... and one large breather port on top which I vent under the car. Block the paths back into the intake pipe and remove the pcv and block that port too... though some people would prefer to keep it.
  3. I'm not a lawyer, and in fact was escorted from my law faculty for gross moral ineptitude (and poor personal hygiene), but I'm going to say that your chart does not meet the standard of proof required to backup your claims
  4. Image how much complaining about lack of engine noise you might see on EV forums.
  5. On the same engine? Sounds a bit like Unicorn poo to me.
  6. I expect it would kick a VF turbo's ass in performance... spool a bit slower... get spanked by a full sized version. A bit of extra lag just means you have to work a bit harder to get it up and going. The stock intake is pretty restrictive too... and the tmic with a bigger turbo? The Tomei bolt on was used with a fmic btw.
  7. I have not used one... but a guy in Wellington was using a bolt on Tomei on his Type R and it made plenty of power... 280 kw at the wheels... he complained it was a bit laggy... not sure just how laggy it was and not sure on how big it was compared to a 3071 either.
  8. umm, that's what I thought... can you provide sources Sam? @GC8E2DD
  9. Was just joking actually... but a noisy exhaust just attracts attention... which personally I don't want. When I first got my current car it was tuned to fart pop and backfire whenever I was off the gas... it was a nightmare and I had to drive around with my hand covering my eyes in shame.
  10. Not joking... really worn out motors need back pressure to hold the exhaust valves in place. Surely you've seen people fishing exhaust valves out of the oil pan? Happens all the time. Obnoxiousness is very subjective unfortunately... I know that very well indeed.
  11. No. I find this bit interesting: "I don't mind it being loud for others but I don't want it to be extremely loud in the cabin..." My opinion... loud exhaust are awesome in theory... but in practise not worth pissing everyone off.
  12. With 200,000 km on the engine the reduction in back pressure will likely allow the exhaust valves to move side to side excessively eventually (almost instantly) falling into the engine and blocking the oil feed pipe causing low oil pressure which would eventually (instantly) destroy the engine completely.
  13. Well strictly speaking the exit (output) is the opposite to the input... no? The diff is in the middle.
  14. It's where the power goes in of course
  15. check the battery. check all battery connections and alternator connections. check all the fuses in the engine bay... in particular the 100 and 50 amp fuses. Check that the bolted in fuses are tightly bolted down. check all the plugs on the underside of the main fuse box in the engine bay.
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