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  1. The wobble is what finally convinced me that they are taking the piss.
  2. Why can't you use a MAP sensor instead?
  3. What is the problem exactly? The revs go up by 500 rpm when you put your foot down? Isn't that normal?
  4. It doesn't really matter though because no one is being forced to buy over priced, poor condition "classic" cars.
  5. Maybe the wheel bearing is screwed.
  6. Can you describe the vibration more precisely? Can you hear it or just feel it? Can you feel it through the steering wheel... or brake pedal etc. You say periodic... does that mean always above 90, or only above 90 but not all the time? Does it happen only on certain road surfaces?
  7. You are mostly wrong... diagrams and parts can be found here >>> https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/subaru?_s=h
  8. I think there's more like a 20 kw increase... as I reckon the 303 kw is from a previous run... the final tune looks to be under 300... but a few kws here and there is pretty meaningless... I think that extra torque will be good... and more importantly, I can (hopefully) use anti lag for more than 60 seconds at a time, as that makes a really big difference
  9. helicoil strong enough for brake calipers?
  10. Tune up with e30... mainly for safety when using anti lag... but there were some reasonable gains for not having to do anything more than mix the fuel and pay for 2.5 hours on the dyno.
  11. Maybe newsuba will lend you his Thesaurus.
  12. Those guys charge like wounded bulls on crack.
  13. I have to disagree buddy. Saying you can use whatever externally sized filter you like in no way implies you can use one with incorrect internal specifications. No more than it implies you can use a fuel filter that just happens to fit (though perhaps you can? I don't know :))