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  1. Those guys charge like wounded bulls on crack.
  2. I have to disagree buddy. Saying you can use whatever externally sized filter you like in no way implies you can use one with incorrect internal specifications. No more than it implies you can use a fuel filter that just happens to fit (though perhaps you can? I don't know :))
  3. it's just an oil filter... you can put whatever size you want on.
  4. Looks pretty tight... bumpy as hell right before turn in and then uneven camber.
  5. Horrifying. He didn't get away with only minor injuries though.
  6. Recently put Q8 75w80 in my DCCD box... half the price of Motul Gear 300 and has a good reputation. Motul use Q8 base stocks for oil their oils I have been told.
  7. Yeah, a moving part that can't be checked... but the one I saw had a fairly substantial bearing that will see very little load... will hardly move much at all... just gently sway back and forth with g-forces... and oiling shouldn't be an issue
  8. I have seen a subaru sump on a saker that has a rotating pickup... so the oil can't get away from it.
  9. RCM have EL sumps as well, I have one. Last time I was in need of a sump, they just said to get an RCM sump and be done.
  10. Actually I think the water is sucked back down through the turbo into the engine... but the effect is the same... turbo continues to have water flowing after engine shutdown. Thermosyphon. Early engines used it for cooling all the time... no pumps were used.
  11. I don't like Teslas, but that is an improvement in my book
  12. RCM carry the SuperPro range... so possibly also covered by James Marshall Motorsport??? I was thinking about trying super pro too.. more choice in terms of bush hardness and whiteline is just the boring same old stuff
  13. Turbo has a one way valve on the manifold so boost can't get to the booster... booster will be the same.
  14. If you use partsouq to plug part numbers into, it will generally tell you what the superceded part number is as well... so if the part specified for your car doesn't match exactly the part listed for the wrx... it still might be an equivalent part... and the superceded part number will be the same.