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  1. Isnt one of the the turbo guys in wellies an old clubsub guy? Name escapes me.
  2. Any later model manifold with phase 2 injectors will be offset like the rev d one. Unless it's a v1/2 one with phase 2 injectors and rails. (But then it wouldn't really be a later one.)
  3. Pretty sure a td05 one will work. Your local turbo guy should have one if you have no luck. All the vf are the same.
  4. You mean they came in a car that went thro compliance?
  5. @boostin is there a stipulated list or do some dealers run more margin on cost?
  6. Is it tuned?
  7. Legacy/outback 3.0?
  8. Do it yourself dude. Pretty sure someone did a how to prob @Rosssub
  9. Guessing its not someone whos done one before. Even for me it was a 30min job. Would be max 60 minutes going very carefully which is what say 80+gst unless its a dealer at $120+gst or whatever. Cant imagine that was a dealer quote tho....
  10. 62mm face plate 60mm bore?
  11. Try @mlracing.co.nz
  12. Most tuners use their own wideband no point buying one unless you have an egg that can utilise it.
  13. Man you guys use lots of words to say something's a stink idea.
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