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  1. Mine you pretty much had to drop the clutch with enough revs to stop it stalling. Got over it very quickly. Exedy puk I had drove a bit on/off but relatively normally.
  2. I had a drews puk jobbie was S*** compared to exedy puk. Horrible drivability wouldnt touch a drews again.
  3. If its the same part number just the price. FJK-7123HD I think. Price up genuine thro an NZ dealer too could surprise you.
  4. What does it make on pump?
  5. What size exhaust housing and stock V7 sti heads @shadywrx? Good result dude.
  6. Can only decap V5/6 phase 2 yellows. If youre running V1/2 mani you can swap V5/6 injecs and rails on. If its tapped out 440cc injectors dont worry about the power its going to pretty close to anything else on yellows regardless what the dyno says.
  7. Just edit the first post @Dairusire or copy paste in after.
  8. Wutwutwut?
  9. Maybe its a wrx kit and doesnt clear? @Kiwi_Fozze
  10. Oh I read it as it was working fine and stopped my bad. Clutch switch caught out the guy who bought my forester. Awkward phone call that one.
  11. Where are you located?
  12. Mod = moderator. Few floating around and admin also have access. Correct.
  13. Cool anyone with mod access feel free to do so. Its heaps easier on pc and thats a pita for me. The older ones were only editable if you knew what you were doing.