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  1. If its the standard oversized monstrosity and it comes with one sell it. Last thing you want to put on your subaru.
  2. 4 pots will be swapped on common bolt on mod. Yellow injectors on non and sti. Same afm. Different ecu non is a7/a8 vs j2. Td04 vs vf28/29. Sti intercooler and silicon y pipe vs wrx plastic and black cooler. Sti carbon fibre strut brace. Alu control arms on sti. Sti seats and cluster. Spotlight covers on sti. Post pics.
  3. Johnny5 is not John bell if thats the question.
  4. @RAYDEO
  5. Hohum. Glad you did...
  6. Emissions are probably what restricts it now that the gentlemans agreement isnt really in play with the evo out of production.
  7. Looks like F1 clutches changed their name...I wouldnt bother. Better off with just a heavier cover. The stock plate might not have enough pressure for the puk too.
  8. RAC made his own years ago.
  9. Think it was kiwi cams in pn that royally F***ed up @funkytown ones.
  10. Get a fmic and a HRC35/2. Have a read of my holset how to it may seem a little daunting but not too bad if you know someone whos not a S*** welder.
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