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  1. Yes it is. Just checked my wallet and no cash. Guess not.
  2. Sold the car to another member @Furze On the 2l I ran 20psi max at one point and put around 1500km on it at 16-18ish. Pretty similar stats but far less km on the previous 2.5l which drove a lot nicer with it. Think it was tuned for 26psi on high boost at dtech.
  3. Yep it's fine.
  4. Sounds good just make sure they are phase 1.
  5. @boostin can the tcu be reset to relearn shifts?
  6. Do that then when you rattle it theres way less load on the nut. Had that problem years ago when I had stock struts.
  7. I'd be inclined to think it would hit a wall in mid range circa 5k and torque would drop fast rather than taper off. Mate had a 2.5 with vf36 and restrictor and it was really impressive down low. It worked well due to setup but on the road unrestricted very unimpressive.
  8. Using a rattle guns the only easy way to spin them apart. Any tyre shops open today?
  9. You have the perfect turbo to achieve your goals on a 2l. Its not a lot bigger than a vf which spool every time you sneeze. What power is it making and did you sort the issues it was having? Putting a bigger turbo on a bigger engine is going to put you in the same place for more money.
  10. That's on 2l and regardless which housing its the same turbine wheel which is more the restriction. That's on 2l and regardless which housing its the same turbine wheel which is more the restriction. On second thought being a murch hybrid it may have a clipped turbine which would help your cause. Still reckon its to small for anything over a 2l tho.
  11. The p25 is good for around another 10wkw from what I've seen on same dynos with similar setups factory heads, same fuel, boost, mods etc.
  12. Can you reset the tcu so it relearn shifts?
  13. What colour are the current springs? Any numbers on them?
  14. I think it would have less potential for power/torque than the 2l. Would be a storm down low but that'd be about it. No idea how the tiptronic would affect that.
  15. Is this the vf murch hybrid? If it is, more displacement will probably choke it and cause you to taper boost in the top end resulting in similar power numbers to a 2l with vf.