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  1. Its because of the larger compressor inducer that the wall on the intake snout is so thin. A gt3076 is somewhere around 57mm and the intake is somewhere around 2 1/8-2 1/4 iirc. If you had the 3" intake it would be a decent thickness but hard to find one compatible with tgv's. Would think a custom cooler be @LDS.Fab or the like would be heaps cheaper than pw. If youre going to go to external just do the twisted thing as its a similar amount of work and makes the turbo cheaper.
  2. Dtech also used a third parties jig for a twisted t4 iirc. Might be an option to get into a cheaper borg/holset. Just means altering downpipe and intake. Really should do fmic either way.
  3. Could try rebedding the synchro?
  4. Yours hit a wall or building a new one?
  5. Derp so it is. Didnt even read the list above just remember the tmic layout was same as perrin and @knockoutgiant is a brand whore.
  6. Almost wonder if the intercoolers decent or not. I get its perrin but normally you get heatsoak when youre not moving/slow speeds. Could redirect windscreen squirters during session might help? Also helps if the under engine panel is installed.
  7. If you have a mate or are capable of doing the fab yourself itll save you a shitload. Also if you reflash stock ecu it will save another 3k. I reckon 10k would do it. 2000 Holset and associated bits 500 wastegate 250 fuel pump 200 pink injectors or decap what you have 400 fmic and piping 400 exhaust 80 mac valve 1400 tune 3000 rebuild new gaskets, valve springs, pistons and rods Then whatever fab and rebuild costs you. If you can do it yourself then its a fair saving. Not sure how far you could push the stock block as far as requiring a rebuild goes. Id go for 300wkw and see what happens. Would be F***ing torquey with decent turbo selection.
  8. Does it run the 6mt? Bloody tidy for the kms. Pay to drop rods and pistons in so kms wouldnt matter. If we werent saving hard for a house Id be trying to get it off you.
  9. 100% jealous. Perfect example to destroy with a big F*** off turbo.
  10. Was meaning slave shaft length Jase
  11. Is the shaft the same length? Sure there was a thread about it on here.
  12. @knockoutgiant are you getting heatsoak on track during or after the session?
  13. Pretty sure you can use the 5mt clutch/flywheel/starter but you need the 6mt fork and slave. You cant mix and match the 5mt and 6mt clutch/flywheel/starter.
  14. Will send you a pm dude.