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  1. Aren't the pre-facelift 6mt’s different to all the others in some way too? Remember reading something ages ago about differences but really can't remember what it was.
  2. I've done two sets now with carbide burrs on the end of a 10v makita battery drill without cutting fluid. Hacksaw out the centre divider as close to the sides as possible then slowly work it down with the carbide burrs until it blends with the rest.
  3. @gotasuby may have pulled apart enough to know if the comp ratios are different? A few have done the vf38->vf44/45 swap without a tune and they work well. Needs a tune to make the most of it but will work fine if just getting the car running is the goal for now.
  4. What's your budget? You can get a genuine one from japanparts for moonbeams that'll fit perfectly, or a semi generic, almost cheap, poorly fitting one from eBay which will work out alright with a lot of time spent heating and improving the fitment. Could also just use EZ lip. Looks good from far but far from good.
  5. Not too bad really. Need to remove the headers if using factory twinscroll ones but may get away with leaving them for single if you're lucky. Trans mount is super easy and shouldn't cause any issues. Interested to hear how the Cusco stuff compares to Kein for noise and vibrations
  6. Not too common but would have thought there was more than 10 in the country. They were just a special edition WR trim that came with different coloured rims, blue Alcantara interior accents and other buts around the place. @sobanoodle might have come across a brochure spelling out the differences. Nothing much from an impreza will fit sadly.
  7. At least you were there to catch them in the act. Nothing worse than coming back to nice new dents without any form of contact from the muppet
  8. Picked up some far less angry Group N engine mounts to try. The Kein ones are progressively getting better but still kind of annoying. The GN ones will be a good test set since The Kein and sloppy worn factory ones really are on the opposite ends of the scale. Currently I've been comparing the Kein harshness to rubbish factory ones without any idea how harsh the midground ones are so opinions may change.
  9. Murch can do vf38’s at least. Not sure on the other two. The same dude who claimed the 44 is better also claims 38,44 and 45 are all journal bearing cores too which would make them all as equally easy to repair as each other. Dunno if he was on the drugs or not as every other reference on the net claims the 44 and 45 are both ball bearing.
  10. Do you have any proof of the vf45 being the best? I'd always thought the same but mentioned it to a guy who rebuilds turbo’s a while back and he was certain the 44 has a slightly larger turbine wheel so has theoretically more potential. Seems to go against the old school Subaru/IHI methods of messing with the comp side and keeping the turbine the same between multiple turbo variations though
  11. Probably do if they're Chinese knockoffs
  12. So you’re keeping the Legacy for a while then?
  13. Has been shortened to reduce annoyance by real members while still serving its purpose
  14. For some people it has auto renewed, have you checked your bank acc to see if we’ve already pinched some money from you?
  15. Why not just do the smart thing and let the GF get the practical touring car then you can keep all the toys.... That's the kind of winning strategy I'm working with
  16. Thought it might have been. No idea what the deal is then. Have you checked over the ECU pinouts to make sure everything is in the same place on the old ECU as it is on the new one?
  17. What's the box hanging under the steering column? Looks to be the right shape and the plugs look about the same too
  18. This is where it is on Legacy’s and i’d bet they didn't change the location much for Impreza’s. The more important question is why do you need to find it anyway?
  19. That sucks bigtime. Do the NA 2.0’s have an immobiliser or not?
  20. Andy_Mac

    CG Lock

    It looked like they had stopped making it for a few years as most places were always out of stock and had a new, worse design to replace it, but subispeed has just picked them up to start selling so they must be still making them Yea mine has the tensioner. Doesn't look to have a heap of length it pulls but if already rather tight it may cause issues
  21. Andy_Mac

    CG Lock

    Don't suppose any of you have ever tried this product? Most reviews seem positive but it hasn't gained a particularly large following. Seems like it could be a good way to remove lower body movement at a fraction of the cost of a proper seat and harness for track days. Can't see much of a downside to it other than in a crash if you have a seatbelt with the explosive tightener it won't be able to pull through the buckle once tight and could potentially cause some serious abdominal damage.
  22. Windy, hilly roads are the biggest test on towing ability. Even when braked it doesn't take much for a trailer heavier than the car to start determining the direction you take rather than yourself which won't end positively. In the city driving to the local boat ramp we’d probably all say you’ll be right but it’ll be a struggle on narrow winding roads and you'll more than likely piss off everyone else on the road as you cautiously make the trek.
  23. Did it have a twisted adaptor for the stock turbo?
  24. Or you could just keep it and buy a honeycomb grille. Get one for a few hundred and make most of that back selling the current one. If you don't think the wagon has enough space then going to the sedans seems like a backwards step to me.