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  1. @sobanoodle BuT NZDM yO! I still rate my DIY option really, 40 odd dollars for a flange, some steel tube off cuts and a few spare hours and it probably performs just as well as an overpriced Subtech pipe
  2. You got any pics? Shouldn't need to take the heat and reshape route with a stock location turbo downpipe though. Suppose you're not close enough to them to take it back and tell them to sort it?
  3. Cool. That's the same setup I've got on mine. Yea backing plate which should include the handbrake assembly with it. They’re a pain in the ass to swap into the handbrake assembly but you can keep the current handbrake cables that are in the car.
  4. Adaptors for the rear calipers, unless it is a tbSTI which will have the correct rear backing plate and larger handbrake setup. Which you'll want to grab. The tbSTI ones can use standard v7 rotors but if you use adaptors you need either thicker handbrake shoes or the adaptor rotors from DBA which are quite pricey. Fairly certain the brake lines are the same from memory. Might be worth just grabbing them too if they are braided ones
  5. Nah. Injects air into the exhaust to help heat the cat up faster
  6. Another dumb question, is CAN actually turned on on your ECU? Link has telemetry turned off from factory apparently. Not sure how it applies for sensor inputs but needs to be on for outputs such as gauges/displays
  7. Unless the Link is internally terminated it should have one unless the loom is super short and simple. Doesn't explain the volt drop though. Could be they didn't strip one of the wires properly so there isn't a decent connection between the wire and terminal.
  8. @Dairusire Have you actually pulled the pins out of the connectors/ pulled heat shrink to see how they’ve wired in the resistor? Got sick of thinking about fuel pump controllers and after a yarn with Dave from PF I've grabbed a DTP connector and just wired the B+ and Ground wires to the FP+ and FP- so it runs 100% all the time.
  9. Don't suppose you have a pic of how yours currently looks? GFB do BPV’s with a bunch of different bases that will most likely work over your hose as long as it is a common size.
  10. Flickr works well for me. I'm almost always on a mobile device and the app serves me well for here. Some other forums don’t play nice with Flickr just giving a URL unless you're on the desktop website where it gives you more options.
  11. Easy. Grab a windows tablet and connect it to that.
  12. Love it. Wish other ECU’s had better support for systems other than Windows..
  13. Some pics of the BL/BP cradle for comparison.
  14. Can't think of who on here is in Hamilton. I can do it but I'm over in Tauranga
  15. Could try that one with a custom return setup but it will be a lot of pissing around where the full radium hanger will do everything better and probably more reliably
  16. @Tony might be able to elaborate further. They had a cradle in storage at DTech which they had modified to flow better including adding a second return. Routing the return out of the cradle is what I've been thinking of doing. Just need to have a closer look at it to decide if there will be any negative outcomes from doing that.
  17. My understanding is it can't return enough fuel due to restrictive return line and end orifice so with the pump still spinning it just chops through the fluid rather than pumping which eventually kills it.
  18. Ahh I'm an idiot, had my hanger out last night looking for torn hoses. All the covers are still off so I'll pull it again to get some detailed photo’s for comparison. Fairly certain they are the same since pumps and aftermarket hangers are the same for both. The Legacy’s in question will be BL/BP 03-08, not sure if there are any super late ones registered as 09. In semi related news the pump in mine seems ok but the FPCM seems to be intermittently failing to operate which is another issue these cars have due to higher current draws killing the module.
  19. Whip the two silver accents off on either side and there are 4-6 screws holding it all in depending on how many screws the last guy dropped and didn't find. Pull the transmission ring too and flick the lower cubby up and off from the low side. Not the easiest to explain but it's super easy once you start
  20. Or......... Do it right with some fender flares and meaty rubber to match the rims
  21. Can you do a LV for us? Your IAM is low enough to be quite concerning too which means you've been knocking quite alot too. FKC and FLKC are worth logging to catch that. Ditch half those parameters you're logging too. No need for double ups with different units. Can you do another log with throttle angle and MAF g/s logged aswell Yea fuel correction is making some super weird swings but can be pretty sporadic even when the car is running fine as it's a live correction. Fuel learn hitting -14.1 is pretty bad as it is almost past the range the ECU can correct for and that is a long term learned figure. Chances are it is a leak somewhere which shouldn't be too hard to track down as it will be quite a big one
  22. Lots and lots for either of those brands typically. Just grab the top and bottom flanges online and take them to an exhaust shop and get something custom made up. It'll come out a hell of a lot cheaper than sourcing a JDM spec one unless you get lucky and find something on Trademe/FB.
  23. Keep in mind that most available used will be in questionable condition too, you could get 10k km or you could get 100k km from them, it’s always a gamble. I wouldn't do one at a time, but if you have the cash to get some new standard Bilsteins as a whole set you’ll find they are pretty similar to the Legacy specced ones. They do it quite often in the US for these cars since theirs came with much worse shocks than ours as standard even on the Spec B’s.
  24. @Individualities street ultimate should do you well. I'll be interested to see how much better they are than the street performance. Suppose it's all in the custom valving which should get things almost perfect for your needs provided you give them the right info from the beginning. An extra $700 is quite a lot though. You're starting to get into the price territory of some other high end coilovers at that price.
  25. @Individualities which MCA’s are you going for?