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  1. Thinking about that, wasn't there someone on here recently with some similar issues which turned out to be the alternator playing up?
  2. There's no way going on the internet has ’bricked’ an OTG cable. Do you have auto updates on for apps or anything like that? Something updating when you went on the net is the only thing I can imagine that may cause a compatibility issue. Have you force rebooted the Nexus from powerevent manager? My phone was always used as a hotspot with bluetooth split so the phone could be connected for calls and the Nexus for music. With the Nexus connected to the net i’d just upload logs straight from BTSSM to Google drive for later viewing.
  3. With that track record it sounds like it's more of a you problem than a Brembo problem 😂
  4. Wrong fluid maybe. I know nothing about these auto’s but surely it would have to be either the torque converter slipping (unlikely since changing the fluid made things worse) or a failing clutch pack/blocked filter preventing it from applying the correct pressure. Do you get any warning lights on the dash? Worth getting the engine and trans computers checked to see if they have any fault codes present.
  5. Reckon by the time a euro has hit 200+ all the stupid/typical electrical and mechanical issues have already happened and been dealt with by one of the previous owners 😅
  6. PF Auto in Tauranga are the Subaru experts in the bay area. I always use them or DTech if I need something done I can't do myself. Not sure on who the best place in Rotorua would be but imagine there will be someone that fits this category well enough.
  7. Ahh was wondering if you selling narsti meant you might be finally grabbing this.
  8. Well if the barrel is hot you've got a short in that area somewhere that should be addressed before going any further. Rip all the covers off and see if you can see any arc/burn marks anywhere on plugs, contacts, or worn wiring
  9. The rears are always super obvious as they have a big diameter drum section that pokes out the front where as the fronts have a much smaller dome that isn't much larger than the studs Anything less than 330mm diameter won't be for brembo’s though so no idea what rotors you've ended up with.
  10. Does the A-Line use 5x100 or 5x114 wheel bolt spacing? I've got a set of old 5x100 ones in TGA that I could possibly get to Rotorua reasonably quickly as we're doing heaps of work over there right now.
  11. I'll try remember to trawl their site tonight and see if I want anything
  12. Lame. Think i’ve already got all the RCM bits i’ll be needing
  13. Have you had all the boot lining off to see what is working and what isn't? Could the cable at the handle end have popped off? Usually it's the wiring as it travels between the body and the boot gets severed eventually with these models which is probably your issue NTYCME. Pull the rubber boots up and you might find a few damaged wires.
  14. Nice find. I just blindly moved every relay with the same model over one slot last weekend while trying to solve my issues haha
  15. Starter not playing ball. Didn't try the bridge the terminals thing until after pulling it out but think it was the switch stuck. After dissasembling the whole thing and putting it back together I tried bridging the main feed in to the feed for the motor itself which spun up the starter motor while bypassing the solenoid. Then tried again with the key and it worked like a charm. Still slightly concerned that it'll happen again though.
  16. Interesting. Based on the fact I was getting 12v to the spade terminal when turning the key shouldn't that mean the whole thing is toast and not just the coil?
  17. Yea, you're on the money @Gripless main cable is always live. I was looking at things the wrong way around. For some reason I was thinking the positive was coming from the main cable for the starter and coil and that the small one was a switched ground from the ECU to kick it in. Turns out it's a switched positive which confirms there is 12v getting to the starter coil with nothing happening so it's a good assumption that the coil is stuffed. What's this big screwdriver trick? Manually activating the internal coil somehow?
  18. So not having much luck getting the old girl started. Drove down to wanganui last night with no issues, then went to start it today and the starter didn't do a thing. Dash lights up as usual then when you click the key over to start nothing really happens. There is a single faint click somewhere but not the usual large repeated clicking that goes with a semi flat battery. Have checked off a few things without any luck so hoping one of you might have an idea I haven't thought of yet. -Battery is fully charged -Have tested and confirmed operation of both clutch switches. -tried confirming relay in cabin without luck. They're all the same so moved each one spot over in case one was dead which didn't help either. -tested for power at starter fuse which is fine. -tested for power at starter which has nothing I've been tossing up whether to try jumper the negative terminal on the starter straight to the chassis to see if that does anything but not sure if that'll be a bad idea or not??...
  19. Get an Outback XT and lift it like Gotasuby’s one, gives you the nicer facelift Legacy interior with some form of offroad ability.
  20. The old girl decided to be a little bitch and no longer start this morning. Made it all the way down to wanganui last night just to make matters worse... No clicking or anything from the starter but everything else powers perfectly so guessing it'll be the clutch switch or starter relay.
  21. No, but this is the second time this brand coming up on here has momentarily tricked me into thinking they're some sort of fancy electric adjustable shocks haha
  22. For the shift linkage and pivot bushings a guy called corgiwerx makes hardened replacements which will help a heap. Or just grab some new factory ones from The pivot bushings made a heap of difference on mine. Almost completely removed the large distance side to side slop.
  23. Depends how far you’re willing to go. @gotasuby is the south island Subaru expert tuner. He might be able to point you to his next best competitor closer to where you are if travelling to CHCH isn't a possibility.