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  1. Got it serviced and did the engine upper cleaner. Noticed its a bit smoother after
  2. You can also try An Lal from custom culture and tuning he's done a few of my cars and he's very thorough, and results always good He has roadtune and dyno option. Roadtune much cheaper. Not sure if he is still active here but search it on facebook.
  3. After 2 years without a subie finally back in a leggy. Love the rumble
  4. Thanks for letting me know. i just went online and was mixed responses some say its normal some say its not
  5. Oh right i did kind of notice a shudder when i was turning but was ever so slight. could that be a the diff? the car shifted fine between gears though.
  6. He must of sold outside of trademe But this is the sound it makes
  7. i should of taken a vid of it but looks like it sold already. i was going to get my mechanic to look at it tomorrow. thanks for the responses
  8. It wasnt as loud as that but was loud. he said subtech said it was lightened flywheel but ive never had a car with lightened flywheel previously. it only made a sound when your were not accelerating. when you accelerate it goes away
  9. Im looking to get back into a subaru and took this car for a drive and it makes a grinding sound when just cruising and not accelerating. is that normal? This is the car http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-1202037456.htm
  10. Yeah I still have my v2 sti. All factory, just wanted the easy way to get something fast lol
  11. Have decided not to go ahead with purchase as no receipts or dyno papers have been found. And also had some feedback about engine builder as well. Thanks for all your feedback.