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  1. I'll be driving from Auckland to Palmy on the 27/28th Dec and can go via Hamilton if that helps at all. Not 100% sure what sort of car I'll be driving at this stage (i.e. if I'll have space), but if I've got room I can help
  2. Wow, that's had some $$$ thrown at it!
  3. Thanks.. bugger. I wonder if the BP/BL has longer belts, then I could have a good excuse to trade up ( Rhetorical question)
  4. Is it possible to install longer seatbelts in the rear of the car? The current ones are too short to use to strap in the car seat we have. Either that or extenders but don't think they're safe
  5. Not planning to put the seat in the front, just checking how safe it is behind passengers seat vs in middle seat. Making sure the seat airbags don't pop out to protect rear passengers
  6. Hence posting in the DQ thread.. so does it pop out forward and sideways from that bit of the seat? Fiancé wants to know for baby seat placement..
  7. Where are the airbags in a Rev D legacy? (Specifically the one labelled on the side of the front seats)
  8. Would be my first purchase if i won lotto.. buying a ticket would help. Change in wheels would be the first mod too, the stock ones are pretty ugly IMO
  9. Assume he means using a single turbo from an STI, not converting from STI to single turbo
  10. V9 and 10 both produced in 2005, so could be either, not that i know whether there's a difference between them muffler wise
  11. If its what I think you're talking about, shove the car key into the little slot in one of the buckles
  12. Yeah that's fugly as, not close enough to the drawing, which is slightly better IMO
  13. They never turn out like the initial prototypes. Pretty butch looking car though
  14. Finally passed the WOF, no comment on exhaust leak.. knobs. Thanks for your help and the brews Your BH sounds mint with no muffler!
  15. Lol, highlights how stupid the sound effects are.. all those boxes sound [email protected]#ked
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