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  1. what about Drew's Automotive have heard good things about them
  2. Would any know what the difference in these to are Apart from cost Or what should ask the sellers
  3. So i have 3 options 1: with a total:724.30 NZD 2: 3: With this flywheel
  4. Have put the part numbers into partsouq and their is no Clutch Spigot/Pilot Bearing
  5. I will be looking at getting a new flywheel and possibly a lighted one too
  6. I've been looking at getting the exedy HD with the drews lightend fly wheel
  7. So I'm in looking for a new clutch for my be legacy what would be a good option for a daily and weekend warrior also looking at getting a lighted fly wheel
  8. To slow for my liking haha
  9. What dose the HTC keyboard look like
  10. Yeah that will be where the problem is I'm on android with chrome and I have my phone set on Samsung keyboard everything works 😊
  11. I am allso
  12. I'm on android works for me allso using Chrome I can also delete the by pressing back space without having to click on the header
  13. went to pick a part to day got things i needed but one thing i saw was a bh with tein springs