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  1. Decided to go for a drive on the way home and found out I still haven't fixed my boost issue on the b4 🤯
  2. Well finally after been parked up for just over a year the legacy is now driveable again with wof and rego and a clean
  3. Finally have my be back on the road not time to go to @Subirex Automotive for a wof
  4. i can get about 450 to 500kms on a tank mines a 2001 gtb
  5. yeap you should see what jamex superlows do
  6. i got mine from Subaru ill see if i can find a part number
  7. I just compressed them as much as possible
  8. I have a drews automotive its been good
  9. i fingered it out but for got to do it on Sunday
  10. my wagon dose do that @Vladimir777 try recording it