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  1. So just before Christmas my b4 went for a wof that has 4 pot brakes of a gd impreza and they are saying it needs to be on the cert?
  2. Who knows lol I found it because @Kiwi_Fozze gave the the tip of using a bike pump and it was dropping straight to 0 so since I am a smoker I tried blowing smoke in to it and found that was where it was coming from. But that wasn't the end of it gotta new throttle body and still dropping to 0 smoke seemed to be coming form same sorta area and found that the plastic intake is cracked so it's now gone from 0 to 100 Gonna get Silicone intake, split fuel rail, cams, replace rocker cover gaskets since one is leaking and time belt
  3. Finally found the boost leak in the legacy coming from the tps
  4. Haha all good I should send them to someone who can upload them again
  5. I think I may have them saved
  6. Decided to go for a drive on the way home and found out I still haven't fixed my boost issue on the b4 🤯
  7. Well finally after been parked up for just over a year the legacy is now driveable again with wof and rego and a clean
  8. Finally have my be back on the road not time to go to @Subirex Automotive for a wof
  9. i can get about 450 to 500kms on a tank mines a 2001 gtb
  10. yeap you should see what jamex superlows do
  11. i got mine from Subaru ill see if i can find a part number
  12. I just compressed them as much as possible
  13. I have a drews automotive its been good
  14. i fingered it out but for got to do it on Sunday
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