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  1. Do the V7's have DCCD? mines a 01 and I dont think it does or maybe I have literally never noticed hah!
  2. I need to chuck a GoPro on my back bumper to see what mine does but after my tune when I drive around and rev to say 3k rpm and change gear occasionally it will let off a loud pop haha. Sounds cool but no idea why it does it or if it flames
  3. That would be awesome if you could @Joker @IZichard awesome bro! sounds like a plan, unsure if you have family in wellington or are going to pay for accommodation but if its easier / cheaper for you I have a spare room you can stay for the night
  4. Hey all, As flat nats is fast approaching we may as well have a little convoy up to the track on the 24th November. Will be cool to cruise up with others and on the odd chance some ones car has a issue on the way up we will have people to jump in with / help if needed. We have to be at the track to attend driver briefing (if you are racing) I will clarify the time on this but this it is quite early about 7.30 am. I was thinking we could all meet at Plimerton Weigh station just off the side of motorway and cruise up from there. Any thoughts? who would be going from Wellington
  5. Hey mate, When I brought my car it had been tampered with and had loooots of issues but that is another story . best bit of advice I can give is drop the car to a known mechanic / tuner in your area and just foot the bill to have it sorted. gives you piece of mind knowing its healthy and on a safe tune rather than the thought some backyard mechanic may have tried to toy around with it.
  6. Go to any paint shop like total body shop and get Trim paint. comes in a can and is the satin black to match the rest looks mint and has been on mine for 2 years now looks like the day I did it. Did my wipers at same time
  7. ^ which will cause you more problems then its worth plus when you have a stock turbo and try to overtake someone on the motorway at 110kph its starts going off as there is no lag. Gets annoying very quick
  8. A lot of people seem to grab the HDI kit that seems all good fitment & dyno wise. otherwise if your budget allows Perrin & Mishimoto are great
  9. @Dairusire @pedro your lists are a wee bit more detailed that mine ha ha the count down is on!
  10. Hey all, Thought since there is a few of us on here could post up about any plans to get done to your car before we hit the track in a couple of months. I know for mine I have a little list to do, - Semi slicks - Service before the even - Contemplating whether to go FMIC but will depend on funds before then.
  11. did this ever come of anything through facebook? keen to see if @Batbaruman & his PI skills worked ha ha
  12. Skylines are very pricey at the moment, I had a r32 with a 25det in it got tuned back at STM to 320kw and was so much fun and so much trouble haha. literally sold it to stop getting in trouble. many moons ago now though! I would love a S15 though
  13. Any more people paid and confirmed? looking forward to this, went to the play day this weekend just gone also to watch and get amped up more ha ha.
  14. So was speaking with one of the team at Possum Bourne and they sent me a dyno plot for a V8 running the basic setup exhaust FMIC decapped injectors to show how the TD05 did. It looks good to me? . Apologies about the screen shot and editing I didn't want to have the customers number plate and details in there so blocked them out and I am not good with computers so had no clue how else to do it