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  1. So was speaking with one of the team at Possum Bourne and they sent me a dyno plot for a V8 running the basic setup exhaust FMIC decapped injectors to show how the TD05 did. It looks good to me? . Apologies about the screen shot and editing I didn't want to have the customers number plate and details in there so blocked them out and I am not good with computers so had no clue how else to do it
  2. Yeah @boon your turbo definitely isn't ruled out of the equation. would you be able to PM me on here or face book so I can ask a few more questions around it please? I am unable to message you on here for some reason.
  3. Thanks @Pappu1 for the information its great to have someone that has done it give feedback. I have a mate that has the Tomei turbo but the M8265 rather than the one redline stock and he got 270ish on pump and over 300kw on E85 so I think this could be a great option for what I am after his curve looked great also. So many decisions !
  4. Yeah so will have to locate all the parts such a difficult decision as to which way to go. i am in no rush just going to order bit by bit as we go. will your car be at flat nats? Yeah i would love 250 - 280kw i have 208kw at the moment so more would be great! I am just about to have my sump baffled before flat nats and order my HDI front mount kit then will look to do the turbo at start of 2019 and will most likely decap my injectors. Bolt on would be ideal to save cost that I can put into handling modifications but if twisted is the best way to go and I am throwing my money in the rubbish with stock location maybe I should hold off.
  5. I would like to stick with BP 98 at the moment due to the availability of it. I will drive my car on the odd occasion to work if my daily needs maintenance etc so not having to top it up with a gas can would be ideal ha ha.
  6. I can see where you both are coming from with how the car performs in street driving vs moving the power band. I probably should have been more specific with what I use the car for to help out with this, the car gets driven on the street maybe once monthly if its lucky, i have done 5,000kms in the last 2 years which is inclusive of the dyno time and 2 track days so its not really used a lot in traffic. After i get out of my daily it feels like a noisy bumpy pig on the street any way I loooove good spool! but I am really chasing a turbo that will get me to the higher RPMS also. I think best bet from all the feedback will be to start piecing together a kit rather than just sinking money into a add on that will give me a few extra killawasps haha. I am super interested in the BL/BP twinscroll headers mentioned I had no idea this could be done, is it a bolt on application or is there other bits needed @pl0x
  7. Thanks to those who came, was a small meet but cant complain when you get to eat Gerry's chicken ha ha. Looks like the count down is on until Flatnats so if anyone is keen for a meet before then chuck one up
  8. Damn bro! No worries will do more
  9. Unsure bro would say an hour or so? Can go for a cruise after if people keen
  10. Yeah I know a V7 sti with a Tomei turbo that is at 275ish kw on 98 and 305kw on e85 so the turbos are quite good by the seems the only thing I wonder is for the price of them you could spend a few hundred more and get something amazing
  11. BUMP - Sundays approaching will be good to see you all there
  12. I got one off 1 day bad mistake haha! it ripped while i was pulling it tight to put it on. unknowen brand. Recently I have been to supercheap and got one which i have linked below. its not water proof but it has held up to all wind this season has thrown and isn't a harsh material. Apparently the sparco ones on trademe are good as well
  13. @THUNDA Cheers for your input and as mentioned above I have a 6 speed so may as well use it! I drive the car once a month on average so not to worried about how it performs on the street. I think I should just bite the bullet and save a bit extra for a nice setup even the Holset Boon has up for grabs
  14. When you are talking of Chinese turbos are you speaking of a particular brand? are they still quite laggy? The Holset would look nice haha! you are rite though i am nervous to buy a turbo like a holset that pumps out big power but has big lag and find i dont like driving it any more.
  15. Just tried to message you but it wont let me flick me a message if you can. keen to know when yours spools by and what the turbo is. this isn't something i am going to get and chuck on straight away so don't mind piecing together a kit. Just read the FS thread and that answered all of my questions ha ha. food for thought