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  1. its all about how its been treated mate, my bugeye needed a rebuild at 126,000kms as it wasn't looked after by the previous owner. By any chance is it the blue bugeye in Wellington that you are looking at, was listed yesterday? If so I know them personally and the car is treated like a baby and looked after extremely well.
  2. that was bad ae last year at chrome in march I entered to learn manfield before I raced in superlap the next day, was following a silvia that did not have a petrol cap and was trying to drift. I came up fast behind him hit his petrol patch and slid towards a new VE commodore, luckily he seen and swerved but there was a lot of careless people that is for sure! play day hold great events
  3. Chrome is just like a day of power cruise, passengers "speed limit" a ton of bad drivers haha!! it can be fun for grudge racing friends down the straights though.
  4. I still buy CD's haha!! my outlander has the stereo it was imported with and is all in Japanese so to save hassle I just use CD's Mine would be the clutch switch to start the car, that way when my nephew who is car crazy and only 2 comes over and pretends to drive I dont have to worry that he is going to start the car
  5. thats the old setup of LOLGTR? nice mate cant wait to see the progress
  6. Was keen to race super lap again but taking the Mrs to Homegrown which falls on the same weekend
  7. nice dude ! not sure where you are located but if you are in Wellington let me know if you want to borrow a buffer
  8. Plus I feel Manfield is in a middle position for people coming from from upper north & south.
  9. yeah lets invade the 11th may
  10. manfield again! everyone downloand RaceChrono and have a prizes for fastest lap time/most improved etc get a bit of friendly competition going haha but Manfield is such a good track to learn on I feel
  11. My brakes did that also last track day I raced would shudder quite badly feel it in the pedal & steering and made a knocking noise when getting hot which I presume was something else shaking due to the warped discs. This track day I had no issues with the Znoelli discs and pads now I just got blow by from faster cornering
  12. Yeah I am still waiting to hear that I won something
  13. I have my own mount and go pro if you want me to pass anyone any of the footage I get (unsure if anyone makes a Flatnats video)
  14. Clay bar should bring back the smoothness bro and you can polish your windows also haha. random I know buy I had bad water spots on the windows of my old car and buffed them with a electric buff and made them disappear.