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  1. Hey mate, At the moment I have BC Red coil overs and would highly recommend them for the price but like mentioned once you get into this then cert becomes another thing to do!
  2. Also one other thing, I have a mate selling a V8 wrx V-LTD just had full rebuild with proof and receipts. if you are interested flick me a message its not STI though. Sorry! clogging up your post ha ha
  3. If you are based in Wellington, I only let the guys at Prestige motorsport / Llama engineering work on mine and diagnose problems. Could see if they would be happy to look at a car for you? would highly recommend them.
  4. Awesome news that you are looking for a suby! like all the others are saying don't fall into the trap of not buying a modified car or one with 150kms etc. there are some gems out and about that people probably think the worst about. I fell into this trap with my V7 STI, My former friend owned it and it had just come back from the mechanics with a 'hole bunch of work done' to say the least. The car latest a couple of hours before we took it to get checked over and it needed to be rebuilt. People don't care what they say to sell things so like the others have said drive and view a few, look for service history etc no major signs of up and coming work and go for that Best of luck!
  5. I have Motul H-Tech 100 plus. I don't do track days often and I will be an amateur on the track anyway but my tuner said it will be fine on track as well.
  6. Hopefully I will get to a track day soon! has any one done the Auto cross events? are they good to learn on?
  7. Flick us a like for updates on the cars and pics from car events Instagram - Team_Pristine FaceBook - Team Pristine
  8. Super keen to get a meet going will be a first for me to attend
  9. Yeah well when I called back to book my car in with Chris the new guy at STM said he had gone but the new tuner Aaron could do it and I asked were he was from and he said he did all shreds cars so guessing its the same one.
  10. The old tuner from 'shred industries' I am taking my v7 sti to Dtech in July from Welly, Can not wait!
  11. Sweet as thanks for that so being a V2 is there any ecu that I could go with to help run the yellow top injectors and orange afm? or should I just go with something like a speed lab chip? Is there any other chips people would recommend.. got roughly a grand to play with for ecu side of things but if I bought a chip would leave me money to get braces etc. ALSO if anyone in wellington region needs panel and paint work done let me know!
  12. Hey all here is some photos of the WRX from the outside. No engine bay photos as of yet sorry. And ignore the repair area\'s I am a painter so have been repairing the body and taking it to work next weekend to paint it, The list of mods to the wrx as it sit\'s are TD05 turbo,FMIC,gfb bov, turbo smart waste gate and 2 stage boost controller (running 8psi) and it is lowered on some springs think king springs. In the garage I have a turbo back 3" stainless exhaust, tuned headers,yellow injectors,orange afm,slotted disc\'s
  13. Wow thanks heaps everyone, So if it is a V2 do you think a speed lab chip would do better than stock as they can put on the chip yellow injectors etc? Mr.fix.it I will PM you
  14. Or has anyone had any experience with the speed lab chips for ecu\'s? worth the money or?
  15. How do I tell ? not use to subarus haha