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  1. There is also a place in CHCH called NZ rollcages and they pre bend kits for you, example a half cage kit shipped to wellington is $290.00 incl. Could be good to look at then you just need to find someone who can weld it up
  2. You would need a 6 point at minimum but in your case to keep the car road legal you require a 8 point which goes to the front strut towers. You just go get your MSNZ licence then apply for a authority card no cert required.
  3. The wheel is only to wide on one side and both wheels have been spaced evenly. So has to be a guard issue. Do any any of the wrx guards have a different style or you reckon it could be a repair? Maybe they have rolled it out a bit and then put some filler over which has lost the line. Car has been resprayed at some point so could be hmmm might have to get a new guard and get the roller out haha
  4. Hey all, I have recently put wider wheels on my car and it’s rubbing on one side. I have since noticed one of my guards (driver side) is slightly wider ? I have placed a picture below to show this. Just wondering if anyone knows the reason is one a WRX and one STI or has one been modified as the arch line seems to be more rounded also. Slim Wide
  5. I got the side mounts from Racetech with my seats and then got some rails from Scarles they seem fine and are able to pass cert so do not feel that they are 'unsafe' it does add up to be a bit but highly worth it in my opinion. if you were going to leave the fixed back seat in I would recommend hard mounting it for less movement though which I am doing now.
  6. Racetech dude, fixed back seats but no reason why you cant leave the seat on a mount and swap it for track weekends. I would never look back after getting one its comfy to drive to and from the track, FIA approved so you know its safe plus it supports local business
  7. Baffled sump & catch can - Foot flat
  8. yes! lets hit the track again !
  9. cant make this one but could do the next one!
  10. @Andy_Mac maybe I should buy it and keep it on stand by until I do the FMIC haha. damn I am heading down a rabbit hole all the FMIC's are so expensive for a branded one, tempting to buy a good core and then a scarles piping kit for it. with a FMIC I will have to get a touch up tune? is it worth doing the 3 port solenoid while I am at it as well? haha here we go
  11. I was going to try stay away from it for another year just as i will have to go get a touch up tune etc and the HDI kits aren't for sale anymore so will either have to go custom or fork out heaps for a Mishimoto / Perrin kit.
  12. Good point! will ask, otherwise was just going to mount like yourself will ask them though as my top mount is still there as well
  13. This link for the product? Remember to tell you are a CS member for a special price
  14. Thanks for the links @Joker Think I am set on the Radium kit, it has the best reviews online and @Andy_Mac likes his so good to have feed back from a forum member. plus the added bonus of ML Racing being a sponsor are happy to do the best price I can find on it . not up to competitive track days as of yet so this should serve the purpose for playdays as well.
  15. @pedro do you know if that oval can is made from scratch or can you buy them? if you can buy them it seems like a relatively simple setup to piece together!