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  1. I think it is each to their own when it comes to kits how ever I personally like standard bumpers with canards and a lip for example and diffusers on rear etc.
  2. Cheers man i have 18x9.5s so don't think slimmer guards would work in my favour. Such a bummer though! Mite have to have a look at buying a wagon bumper and chopping and changing the vents may be a bit extreme but such a cooler look IMO
  3. Hey all, may ah be a silly question however are the wagons and sedan front bumpers interchangeable? I have a V7 sti sedan and I love the wagon bumpers but don't want to buy one and find out it doesn't fit up nicely. Next to the spot lights on the sedan the vent is slimmer where the wagon vent looks more pumped and in my opinion nicer haha. TIA
  4. Hit up Falgoon with on Facebook. His pages name is 'SpeedMagnet' He has access to all sorts of wheels with competitive pricing.
  5. Hey mate, the way I went about it was doing a couple of mods that will be noticeable then tune it and continue on. My first tune was $1200.00 however now that most of the work is done I have gone back already and only had to pay 1-2 hours labour to touch it up and push it a bit further. Saving up and doing it all in one go is definitely the way to go however I don't have the patience for that haha! plus the way I think is if I do a few mods put them on get a touch up tune and drive it for a bit it keeps me eager to work on the car as well as giving me the chance to drive it and figure what I want to do next. I have saved all the parts previously then slapped them all in and not done enough research ending up with a car that wasn't suited to how I wanted to drive. At the end of the day you have so much information on here and through the world wide web to stock your brain up on as well as tones of knowledge from the forum members.
  6. I only drive mine once a week if im lucky most of the time fortnightly and it starts first pop each time?
  7. I feel you with the sale thoughts popping into your head I have that happen as well, However I have owned approx. 28 cars now and the one thing I regret is selling them haha. I should of kept one body shape that I liked and built everything else around it to make it drive / handle how I wanted. I think buying - modding and selling cars is a easy habit to do but its a cycle that is easy to get carried away with, IMO if you are happy with the body and you like what type of car it is then keep it. sink money into it over time and make it into the weapon that you want.
  8. Cheers for coming everyone! Was awesome to put some of the names to faces. Definitely needs to be a more regular occurrence. Didn't manage to get many photos as the terrain was a bitch to push around on haha! But will play around with some after.
  9. I am not even going to blame auto correct for that one haha that was all me. stay in school kids haha
  10. Just looked at the weather update :'( oh well! any ideas on a car park or something covered we could head to after food for a couple of photos? Bring your shammy to dry off your car haha
  11. Coming from owning and building quite a few Honda's in the past they always appealed to me that it was a car you could commute to work in day to day then shed weight and take it to the track on the weekend. You knew that you were going to get smoked down the straight but it's nimbleness would let you reel cars in on the corners. They are such a fun car to have as an entry level track / daily. I feel that Honda have taken that away from themselves with this build, going into a car that has all these expensive panels to replace as well as the stress of a turbo on their high RPM motor then adding tones of electronically powered gadgets which are an added hassle to fix if your going to be beating it up on a track. The previous Hondas I have owned are more basic and parts are easy and cheapish to get so you can push them as much as need be on the track however I would be nervous in the new one to break it haha. I love my WRX though after testing plenty of cars I wouldn't go to anything else at this stage
  12. Getting closer! hopefully the weather is good, will bring the camera! Sorry couldn't make it to the hot chocolate park up I work evenings in the CBD and done take the wrx in. Will be keen next time
  13. Cool! seems like there is a bit of interest. I am thinking a few weeks away just to give people a bit of time. Lets say the first Sunday of July the 2nd, Burger fuel Lower Hutt at 1.00pm There is still a car park next to this we can park in ( I think ) Easiest way to look out for me is spot the tattooed guy in a wheelchair ha ha!
  14. Hey all Welly members! Would anyone be keen on a small meet up at somewhere like burger fuel or something of the likes? I haven't met any of the Wellington members and would be cool to have a nice day event to have some food and a bit of banter. What suggestions do people have on where to have it and food ideas? are there any days that people CANT do? Cheers,
  15. I don't understand why people come on ClubSub and talk about doing illegal things on the street. One of the first things I noticed about this club along with one of the reasons I joined was that its not full of people like the Subaru Facebook pages. Don't get hung up on the thought that you 'know your car' or you 'Know the road' even though you may of had seat time for awhile and you feel comfortable in a certain car doesn't help if the road is damp around a corner or another car has just dropped some oil on the road ahead. Even professional race car drivers make mistakes and sometimes those end fatally. I work for a bank that offers insurance and we always get the common question around under 25's and its also about a trust thing. If you want an insurance company to trust you as a driver stick with one company and gain their trust by being a responsible driver and the premiums will come down.