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  1. I have the Outlander as my daily and love it, best SUV i have ever driven. I am the opposite with the WRX I get out of it and into the Outlander and am like god that wrx is a bouncy noisy gas guzzling heap of crap BUT obviously its more fun hahaha. hope you had a good trip bro!
  2. got some off Andy_mac thanks though mate
  3. Sorted team thanks Andy for the help! Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  4. Hey all, I got a set of Cusco solid engine mounts and while installing today noticed that there needs to be a bracket for them to bolt to. I have listed a photo below of the new vs current plus a photo of a solid mount kit (different brand) with brackets included to show. I am in need of where to buy the brackets have been on Google with no luck. Send help ha ha Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  5. nice!! have you got the whiteline anti lift kit & Bump steer kit? that could be of benefit. besides that sounds like you have the basis covered! CR Kais have to be one of my favorite wheels cant wait to see pictures. As for brakes - Znoelli are awesome I have the DDS discs and have had no issues and run their sp500 pads
  6. Really need to fix my exhaust angle Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  7. Hi team, It is a few months away however thought I would put up a post. The Surgery Sprints are holding an event much like 'Superlap' on the 29th September. Two cars are released in 10 second intervals and you get 3 hot laps then pull back in. This is a great way to test your car make adjustments or just get more seat time without people hanging on your tail. Bonus - The laps are timed by the track so you can see improvements and perfect lines etc. I am heading up with a group of people with not just Subaru's so thought I would see if anyone else was keen also. The event is on Facebook under "Round 4 - The Surgery Sprints" Cost: For the day it is $100.00 if you hold a MSNZ licence or $100.00 + a day licence (I think this is $40.00) Rules: As per usual - Road legal tyres, Fire extinguisher with metal bracket, Fire resistant overalls and helmet.
  8. I have never used high temp paint on calipers for a car that doesn't get abused on the track. They wont get hot enough on the street to effect regular paint. If you are planning on hitting the track then use the High temp primer, you will be fine with a normal base.
  9. hit up boost performance they are pretty well priced on importing parts.
  10. I don't think they would be sold in the country if they hadn't met a certain spec so for street driving and the look I think they would be fine. However there is proof online of them hitting potholes at speed and blowing to bits so would not recommend spirited driving or track use. The only other thing is Work wheels and the likes are definitely more expensive however by supporting company's such as Rota who imitate their wheels wont be doing anything good for the long standing company's. Buyers choice though! my WRX came on Rota's and they were fine while I had it but have since upgraded to genuine Work wheels.
  11. After speaking with Niran about these guys who I had never heard of, took his word and thought I would give them a call while I was on the market for some solid engine mounts. They are are super friendly reply promptly (within the hour) and gave me a price $60 lower than anywhere else could. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting parts in general especially from outside of NZ.
  12. If it gets hit with tax it will be at customs in NZ you wont know if it gets picked up until it gets here. they will email / call you before releasing it from customs. Let me know if you get taxed or not as I am keen to get one also
  13. Does the HDI kit come with a flange welded onto the pipe for BOV? I am unsure how much tax would be . it may only work out to be 100-200 which wouldn't be too bad. or maybe talk to a company like North shore Toyota and see if they can get it into NZ at a better price.
  14. The HDI kits look like a good option @Batbaruman was running one on his V7 and it did well. I think they are the better of the 'cheaper kits' A person in Wellington is working with a tuning shop as mentioned above is doing a FMIC comparison shortly so will be great to see if the cheaper ones work just as effectively. The only issue with the HDI kits now is you have to get them from AUS and may get stung with tax