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  1. Yeah the Tomei M8265 is great! however has been discontinued - I have a mate here in welly who has about 280kw on 98 and 320ish with e85. They have the smaller option available also which i am sure would be ok but you are rite the price is up there not much more for a EFR
  2. I was going to put cams in mine before the tune just recently and was told unless im shooting for high power 300kw + they are unnecessary and I would mainly be buying them for the idle noise haha. You could always go for a bigger turbo which would normally have a bit more lag however it would shift that power band up? Maybe even have a chat to Steve Murch, he quoted me around $700 to modify my VF30 to make more power he said it would be better than a TD05
  3. Had the bugeye tuned, made 269kw with stock location turbo pretty happy with the outcome. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  4. Interested to know this, In my mind wouldn't 1.3 be better as it wouldn't be stressing as much at the higher speeds? if it was around town only then the 660 would be better.
  5. Not this year Puke is that bit to far to head with the trailer - would be cool to see it at potentially Taupo next year to meet in the middle
  6. Inked

    Dre's 3ltr

    I dont mind it! i think its cool how you can see the exhaust, you could always make a diffuser? the ones that have the slits coming down. Or have a look on and see if they have anything to add on.
  7. Inked

    Dre's 3ltr

    The stance on this is on point 👌 wicked wagon bro
  8. I reckon $1 reserve on trademe mate people that need parts etc will look to bid on it and at least you know you can say whats wrong with it and make it as is where is. My worry with giving cars that need work to places like Turners is they have been known to patch up issues and sell for more. If you have a price in mind that you want, chucking a random figure here say $1000 just put it at that reserve so bidding starts from this point.
  9. Hey mate if you have Facebook flick my mate Scott Barriball a message - he travels NZ every weekend delivering cars so could look to help you out. profile picture on there is of Huskeys. He always posts on the RCIS page and has a good reputation.
  10. The legacy parks on petone esplanade every morning now, looks to be on white Rotas - that accord in the video is in wellington to, rolling on chromes
  11. That legacy was awesome when it was on the black wheels! was cool seeing something different like that cruising town.
  12. There was an post on their FB page and I private messaged them to confirm. they said they have secured one site which is in Petone wellington and are currently searching for others. There was tonnes of people commenting asking for e85 so really hoping it comes down to one of their stations.
  13. This is coming to Wellington in January all going well, wish they would bring e85 on pump though
  14. The K&N ones are oiled aren't they? I have been running mine for 2 years with no issues so far.
  15. That wasnt the black bmw with the air brushing on it? think it was a Grimm reaper ? or was that the SLAP audio one.