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  1. I will be there, getting it ready for the track again. Bugeye wrx
  2. bov

    I wouldn't be able to tell you whether its ok on an auto or not but if you did buy one I got the Turbosmart vee port and its great!
  3. Hey team, I have another meet up on my mind something simple and that involves food and lots of rumble noises (hopefully from the cars). Just trying to get a place that has parking and room for everyone to sit down. I will post something up in the next day or two to confirm. I don't think a selected rep is a major thing you can keep the tittle @chulozumo just need anyone to post up when they are keen. would be cool to try get a monthly meet going if everyone is interested!
  4. this is what I will do by the looks
  5. This is what happened to me my tyres felt like they were sludge after 2 hot laps and i was getting more tail happy than half the rwd cars haha. Good point though another set of wheels could be a go. I will just get the best value street tyre I can afford. may as well not skimp as they are the only thing holding me to the ground and see how we go.
  6. running with a tyre like the R888 will this allow me to be in the same class for superlap next year or is this when you have to step up to the big boy class (not ready for that) haha
  7. I should of worded that differently I have had so many conflicting opinions, the tyre shop i was talking to gave me a quote on RE003's for $1,147.00 fitted. he said that the PS4 performed like a full street tyre compared to the RE003 (this was bridgestone that said this) I then spoke with Beaurepaires and they told me that the PS4 was the best street performance tyre out at the moment and they can do them for $1,211.00 fitted. They said that the PS4 was a whole lot better than the RE003. So I am more confused as to what one to go for, I do want a tyre I can drive on the street and the track. more referring to them as a street tyre compared to a full semi slick.
  8. Thanks for all the feed back guys threw me off a little when i called the tyre shop and asked for a quote on the PS4s and RE003's and he was like "why do you want the PS4 they are a street tyre over a track / street". Sounds like they are great though and this is what I had been recommended from the beginning so I will keep that option open. I am going to have a think about it over the next couple of weeks then will have to bite the bullet and buy a set of something Sounds like a lot of you have tried a lot of tyres so all I can do is grab a set that has been mentioned a lot and if I don't like them try a different type next time. Will give the shop a call once again and ask for a price on the PS4 as they didn't even give me one.
  9. Hi all, I have had some quotes and the tyre shop has recommended for the track & street to provide good grip & wear I should go for the RE003's or Nitto Invo? They both are the same price for a set also, there is some good feedback in here for the re003 however has anyone had experience with the Nito tyres?
  10. As @Pappu1 mentioned things can go bad quickly with a horrible tune. My car when I brought it had a second hand motor put in out of a great car. tuned by someone in palmerston north and needed a rebuilt within a couple of hundred kms. Save up and make a weekend of it kill two birds with one stone and drive to a location drop the car off and spend some time chilling while the car gets tuned I did this with my car when I got it trailered it 6 hours away and took 3 days off work to relax while I was up there.
  11. I think the price is worth it, probably best bang for buck you can do. save up and get a reflash as RaKid mentioned it feels like a totally different car after you get it. more power better fuel consumption and the added relief knowing your car is running well.
  12. Hey mate, A ECU reflash is a great way to unlock a bit more potential from the car especially if you have bolt on mods like an exhaust. I also found it a great way to know that my car was running how it should be. Prices range from 800 - 1400 depending on the shop and then touch up tunes once you have extra parts can be done easily.
  13. The street class are 180 or above, I am not that clued up on the treadwear etc so I will make sure to check with the tyre company
  14. I am planning on flat nats this year then will do super lap early 2019 at Manfeild and taupo round . Would be keen to do more this year but going on holiday and want to get a few more parts Haha. Will you be attending flat Nats and potentially superlap ? Yeah sounds like the Michelins are looking like the way to go from what people are saying I know I could go for a really good semi slick but I dont think my novice driving on track would push them
  15. Awesome good to hear, road wise the car does not see a huge amount of driving anyway. I have heard a few average reviews of the RE002's as well. so I will stay clear of these. So far looks like the PS4's or the RE003's they are both a similar price. with the RE003's Bridgestone normally have the buy 3 get one free deal on their tyres so this could be of benefit.