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  1. Coming from owning and building quite a few Honda's in the past they always appealed to me that it was a car you could commute to work in day to day then shed weight and take it to the track on the weekend. You knew that you were going to get smoked down the straight but it's nimbleness would let you reel cars in on the corners. They are such a fun car to have as an entry level track / daily. I feel that Honda have taken that away from themselves with this build, going into a car that has all these expensive panels to replace as well as the stress of a turbo on their high RPM motor then adding tones of electronically powered gadgets which are an added hassle to fix if your going to be beating it up on a track. The previous Hondas I have owned are more basic and parts are easy and cheapish to get so you can push them as much as need be on the track however I would be nervous in the new one to break it haha. I love my WRX though after testing plenty of cars I wouldn't go to anything else at this stage
  2. Getting closer! hopefully the weather is good, will bring the camera! Sorry couldn't make it to the hot chocolate park up I work evenings in the CBD and done take the wrx in. Will be keen next time
  3. Cool! seems like there is a bit of interest. I am thinking a few weeks away just to give people a bit of time. Lets say the first Sunday of July the 2nd, Burger fuel Lower Hutt at 1.00pm There is still a car park next to this we can park in ( I think ) Easiest way to look out for me is spot the tattooed guy in a wheelchair ha ha!
  4. Hey all Welly members! Would anyone be keen on a small meet up at somewhere like burger fuel or something of the likes? I haven't met any of the Wellington members and would be cool to have a nice day event to have some food and a bit of banter. What suggestions do people have on where to have it and food ideas? are there any days that people CANT do? Cheers,
  5. I don't understand why people come on ClubSub and talk about doing illegal things on the street. One of the first things I noticed about this club along with one of the reasons I joined was that its not full of people like the Subaru Facebook pages. Don't get hung up on the thought that you 'know your car' or you 'Know the road' even though you may of had seat time for awhile and you feel comfortable in a certain car doesn't help if the road is damp around a corner or another car has just dropped some oil on the road ahead. Even professional race car drivers make mistakes and sometimes those end fatally. I work for a bank that offers insurance and we always get the common question around under 25's and its also about a trust thing. If you want an insurance company to trust you as a driver stick with one company and gain their trust by being a responsible driver and the premiums will come down.
  6. There is the upper hutt events in Wellington run on the last Sunday of every month at the moment I think. looks like a good turnout have been thinking of entering.
  7. With the launch hold the clutch when it JUST engages and hold car with handbrake, Drop it from that point. I haven't taken my V7 on the strip yet but when I use to in previous AWD cars would normally try launch around 6000rpm. BUT as soon as I heard the other car start revving I would get all excited and limiter launch hahaha
  8. Hi all, I would like to place a bit of feed back about Prestige for anyone around the Wellington region who is looking for work done on their car from parts fitting to tuning. I have been dealing with Chris over the last year with getting my car to the point it is at now and the work performed through out this time has been flawless. Along side the work that gets carried out, the service and guidance provided is nothing other than top notch. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a place to carry out work in the future.
  9. Hey all, cleaned the grime build build up off the steering wheel to make it look a bit nicer. Only something small As well as re painting the metal trim and conditioning the rubbers.
  10. Hey mate, At the moment I have BC Red coil overs and would highly recommend them for the price but like mentioned once you get into this then cert becomes another thing to do!
  11. Also one other thing, I have a mate selling a V8 wrx V-LTD just had full rebuild with proof and receipts. if you are interested flick me a message its not STI though. Sorry! clogging up your post ha ha
  12. If you are based in Wellington, I only let the guys at Prestige motorsport / Llama engineering work on mine and diagnose problems. Could see if they would be happy to look at a car for you? would highly recommend them.
  13. Awesome news that you are looking for a suby! like all the others are saying don't fall into the trap of not buying a modified car or one with 150kms etc. there are some gems out and about that people probably think the worst about. I fell into this trap with my V7 STI, My former friend owned it and it had just come back from the mechanics with a 'hole bunch of work done' to say the least. The car latest a couple of hours before we took it to get checked over and it needed to be rebuilt. People don't care what they say to sell things so like the others have said drive and view a few, look for service history etc no major signs of up and coming work and go for that Best of luck!
  14. I have Motul H-Tech 100 plus. I don't do track days often and I will be an amateur on the track anyway but my tuner said it will be fine on track as well.
  15. Hopefully I will get to a track day soon! has any one done the Auto cross events? are they good to learn on?