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  1. That is super sloppy man,I have had this with a shop in porirua wellington TWICE when insurance has taken car to them has come back with bits missing, paint not colour matched, runs etc. When you call back just refuse to take your car back to them
  2. Worst mod for stock turbo man, my old GC8 came with one venting and I actually had to change gear every 1.98753453 seconds or it'd start queefing. you cant overtake even in 5th without sounding like your foot is flat. Buy one keep it in its box and add it to your collection of parts that will build a kit to support a big turbo
  3. I would say you would be fine to replace with your choice as long as they fit in the speaker spaces. would just recommend buying a set and replacing both doors to match just to save any difference in bass or sound etc.
  4. Mine is running 18x9.5 with minimal guard work
  5. I could help out if you wanted. I am planning on a few track days this year starting with super lap at Jambo in march so could look into making some events along the way.
  6. Would be good to get some more meets going! finding the time is the hard part though. how often would people want a meet to happen out of curiosity? Monthly Bi-monthly Quarterly
  7. Would be vary cautious man, I purchased my WRX that had "easy fix issues" and turned out I had to spend another 4k on it. Get someone to check it out for you as there could be underlying issues. guess its pretty easy to blame a few mods to cover up the reason the lights are on.
  8. Yes the insurance should do, this happened to my old ute I use to park it in the city while I was at work with a sale sticker and my number and it went walkies one done. Even though the car was going to be sold it really annoyed me that someone had just taken it.
  9. What about the removable boss kits? pretty sure they would have to be certified however would get rid of some of the thief's? I will never forget my mates mirage was in the driveway about 5 years ago and he had brought WRX seats to put in it however was test fitting the seats and they had not been bolted down. the guy broke in to the house loaded the car with TV etc and went to floor it down the drive seats would of flipped back and he drove down the bank haha
  10. Hey mate, Sounds good to me, chuck something up if you want? if possible in a few weeks. then I am keen as
  11. Yes those carbon ones, have you thought of ordering those?
  12. What about getting the carbon blank plates off ebay?
  13. With Partsouq, Do they sell body panels for my GDB shape? like guards bumpers etc or is it more mechanical parts. The website is quite confusing to use (N00B)
  14. Hey mate, It is caused by the thickness of the coats being applied or not enough flash off time between coats. Don't try and paint over it, Sand it all off completely and start with a fresh surface. With the spray can boil the jug and bob the can of paint in a bucket of hot water for approx. 15-20mins this will let the paint warm up inside the can and flow more freely and flash off a bit easier. do light coats with 10 mins between each. if you do 4-5 coats this will give you lots of room to flatten back and polish for the "glassy look".
  15. That is a bit scary when that light comes on ha ha ha