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  1. Sweet as, Feel free to flick me a txt if anything changes 0274997804
  2. I am coming from Lower hutt. I will gas up on the Friday night to save any stopping. yep can meet there if you like or even somewhere like Johnsonville main road so we can jump back onto the motorway? I was thinking of leaving my house at 5.30 so I can be up there by 7ish
  3. @calebwrx What time are you thinking of heading up? We are needing to be there at approx 7.30 - 8am to enter
  4. perfect same as me, will be good to meet a few people put some names to faces. Keep an eye out for me also, im prob the easiest to spot just look for the tattood guy in a wheelchair hahaha
  5. I know the car and I know it is quick however to be completely honest with you I wouldn't touch it. The car gets handed around and is nothing but beaten on. The car had to have a lot of work done on it a couple of months ago and was all completed as a home job. In my opinion the reason it hasn't been put back on the road is because its known the work that has been completed is masking a larger issue, it has been in the process of "getting cert" for yonks. Why would anyone in the right mind not just get the car a silencer and warrant and sell for way more with that much work and proven dyno power. After I got ripped off with my car having the problems masked I wouldn't hope that on anyone.
  6. Awesome! What day? and have you entered the track day?
  7. The place is called the Flying Bean. great coffee so the 14th April and I will post a time. would be keen to get in before the rush.
  8. I think we have to be there at approx 8.30am? I am keen to meet and cruise up, I live in Wainui so anywhere from there onwards ha ha
  9. No way if anyone needs anything picked up in Wellington I am happy to get it for use in future. just flick me a message
  10. 14th of April. Should of said
  11. I was thinking the 14th? or would Sunday suit better something in the morning so we can all park up and have a yarn.
  12. Hey mate, Let me know if you need someone to grab the brace.
  13. Hi all, I think we are a bit overdue for a catch up! we do have 4 & Rotor Jamboree and Megameet also swiftly approaching but I thought why not something small in between. I have always seen on the gogglebox & the Internet people taking their flash cars out for 'cars and coffee' so since we all like cars and I assume some of us love Coffee why not put our own little spin on it. Along Petone esplanade is a awesome little Coffee container that has parks either side, One weekend early April would people be keen to pop down and have a yarn? if everyone is interested we can go for a cruise somewhere afterwards.
  14. yes! do it, will be awesome to have some more members on the track
  15. I havnt got one . I just thought you pay and rock up if you are in a street class. Is it something I can get before the even and would someone be able to help guide me on how to get one