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  1. Did it have a big black roofbox on top? I am down there frequently. Its not lowered but the wheels and tyres that its on can make it appear quite a bit lower than standard, especially if just spotted at a glance.
  2. Now looking a little less "middle aged woman" in the fresh shoes
  3. Replaced a fuel injector which had somehow cracked and sprung a leak. Not a big leak but enough to stink up the cabin. Also not technically done to the car........yet. Fresh from powder coat this morning
  4. Were they able to tell if your car was compatible with the upgrade before they hooked into the ECU? Armstrongs in Chch told me that they couldn't tell prior to getting the car and trying it and were going to charge me regardless of the outcome. Needless to say I haven't had it done. I would've thought they could tell me with VIN/engine/transmission numbers.
  5. I experienced this with my BH. After some research I found that they had a reasonably common issue with the fuel lines leaking vapour when in cold temperatures. This was due to the plastic joiners and tees and the like expand and retract at different rates than the hose that they are joining. When very cold this created enough of a gap for a noticeable smell to make its way into the cabin via the heater vents. It wasn't considered a fuel leak as such and it only ever lasted until the engine bay got a bit of warmth in it, so I just let it be. I imagine the only way to fix that would be to replace fuel lines.
  6. I'm pretty sure the JDM facelift OB had self levelling headlights but did not have the self adjusting rear shocks. They were on the North American models though so maybe NZ new would have them. You can tell by looking at the shock and it will have a small can hanging off the side about the size of a 250ml red bull can.
  7. I did this on my old bh5 by disconnecting the return fuel line at the firewall and diverting it into a jerry can. Just let the car idle and you will get a constant flow of petrol from the return line. Took me about 10 minutes to drain 40 odd litres
  8. Thanks, I cleaned the MAF last week, and throttle body clean was next on my list of things to try once I get a chance. I'll try some upper engine cleaner while I'm at it. Thanks for the help so far guys.
  9. It has an aftermarket BOV from when I got it but it is plumbed back. Could the potentially different spring pressure from the factory item cause an issue? I never really gave this much thought as the culprit due to being fully recirculating.
  10. I have a 2002 WRX wagon that has developed a stalling habit. There does not appear to be a pattern to it and no codes are given. Engine is in stock form. It tends to happen at low speeds when slowing down for intersections and slow corners. Occasionally when changing down gears the engine will die while the clutch is disengaged. There are no other symptoms and happens very quietly and smoothly and is not noticeable until either the clutch is engaged and the engine turns over again or if stopped when I try to take off with the car not running haha. It does appear as though the revs drop below idle speed when the clutch is disengaged but most of the time it corrects itself before it stalls. Anyone experienced this or have any ideas on where I should start? Cheers
  11. Mine had some sort of control box tucked in beside the right rear inner guard that all the wires went to. From there it seems to be a single cable running to the front. I didn't bother tracing that because it was more effort than I was willing to give. I just disconnected it at the guard because the box was in an arse of a place.
  12. alfie

    Underseat Sub

    I have a fusion and a soundstream 8 inch which are basically the same unit as the one pictured in Rosssub's post. One of them is under the passenger seat of the WRX and makes a decent improvement. I had the other one in my old legacy and it sounded good too. You wont get window rattling bass out of them but they fill in the lower frequencies well and allow the rest of the speakers to stick to the mids and highs, which gave me better sound quality once set up.. In the legacy I liken it to a well sorted amplified component setup and in the WRX it seems to pump a bit more. I am in CHCH if you would like to see just how they go.
  13. My partner sold this around a month ago after having it for 4 or 5 years. It only had one key the whole time she had it. If your mate has only had it a week or so then they guy he got it off sold it pretty quickly. Definitely a bit suspicious.
  14. I got a torin big red low profile jack from BNT in burnside. It's only suited to a workshop jack as it would be a bit hefty if you wanted to cart it with you very often, but it is bloody solid. I can't remember the price but it wasn't ridiculous. They do wayco jacks as well which are great but cost significantly more.
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