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  1. Hi everyone, i’m in the process of doing a ej207 build (thread posted previously). the power goal is 370-380kw on pump gas. was wondering if the oem throttle body would be enough for and what intercooler piping sizes i neeed on the cold side. been told 2.75 is good but also 3.0inch . i’m stuck at the point where i dont know if i need to get an aftermarket throttle body thoughts anyone??
  2. Hey everyone, was wondering if MacBilt still does subaru engine rebuilding for street cars, have heard a rumor saying that Al @macbilt only builds engines for racing now not quite sure if this is true. I don't want to contact them directly as I am still in the process of gathering parts for the build and I suppose it will take me max 2 years and I dont want to show up there making them think that i am just a tyre kicker. So want to know if Al actually only build racing engines now. Thanks
  3. Im just deciding whether to get my currently block closed decked or just look for a factory closed decked ej20g and start from there.
  4. Hey everyone, i have a entry ticket for carnival this year in taupo at bruce mclaren motorsport park. Im willing to giving it away to someone that needs, just pay for the transfer fee. IM happy to transfer it to someonelse.
  5. Thanks for that I will probably get my heads machined to fit 272 cams. Its street/track but mostly street. I figured 350kw is like the most common number for streets nowadays lol. And also would you reccomend closed deck insert on a EJ207 or just look for a Factory CBD ej20g
  6. I'm not sure whats wrong with my block yet, it needs to be pulled out. Most likely cracked ringland. Thanks, i will probably stick with the stock valves. Saves some money for other parts. I thought big ported heads were needed for bigger cams. I wanted to go for 272 of 264 but thats what KC reccomended. Im currently running a GTX3076r first gen I think all i need now is a built motor since all the boltons are pretty much brand new. running xtreme 6puk ceramic clutch
  7. Hi, my current sti block is currently blown stock. i need professional advice on this build. im trying to achieve a 400kw goal (350kw on pump gas and over on e85) here is a list of what i think i need but i might be wrong: CP Pistons 92.5mm (0.5mm oversized) Manley Forged Connecting Rods EJ207 OEM STI belt kit Kelford cams EJ20 V2-199-B (264/260) ( wanna go bigger but unsure if possible without any head work done) EJ20 Beehive Springs and titanium retainer set ARP CA625+ head studs RCM Head gaskets ACL Race Bearing Main bearings ACL Race Bearing Rod bearings Ferrea Intake valves Ferrea Exhaust valves Closed Deck insert 12mm Oil Pump Subaru OEM 300 Genuine Thermostat Genuine Water pump PBMS Baffled Sump Killer B Oil pick up for the camshafts, I was told not to use too big cams. Another question for the jdm v7 sti heads just trying to get clarification that they are big ported heads and can handle upto 500wkw without any port work done is it true?
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