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  1. It's the range where Pioneer actually tries for SQ. Depending on the music you listen to and how you want it to sound, this could be a good old fashioned head unit. It has active 3 way, time correction, a decent EQ and is of rather solid construction. It does have some positive reviews but I personally like the SD card and USB features along with the "clean" look. I can't afford the 99PRS, even if/ when I have my mid life crisis That said, most people are perfectly happy with responsive and loud bass so it really comes down to what you'd use it for and how loud your particular Subaru rumble is 😉 Note: you'd want you Dynamat the doors at least and likely use amps between head unit and speakers in a 3 way active configuration to achieve the vision intended by the manufacturer. disclaimer: I'm no professional in car audio, someone else on the forum with audiophile leanings would give better advice.
  2. I bought mine new and am looking for a PRS-D800 AMP when I came across this: 80prs head unit for 250 AUD. If you've been looking for one, this might be it PS: If anyone has some Pioneer PRS range amps for an 80PRS let me know!
  3. "Limited Edition". (Not quite factory though)
  4. @Kiwiflyboy what tricks do pilots use, besides aviator glasses and awesomely polarised cockpit glass?
  5. This site has sorted me for Forester "SG" boot and dash lining (arrive at Xmas) Can't wait for Santa! (he's real) Keen to see if there is a reduction in sun glare from the dash cover as advertised, I enjoy my eyes not being burnt out. From memory 33% of glare comes from the ground, some other random stat. Any suggestions for quality aftermarket cargo blinds? Otherwise I'll resort to a second hand OEM piece.
  6. Looked good! I wonder where the CT9W's are hiding?
  7. All your hopes and dreams are in the box. Either that or someone finally bought one of those TradeMe "this is for one wheel nut only" auctions.
  8. Either wait 40 hours, or you can pay per picture with a micro transaction model of access. Unless you have an ADIKT season pass.
  9. Looking into New HID myself, thanks for sharing your experience, will check out! Edit: does this mod remove the turn indicator?
  10. Mmm, might have to relegate the forester section to be combined with the "classic" at this rate Was hoping it was your 'Foz.
  11. So envious, been looking for a proper waist spoiler for my SG9 Foz for a year with no luck. Enjoy yours!
  12. I bet most of that are video tutorials?
  13. Exciting times! New horse for the stable?