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  1. Those look rather tasty- haven't seen that design before either.
  2. "This car paid for my mechanic's boat"
  3. Unless this is the greatest red herring of all time, I'm not sure anyone will find this location, not with the street signs and department of conservation park signage in the way ;-)
  4. Fuel economy might be a consideration if you're middle aged.
  5. I enjoy a diverse range of music Vocal, accoustic, electronic, metal, classical, jazz etc. Will look into getting some dd drive speakers, although they look "current" so little chance I can score them cheap as I have done with the rest of my setup. Alpine do make sexy speakers, will have to compare at that price with Hertz I think.
  6. Just scored a prs-d4200f and prs-d1200spl to complement my 80prs I've heard though that the pioneer speakers aren't as warm as say Hertz, Focal, Infinity etc. Can't find an active car audio forum for NZ to ask, my Google-Fu must be weak. Before I ask some installers, does anyone have opinions on speakers for good sound quality? Not looking for rear fill, only front tweeters, mids and a rear sub. Edit: old stock on eBay is very much considered! (I like saving money)
  7. Some good advice there, will think about AGX, Koni inserts and such. Hoping to keep running on 18x9 45's and retain my comfort level while improving handling.
  8. Someone put leggy suspension in the STi Foz at some point to save money. (To be fair, rear OEM is expensive for these cars ) Don't want a cert just yet. Need new suspension for all four corners. Keen to know if anyone has recommendations?
  9. Mmm, thought I could get away with not doing heads, but might have to after turbo, fmic conversion and fuelling. 260wkw is pretty fast though.
  10. How important was the headwork, considering you probably started off with STi heads? Reason I ask is that I too am going to run kelford B's, but on an EJ25 twin scroll with either a BW 300sx or holset hx35/2. (or whatever Murch says, to be fair) Looking for E85 at some stage, hence the question. Wondering if heads would only really start making a difference for E85?
  11. Nice! I also really like their purples, stealth option too. Can't wait to hear how they perform
  12. A hint! Looking forward to hearing about the "replacement".
  13. It's the range where Pioneer actually tries for SQ. Depending on the music you listen to and how you want it to sound, this could be a good old fashioned head unit. It has active 3 way, time correction, a decent EQ and is of rather solid construction. It does have some positive reviews but I personally like the SD card and USB features along with the "clean" look. I can't afford the 99PRS, even if/ when I have my mid life crisis That said, most people are perfectly happy with responsive and loud bass so it really comes down to what you'd use it for and how loud your particular Subaru rumble is 😉 Note: you'd want you Dynamat the doors at least and likely use amps between head unit and speakers in a 3 way active configuration to achieve the vision intended by the manufacturer. disclaimer: I'm no professional in car audio, someone else on the forum with audiophile leanings would give better advice.
  14. I bought mine new and am looking for a PRS-D800 AMP when I came across this: 80prs head unit for 250 AUD. If you've been looking for one, this might be it PS: If anyone has some Pioneer PRS range amps for an 80PRS let me know!