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  1. Yeah I will.. I'm guessing it's cheaper when your heads aren't warped. Just missus van leaks water from two split hoses which I'm waiting on so I dont have to punish my HGs.
  2. Shàll I just change them before they blow then? I'm about 8000kms away from a timing belt change so can do it all in one hit. No water/oil mixing to speak of yet.
  3. Hey guys I'm still having overheating issues. I initially fixed up my car so I could drive it when I moved halfway across the North island. It drove fine on the open road with the temp gauge slightly below halfway. No issues to speak of for a while.. Recently however I've noticed that temp gauge will heat up and get 2/3 or so of the way up as I drive round town.. I have kept an eye on the overflow and tank levels. Today it made its way right up but 30m down the road went back down to 2/3. Removed radiator cap and no steam or boiling. In the morning it got hot too, and it was 5deg out. At home checked if fans were turning on and nope, they didn't. But just ran it for 30sec.. I'm not sure what it could be. I bled the system following a tried and true method on the forum, replaced radiator cap, flushed radiator, replaced faulty thermostat with new OEM unit..
  4. Depends on your budget. Cheap? Look for a muffler that doesn't have a crazy big diameter tip. $$$? Maybe get another resonator or go from say 3" to 2.75" or 2.5" at a certain point. IIRC I went from a 4" single exit STI unit on my gf8 to no tip due to it rusting out, then a dual 3.5" or 3.25" exit eBay muffler and it drones less but still sounds nice. Look for an oval shaped muffler as opposed to a round one. One with more baffles will muffle better imo.
  5. Can confirm Mark at Manawatu Toyota is good to deal with too, by email and phone when you need to confirm payment details. Fair shipping prices too.
  6. Hey lads I'm thinking of setting up a trailer plug when I do get my tow bar, is it simple enough to do? I'm yet to look at a wiring diagram but I'm guessing I'd have to find the power and ground of the stop and indicators and simply splice into them. Can anyone confirm?
  7. Thanks for that, I see that a lot of later ej20s have intercooler mounted bovs as standard. The flange is welded on to the TMIC? I guess that's not really an option for me, so I'll have to find a turbo-intercooler pipe that has a hose fitting to accept mount... Or just drill a hole and bolt in which will be rugged... But anyway are the hks knock offs legal? I thought vent to atmosphere was illegal?
  8. I did my girlfriend's ford festiva headlights with 180g and 240g and cut and polished, turned out alright but would advise using finer grades after to get rid of scratches. Would be satisfying on yellow as hell lights.
  9. Got it done in less than a day the other week, I followed a great method on here - raising front, pouring in while massaging air out of hoses, then bleed with car on, revving every couple of mins, then bleed with cap on. My car now runs a few degrees lower than halfway but was creeping up when moving slow... I put that down to it self bleeding/overflow bottle needed refilling. Upper hose kinda leaks air when squeezed now, probably needs replacing soon! Anyway if anyone else is doing a bleed, look up the above method. It'll take you half a day tops.
  10. Hey guys I haven't come across these factory service manuals on this forum yet so below I've got links to FSM for Imprezas. Wiring diagrams included. Also have a few for certain Legacy and Forester models. Should save us the effort of browsing other forums. http://ken-gilbert.com/page/3?s=impreza+manuals&x=18&y=14 http://forum.wrx.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=45443
  11. Have ran my 95 gf8 JDM import mainly on gull 98 and its been fine and I've done almost 30,000km. If you run fuel injector cleaner every now and then just as preventative maintenance then should be allgood. Gull said it's allgood and Subaru said it's allgood.
  12. Flickr failed for me. Can report Imgur goes well, if Flickr doesn't, go for Imgur.