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  1. Hey guys I haven't come across these factory service manuals on this forum yet so below I've got links to FSM for Imprezas. Wiring diagrams included. Also have a few for certain Legacy and Forester models. Should save us the effort of browsing other forums. http://ken-gilbert.com/page/3?s=impreza+manuals&x=18&y=14 http://forum.wrx.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=45443
  2. Have ran my 95 gf8 JDM import mainly on gull 98 and its been fine and I've done almost 30,000km. If you run fuel injector cleaner every now and then just as preventative maintenance then should be allgood. Gull said it's allgood and Subaru said it's allgood.
  3. Is that air suspension?! From a pre-2000 Subaru owner
  4. Flickr failed for me. Can report Imgur goes well, if Flickr doesn't, go for Imgur.
  5. I've done this to my single turbo ej20g, with silicon and rad hose and gasket maker and a whole lot of hose clamps. Bigger diameter than stock pipe. Butt dyno too inaccurate imo but I don't have a gaping hole in mine anymore and holds boost nicely
  6. Hi all I am a noob and do want to replace my (broken) factory bov with one such as a hks ssqv or V6 sti I believe it's an HKS unit. However the problem is that my turbo inlet which is on the early wrxs uses a hose rather than a flange to the turbo-intercooler pipe. I don't run the factory pipe rather I use radiator/silicon Hose as mine broke. To fix this, would I either have to get some silicon Hose, drill a hole to fit flange? Or is it best to buy a factory hose?
  7. You could always go to one WOF inspector, if they are anal about tints and you don't want to go through the hassle of removing them shop around til you find one that doesn't ping you on the tints. Lower cars should be allowed a bit of leeway that the vans etc get, no fun being low and getting shone to S*** by the hilux tailgating you.
  8. Does anyone have an app or something they can recommend to upload images to the forum? I have uploaded photos from my Flickr before but that was from my PC that's no longer working. Now, everything gives a link that must be clicked on. It's much better to have the photos right there and then on the forum than force people to click links.
  9. That CAI for an n/a 6 in place of an intercooler is genius. Obvious HP/torque gains with the ECU but how does the weight of the ez30r stack up against the ej20/eg205?
  10. Cheers @RaKid for your help, my car now goes sweet!
  11. I've got mine set up exactly like that. Just I don't know where the other end goes.. my guess is to the turbo-intercooler pipe.. I've blocked it off as I have no way to connect it to that pipe, having replaced it with silicon/rad hose.
  12. Hey guys does anyone know where this tee'd hose should go/what it does? My guess is boost gauge... It's the last hose to go in and there's only one nipple, on the throttle body. I'm guessing that the other section would go to a point between the turbo-intercooler pipe... That I've since replaced with a silicon Hose as that pipe had a huge split in it. Solution - remove tee and just connect to throttle body? https://photos.app.goo.gl/WrHJ8r4iZJK42nFp6
  13. Cheers for that, that's a massive help. I'm wondering about the EGR valve? Brown little thing above boost solenoid. The long vac hose coming out of the right of it goes to the middle nipple of the intake manifold, right? I think I had the post AFM hose from boost solenoid left unattached, mixed up with another hose. Probably why I had a few issues haha
  14. Hey guys i have a WRX gf8 wagon with the ej20gdw1ne which is an early WRX engine. Long story short I removed my intake manifold one day to paint lol and ended up getting mixed up with the hoses. Ended up having issues such as uprpm not reading correctly and sluggishness. Anyway these are the hoses I'm wondering about: On the left side of engine bay, round thing (boost solenoid?) I have the top hose going to the turbo-intercooler pipe, middle hose to wastegate, but I'm not sure where the lower hose goes. Above that is a little red thing with a hose coming out of it. Where does that one go? Also there is a pipe coming out of my turbo down pipe that faces the engine block - I can't ever remember having anything connected to that. There's this hose which is teed off too - I think it comes from my boost gauge. Here's some engine bay pics. I'm not sure if I've got the Top three little hoses on the IM right but I've got the left one that goes to the bov blocked off. I'm putting bov back in so yeah. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6C2vjWcN5RMCQNmP9 Thank you all.
  15. Hey all I've pulled off my intake manifold and checked that the two sensors at the back of the coolant tree are connected, which they are. From memory my car never overheated once I removed the thermostat. I'm going to try reinstalling the intake manifold, coolant fill tank once I clean it, and new OEM thermostat and bleed it with 100% water in there. If it doesn't overheat then I will drain and refill with coolant. That means my issue was most likely the thermostat...