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Help wiring car alarm indicators and door locks: BH Legacy Lancaster


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Hey guys I’ve been having trouble wiring my alarm in my daily after some c***s stole it. 

it’s a Subaru outback (BH), 2000 and the alarm is a keyless entry push button start one. The ignition wiring was straightforward.

I’ve been struggling with wiring in the indicators that flash when the remote unlock or lock is activated, as well as the door locks. 

the indicator wires are both + according to the diagram, but they don’t work when hooked up to the + of the wires at the hazard switch, indicator switch, and the side indicator. 

I’m able to get the doors to unlock, but cannot get them to lock. Initially I believed I had a single pulse negative set up and got a latching relay and 5 pole spdt relay, but I think another wiring diagram I’ve found is what I’ve got: 


The car alarm diagram:



the plan I followed: 


the relays: 



Factory keyless entry option which I don’t have:



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Have you checked if maybe your $5 Aliexpress "alarm" is faulty? I'd start by confirming the output from the module with a multimeter.


Secondarily, have you considered that maybe trusting your car's security (and safe operation, cos when the ignition switches off at 100kph in the middle of the night, whoops) to a cobbled together collection of s*** that was probably assembled by child labour at 3am is maybe not ideal?

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