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  1. It was just by Mitre 10 I think! Pretty lucky as I’m sure knowing him the car isn’t I shred for no way near what it’s worth! Send me me a pic of your cars and I’ll keep my eye out when I’m around town haha
  2. @IZichard I’m from the UK originally and I always tell him he’s crazy to leave the key in the car! P.S I still haven’t seen your car around Wanaka haha! Luckily it has been located, most likely a couple of teenagers took it for a spin and parked it up when it run out of fuel. Really lucky that we rarely get any crime in Wanaka!! Cheers guys!
  3. Hi team. Posting on on behalf of a friend here. His car was stolen from the Wanaka lakefront last night. If anyone comes across anyone parting out Legacy parts cheap/unusually please PM me
  4. Yup, single, twin scroll.
  5. How much?
  6. Lowering springs would be fine @mlracing.co.nz
  7. I’m just wondering if anyone would be able to help. I’m wanting to lower my car about 2.5/3cm and then install a set of newer Subaru 18” wheels, possibly get them painted dark grey/black too. The good news is that I can transfer and install my tyres from my OEMs too so it’ll be nice an cheap I think they may be from the new Legacy....pictures of the wheels and a poorly photoshopped attempt by myself from a generic image of my car from Google below https://ibb.co/nK71nx https://ibb.co/iqkyZc Thoughts? I’m more of a fan of an OEM/clean look than outrageous wheels. Anyway. If I wanted just a set of coils to replace my factory ones, what would be my best option? I know coil overs are a lot easier to have for adjusting purposes but I’m not wanting to spend heaps on it
  8. Do you know what the standard diameters are? If it’s a minimal gain for the rear then is it worth it? I can get a 21mm rear and the lower brace from pro wholesale so ist the 3mm increase worth the extra $100 in price?
  9. Awesome! Thanks gents, such a wealth of knowledge on here @Andy_Mac do you know where in nz sells them? Seems like an essential bit of kit! These are an 18mm rear and 22mm front sway bars, are these a lot thicker in comparison to the oem ones?
  10. Sorry guys it’s a 07 Legacy Gt-B Wagon If this helps haha. So would a rear sway bar and front strut brace (out of the 3 items available) be the ideal combination? I definetly dont want want to introduce more understeer if a front sway bar may do so!! Would the rear sway bar be able to be installed at home too? I’m always keen to do things myself where I can as I have plenty of tools
  11. Evening all. Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on aftermarket front/rear sway bars and a a front strut brace? Ive heard mixed reviews in terms of comfort changes. I have the opportunity to get some decent front/rear sway bars and a genome front strut for A solid price. I feel that the Legacy suffers from understeer and a less planets feel on the road when cornering at speed. For those who have done it, what was the change in ride(comfort/handling) like and was it worth it?
  12. Yup as Andy has said, it’s at the wheels. I think they said its now at about 188kw/255hp at the engine Out of curiosity Andy, would you think there would be significant gains to tune to 98? They did say any re-tweaks would be fairly inexpensive so the thought has crossed my mind for later in the year. I’m just thinking if it’s worth it in terms of low down gains or if they will be knock etc.
  13. @killervq30de I got back from the tune last night. The guys at Rapid we’re really friendly and helpful when I dropped the car off and were happy to install the parts too. ...as @Andy_Mac had warned me about with the auto turbos, there was a lot of knock when they were trying to tune it down low, so there wasn’t huge gains there, but overall there was a nice smooth gain especially at the top end. My car had lost a few horses over the years too, it was only running about 155hp and was 200hp after the tune and installation of the downpipe/boost solenoid. I will admit though that the top end now is amazing, it holds the boost really well and thing really flies up to 230 kmph with ease. Whilst tuning they also noticed I had a slight leak on my radiator and so it limited the tune a little as they didn’t want to make it unsafe. I’ll swap it out this week and it will be fine though. If you are tuning these go for 98 if you can (I only did 95) they are tuned in Japan for 100 octane and so 95 isn’t ideal. I’ve also seen an 07 LGTB being tuned on 98 gaining 15/20 kw more than what mine did which is insane good! Overall, I’m happy with the tune/mod combination. I do think I’ll keep my Wagon until after winter/early 2019 and look at selling it and keeping an eye out for a well looked after 08-09 Impreza hatch, but I change my mind all of the time!
  14. I got mine for my 07 Legacy GTB from Subtech, only a few hundred dollars delivered and it was a bolt on replacement. After installing it yesterday it sounds amazing, opened up the air flow and brought out a nice raspy/rumble tone! It may be worth noting that I have the dual tip sti mufflers too.
  15. Cheers! The tuners installing my GS 3 port boost solenoid/downpipe/GFB respons prior to tuning so I think it will be in safe hands. I'll try and get some dyno info and diagnostics to bring back to the forums. It'll also be interesting about the knock around 5k as someone else has also mentioned it. Im not wanting to go over kill at this stage, I just want decent/practical daily/sleeper, especially being in an alpine environment