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  1. Thank you all! I was just toying with the idea and it seems like it’s not worth it! Haha
  2. Morning all. I just have a quick question. If I have the OEM 18 inch wheels on my 07 LGTB and wanted a slightly wider/fuller stance look, would it be possible to buy wheel spacers from scarles etc to achieve this? I understand that my wheels may be the way they are for a reason (AWD system/rubbing etc) but I thought I’d ask and see if I can achieve this without it effecting the car in these areas Cheers!
  3. I toyed with this idea too but wasn’t sure about hooking it up to my McIntosh headunit etc as the amp for the factory is pretty weak. in the end I just removed the broken McIntosh sub and went to town with epoxy around the outside of the torn speaker and put it back in, sounds pretty good for me! Haha
  4. @Cookasaurus would you say I’m better off to buy a new amp to replace the Mcintosh one at the same time as the sub then? Ive just read that the original poster installed the Zeroflex 8” subwoofer too and didn’t have problems so I’ll go with that if you all think it will be sweet with the stock amp? Finding an 8” sub which is only 70w max will be quite hard! Haha.
  5. Thanks guys! I may be retarded but ive has a look on TradeMe to no avail. Any cheap/reliable websites anyone can recommend? https://www.qualitycaraudio.co.nz/zeroflex-zf8fd-8-240w-120w-rms-subaru-factory-repacement-car-subwoofer-with-easy-finance-9273 im guessing this would be sweet though? The only reason i son I ask is the macintosh one in swapping for days max 70w 4Ohm so I don’t want to damage the amp. Complete noob here sorry guys, maybe the amp will only provide upto a certain amount (70w) to the new sub anyway etc
  6. Thank you @Andy_Mac @Cookasaurus How much did you pay for yours front TradeMe too @Cookasaurus ?
  7. Hi team! Sorry to bump the thread but I too have the McIntosh speaker system in my 07 LGT and it’s done the exact same thing. I can’t live without having some element of bass as the speakers sound terrible without a sub. Can anyone please recommend me if a factory replacement sub which I can take out and put in or let me know if it’s possible to buy a seperate small sub and plug it into the factory amp (can find any inputs) Orrrrr if I can just get a new sub/amp and some how wire it to the Mcintosh head unit? Thankyouuuu!!!
  8. It was just by Mitre 10 I think! Pretty lucky as I’m sure knowing him the car isn’t I shred for no way near what it’s worth! Send me me a pic of your cars and I’ll keep my eye out when I’m around town haha
  9. @IZichard I’m from the UK originally and I always tell him he’s crazy to leave the key in the car! P.S I still haven’t seen your car around Wanaka haha! Luckily it has been located, most likely a couple of teenagers took it for a spin and parked it up when it run out of fuel. Really lucky that we rarely get any crime in Wanaka!! Cheers guys!
  10. Hi team. Posting on on behalf of a friend here. His car was stolen from the Wanaka lakefront last night. If anyone comes across anyone parting out Legacy parts cheap/unusually please PM me
  11. Yup, single, twin scroll.
  12. How much?
  13. Lowering springs would be fine @mlracing.co.nz
  14. I’m just wondering if anyone would be able to help. I’m wanting to lower my car about 2.5/3cm and then install a set of newer Subaru 18” wheels, possibly get them painted dark grey/black too. The good news is that I can transfer and install my tyres from my OEMs too so it’ll be nice an cheap I think they may be from the new Legacy....pictures of the wheels and a poorly photoshopped attempt by myself from a generic image of my car from Google below https://ibb.co/nK71nx https://ibb.co/iqkyZc Thoughts? I’m more of a fan of an OEM/clean look than outrageous wheels. Anyway. If I wanted just a set of coils to replace my factory ones, what would be my best option? I know coil overs are a lot easier to have for adjusting purposes but I’m not wanting to spend heaps on it
  15. Do you know what the standard diameters are? If it’s a minimal gain for the rear then is it worth it? I can get a 21mm rear and the lower brace from pro wholesale so ist the 3mm increase worth the extra $100 in price?