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  1. Expensive but pretty cool none the less, very curious about the fitment though.
  2. Congrats! Heard awesome things about the GR chassis. Looking forward to following
  3. Yep mate, super easy. A couple of spanners and/or a socket set is all you need. 14/15mm from memory. A bit of wd40 helps the hangers slide out the rubber. Just remember if you exhaust has never been altered the factory gaskets are likely toast. It would pay to throw some new ones in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It always pays to check the simple stuff... I had the gauge plugged into metre output 1 on the gauge controller and turns out it needed to be in metre output 2. All working as it should now.
  5. Miserably failed at re installing my boost gauge today. All was running perfectly fine when I last uninstalled it from the old car but like an idiot I didn't pay attention to the wiring. I am assuming the wires that come off the gauge controller are as followed. Red - 12v Constant Black - Ground White - Illumination Orange - Acc However the gauge powers on and sweeps but then the back lights turn off again. Yet I can still control the gauge. Does anyone know if the black face gauges require something a bit different in terms of wiring to get a constant light? Or am I missing something extremely obvious. Cheers
  6. Oh awesome, Chch is definitely possible I’m up there all the time. So that could work out perfectly. Does he have a shop name where I can contact him through? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Quickly bring this thread back up. Having my car tuned in the next couple months. Just trying to sort who is going to do the tune - with in the south island. I'm currently thinking Rapid Performance. But are there any other suggestions? Cheers
  8. Hey guys, In terms of inlets are there any recommendations out there or is it a worthy upgrade? I see Moonlight have access to perrin and cobb ones at a rather steep price so I'm wondering if I even bother. I know the stock ones are known to cause a few issues but without it being faulty currently is it worth changing? Cheers
  9. Yep, pretty sure you’ve got the right one. I agree to an extent as I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing it from the outside yet - I’m not sure I want to if I’m honest. I did think about clearance and the car does sit quite low so might have to rule that one out. I do have the stock cat back from my last car so I could potentially try an cut the mid section and fab it in to the current system. Not sure how that would go with the 3” piping. Or just go with the stock mid pipe and find some nice mufflers/muffler delete. Eventually I’d like to have the invidia q300 but I’m unsure about throwing that much money into the exhaust at the moment.
  10. Sorry mate, I should have been more obvious in the original post. The right hand side exit is actually fake and there is no flow through it. It's just there to fill in the bumper gap and I like the look of the quad tip with out dropping $1400 on a q300. Never the less I think I'll grab an adrenaline R resonator and see how that goes. Cheers!
  11. Can do, These were from a couple months back but still the same thing.
  12. Hey Guys, Quick query. The current exhaust set up on my legacy is a subtech catless downpipe pair with a custom 3" cat back, featuring no resonators and a small muffler on one side. (Aestheticly still has dual exits but functionally only one flows). https://flic.kr/p/2hP5yfH - Pretty terrible photo but you get the idea As you can imagine it is stupid loud, and for the sake of my neighbours and my next wof, whats the best/most simple way to go around hushing it up a little whist not restricting flow too much. My first thought was an adrenaline R resonator as they advertise it as a mid muffler but would that actually make much of a difference to loudness or just tone? https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2406906417 Another option was a 3 inch in 3 inch out mid muffler I found on trade me https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2403618595 Any advice ??
  13. Ah sweet, I thought they looked a bit like kiwami or something. Cheers guys
  14. Hey guys, Any Rota/Wheel gurus out there? Looking to change my wheel set up and these popped up kinda locally, can't seem to find any info on this spec. Thinking they might be reps? Or I could be completely wrong.
  15. Yep, Exactly the same.. I would go for a double din if I wasn't planning to sell the car in next month or two. I'll definitely be doing it in the next one though!
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