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  1. Yeah, have one lying around and wasn't gapped to exactly what was specified on their website. Gapped all of them and seemed consistent all the way across even though gapping was not 0.8mm as specified. So I left it as it was and put them in. Won't they expand later on then shrink? Ahh, Oh well. Kinda too late. Got OE Laser Iridium made for the car wasn't bad as I get % off at Supercheap. Cheers for your help, came to a conclusion with sparkplugs I wanted.
  2. I'm not experienced enough to do that lol. I don't want to close to gap too much and go through the pain re-adjusting it A bit of help, NGK Iridium bkr6eix which I thought was the right sparkplug for my car turns out most shops are saying it may not be the right one? What Iridiums are you guys running in your Hatch STIs?
  3. Ahh, sweet as. Cheers. Just making sure I've resaerched around and found these spark plugs NGK BKR6EIX (Meant for the EJ207 GRB V11) Iridium vers. https://www.ngk.com/product.aspx?zpid=9330 Stated as 0.8mm gap though? Should be all good I assume?
  4. So my first post with it being a help thread lol...So I've recently picked up a V11 Hatch STI at mates rate which has a few mods done to it and a tune. It's tuned at 285wHp atm with minor bolt-on mods. This is my first Subaru coming from Evos and Hondas so bear with me. I have used the search bar but to my suprise not the answers I was looking for. Had a bit of a look around and found that the stock heat range for our EJ207 are 6 and I should be making around 75+ More HP than stock to justify upgrading to heat range 7 as apparently it can case or lead to knocking issues? I believe that stock plugs are these for EJ207 http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/NGK-Spark-Plug-PFR6G/106411 Wondering if I should get this? http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/NGK-Iridium-IX-Spark-Plug-BKR6EIX-11/105457?menuFrom=1021577 Apparently -11 is too big of a distance 1.1mm on these turbo charged cars. Some I've read recommended 6 for stock boost and 7 if I'm running higher boost? Or if you guys recommend any other spark plugs that you have experience with? Kinda want to stick with Iridiums. Heat 6 or 7? I doubt I'm making 75+ More HP than stock - Not sure what the base dyno was. I had a look on NGK Product Finder but to my suprise nothing shows up under GRB 07' Hatch STI 2.0L?? Any advice would be appreciated, kinda mixed posts/opinions?