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  1. Could be irrelevant information but thought I'd chip in. I have an 08' STI model. Mine is pretty much the same as yours in terms of tapering off however not as much as your having. My peak is 20PSI which tapers high in the rev range to about 16-17PSI. I also have a boost gauge to record. I had a dyno run probably a month ago or so to see how it's doing.
  2. Cheers I don't think quality is enough to submit through email as was only using an iphone. The japanese writing stands for "SpeedHunters"
  3. So far yet so much want...
  4. Ahh I see. As far as I'm aware the factory will do just fine? Or otherwise from your experience? I've got the turbo on order now and will probably order other stuff so it all comes roughly the same time. Worst case scenario I can just get one from PBMS as they have heaps when I dropped by to get my car initial check-up.
  5. Err, Why not I guess... I cant take pictures well as seen below
  6. If you mean EMS by the Engine System ECU. I've already decided on tuning it on Factory ECU; turned out well for others. I just can't justify spending a couple grand on it. If I did get one my initial budget will skyrocket; literally.
  7. Hey, do you have one on yours atm? I'm 50/50 on wether I should get it. Only really looking at 22-23PSI max.
  8. Probably not the best way to go FMIC > Tune > Put more mods > Re-tune. It would just cost you more in the long run. Wait it out as Andy has mentioned. I'm doing the same atm with mine. I have a brand new CAI for my car but holding putting it on till I've got my turbo etc... then go in for a tune. Re-tunes per hour are usually around $120-$140 I believe + GST. Sadly $1200 is the norm. You can still get ones for like $1000 but you may as well go for a good known tuner and spend that extra $200. As my other mates have mentioned after service plays a big role.
  9. I have thoughts like that all the time but I now tell myself is it worth selling a good maintained car to try and buy another car and find out all the history behind etc... For 37K GRF is a bit too steep imo. I say don't do it and upgrade your turbo. I thought of the same as well to either sell my GRB and go back to Evo's for more power or I mod my GRB. If your still unsure in about 1-1.5months time I could take you for a ride in mine once it's all done as I plan to order my turbo next week.
  10. Yeah, my bad I crossed it out as I had a quick search of the pads you have. Honestly, nope. As far as I know I've got new OEM rotors roughly around 10xxx ish k's ago so never have I thought of replacing that. I've always assumed that it's normal for racing pads to be screechy which mine are. I was at a car meet a few weeks back and only parked my car for about 2 hours or so at night and after driving it was very very noisy. Oh, did you get your rotors skimmed? Are they uneven?
  11. Are they racing pads by anychance? I've got Endless pads all around and same thing as well. Only does it on little braking but goes away after a bit of driving. Pretty sure it's normal to make that screeching sound with harder racing pads and that's with my car parked inside a closed garage.
  12. Disregard what I just said, hehe. me just being stupid.
  13. Really? I can never tell tbh using Imgur. I've always used Imgur for probably a good 6 years or so never gone to any other sites because Imgur never charged a single cent and quality did not suffer (As far as I know anywho). I've never been able to differentiate when taking a photo vs being on computer screen; I guess not too the point where it would pixelate it anywho.
  14. They are quite nice as well. I originally wanted to get the sedan version as it looks quite nice imo. I guess for a base price a dealershipabout a year ago was selling a silver one, prolly had 70-80ks on the clock manual - stock for 30k. Downfall is that it had the horrible non-recaro seats. Had the standard sti seats only which is a big downfall in my standard of requirements. I think most of them are non recaros.
  15. Yes, definitely that too. The thought of fold-able rear seats I haven't had to fold my rear seats as the rear compartment is big enough for what I need anywho. Definitely a plus for those wanting to buy big car parts to transport in the back.