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  1. Flatten the pipe to an oval shape. Still want to see the 4” side exit on the alto.
  2. More use to @preim with the alto. 4” dump pipe on the 660cc. Low mount may allow a 4” through the 90 degree bend at the front of the motor. @Niran have you sold @j_bone on the idea yet?
  3. Eventually upgrade 😂 At this rate sell the GR and get the VA
  4. Sadly my down pipe is smaller at 3” than rest of the exhaust 😭 Also explains why removing the cat in down pipe is so much more effective than any other cat. This looks like the same as the CNC head thing. What is good for NA is good for turbo just making the air pump aka engine work more efficiently. Which is the whole pressure differential thing. but mostly covered up by cranking up the boost since that is easier. Looks like two stroke exhaust, step up quickly to get gassed out then taper back down. Wonder if two stroke exhaust modelling would help design the sump pipe?
  5. Thinking about it wouldn’t this be even more exaggerated with e85?
  6. Waa. True I’ll have to flare out the pipe and make something fancy. Still bet there is no room in engine bay before right bend anyway.
  7. 😂 9” pipe. I’ll stick to my tiny 4” that the v band on the turbo is.
  8. Titanium drones more, there is a price for the weight savings. And some weight savings maybe from less steel wool
  9. Is it subtech in penrose. Close to train station I’d you want to get back to city
  10. @Omsin how low is your car with the roll center kit. I found it gets light and sketchy when it’s not low anymore
  11. All those bushes are a big help to power delivery. Those roll centre kits are great too if you are super low. 35mm drop minimum if you don’t go lower than that the steering get light and handling goes crap. those toe arms are hard to get legal here now The down pipe and tune are best to do before the cat back as the down pipe increase noise a lot.
  12. Wait we give them s***? Why did no one tell me They can have the process west verticooler which is wick looking as the manifold is super low. They still get the super stiff newer chassis which is way better than anything before them. Something Mitsubishi figured out a decade earlier and why evos have way more welds than the lancer.
  13. 2013/14 with the new front bumper for the gray. theres also a point they get the hands free buttons at the bottom too that maybe 2016 to current VA though.
  14. Facelift have grey panels not the same silver stuff in the earlier ones
  15. We have different frequencies licensed here compared to USA for use by police etc. The hardware will be the same which is why the firmware will install and unit appears fully functional. Even if you fixed the gps the USA firmware likely greatly reduces the detection of car mounted radar. I’d guess these are custom digital signal filters think of it like audio band pass filters or a parametric EQ and the USA ones would block a chunk of the NZ frequencies. Like listening to drum and bass with the eq set to vocal. You’ll miss half of the music as the bass is filtered out.