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  1. Need something I can grab on an iPad. have to find where the fault is with my aircon pump and dash.
  2. F***! bad melting burning smell from engine. turns out the AC pump clutch has shat itself. Most likely from the relay having faults as no the whole fan control unit in the dash is dead. On relay won't come out so guess it time to pull the fuse box apart lucky I had a box cutter in the car from the IC pipe fitting and just cut the belt off the dead clutch pulley. Car goes better than ever revs better idles so smooth. Just really really hot with no AC
  3. Guess I should get booked in for a retune.
  4. & Motorcycles USD but includes shipping and likely packets of 50-100 for about NZD6-10 some will be poorly molded but not enough to care about. same place you get the OBDII stuff.
  5. As everyone goes on holiday or really the stores close down, don't forget spare batteries for you keyless entry remotes. i had this last year and with twin hella horns anywhere near concrete walls it's pretty funny. Well it was for me, everyone nearby outside the car was unimpressed. Especially as I walked way to get a new battery. today I went to push the door open button and what do you know had to take the remote out of my pocket to get a good signal. But I keep a few spares now, and I recommend anyone who can't remember the last time they changed the battery to grab a couple. CR 1632 3v was for my Impreza cost $3 each anyway merry Xmas and happy new year all.
  6. That nothing other than the body shell hasn't been rebuilt, replaced or enhanced. well ok there are like 4 rubber bushes still left in the rear.
  7. I'll most likely come down run or not... Have plenty of @PBMS dyno sheets so may have to add to the collection.
  8. Well a week late but new DNS rotors and pads fitted. 2016 STI shocks and springs retro fitted into the older 2008 grb. drop almost the same as tein gold lowering springs. 10-15mm higher but still about 25mm lower than I suspect it was factory. car is completely different to drive. The small increase in height is noticeable driving. Smaller bumps are picked up far more.
  9. Was imported with them and never been an issue at WOF time so should be legal. they aren't super low green one and fully captive. Don't hit the guards when turning etc. car is miles off 100mm limit but low enough to look good. not sure of the sti fits the non sti models though someone on here likely knows.
  10. I will have some GRB 2007-2014 STI shock and tein gold lowering springs spare on Monday afternoon.
  11. Stock turbo is about the same on mine but the "i" isn't close to that low. Makes 0.5 bar easy. When I got it it wouldn't boost at all in "i" as it had a crappy rom loaded. they drop off to 15 psi up top but the gauges don't seem to drop off as fast as the true readings.
  12. Get the new set of boots anyway. Better to swap them now than have worn ones. Plus sometimes they are worn enough that the tear when sliding them back. what are you using to fix the camber issues? Depending on the width increase extending the slot on the shocks can work, or camber plates up top.
  13. @boon that link is just too good
  14. That's a feature on some aftermarket ones only. Need an amp designed to be bridged. Likely blow the OEM amp unless it's a designed to handle it.
  15. I think if you have a factory sub you may have to put the convertor connections to that or you may not get any bass.