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  1. Was imported with them and never been an issue at WOF time so should be legal. they aren't super low green one and fully captive. Don't hit the guards when turning etc. car is miles off 100mm limit but low enough to look good. not sure of the sti fits the non sti models though someone on here likely knows.
  2. I will have some GRB 2007-2014 STI shock and tein gold lowering springs spare on Monday afternoon.
  3. Stock turbo is about the same on mine but the "i" isn't close to that low. Makes 0.5 bar easy. When I got it it wouldn't boost at all in "i" as it had a crappy rom loaded. they drop off to 15 psi up top but the gauges don't seem to drop off as fast as the true readings.
  4. Get the new set of boots anyway. Better to swap them now than have worn ones. Plus sometimes they are worn enough that the tear when sliding them back. what are you using to fix the camber issues? Depending on the width increase extending the slot on the shocks can work, or camber plates up top.
  5. @boon that link is just too good
  6. That's a feature on some aftermarket ones only. Need an amp designed to be bridged. Likely blow the OEM amp unless it's a designed to handle it.
  7. I think if you have a factory sub you may have to put the convertor connections to that or you may not get any bass.
  8. What @Andy_Mac said... Which factory setup do you have? also what sub and amp are you trying to run, as some have the speaker level inputs already. Local jaycar stores could have the converters... results are mixed no matter what brand you use, sometimes they are great other times you get noise or the stereo thinks there's an amp fault.
  9. Nope was waiting for new intake etc to go in. plus work taking up time now. i should just order a tactrix cable really. Oh I have leave, just don't know it will be approved. Depends on projects and a few life things. I should know in first week of November though.
  10. I hope that too, well that and to not have the 180pkh speed cut.
  11. Does the gear shifter from the v10 6 speed fit the v11 chassis? the whole assembly that bolts to the car, not just the shifter shaft and pivot. I know the gearboxes are the same mounting and shifter pattern.
  12. Is it about keeping it on the track I'd be keen to travel down, but already have 2 other events in November and unlikely to get more leave
  13. Porting the code for a newer model isnt an uncommon way to get new features. some of those tuner roms have limp mode or other areas removed to make space for the extra code though. i haven't done dev in years and last time it was only launch control which is one of the basic features just needs a few jumps and compare function to work.
  14. @ginganinja I have Downpipe done and I'd do it again as it reduces the under hood temp near the intercooler. just the exhaust housing on the turbo. Almost got the front cover done but that would have only been the shiny type coating. i have no idea why but I want to push the stock turbo to its limit and PS automotive said they had seen good gains. I didn't think it'd be as good as it is. But avoid race season start as everyone gets it done and the delays get bad like mine was.
  15. How much empty space is left at the end of the legacy rom?