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  1. True then you also need box for early foresters before they turned suv
  2. Shouldn't there be a station wagon vs sports wagon vs sedan vs coupe poll some where. I'm guessing most legacy's are wagons but how many wrx are wagon?
  3. Lol I don't understand it at all, searched my car again now it says no recall in big red text. Not even a table there now, just no active recall and same paragraph about what is searchable and excluded. guess the only sure way is to get a chassis number after the job is done and recheck to see if it changes. someone who has a letter just put the chassis number in and increment it until you get a different result.
  4. Copy the right most box into google translate. If the word 'caution' appears then most likely never done. then there's the fact it may have been disabled with a resistor but no idea what the note for that is. i can see the airbag in my car with the glovebox out so may check to see if it's been disabled.
  5. I thought I read they physically marked something on the car when it was done. mitsubishi put yellow dot or marks on recalled parts.
  6. Yes and so it has its own seperate topic with only a link here, in case anyone in the future is looking for images.
  7. WRC Impreza photo in Motorsport section (clubsub)
  8. After @Subru thread turned to photoshop and car photos I had a quick look back into my archives and grabbed out all the WRC photos I had of 2009 or 2010 (not sure which) but there will be another years worth somewhere. These are all as shot with just resize and crop so some are not in focus etc. If you want to comment copy the link to the phot don't quote the post, it'll get loooooong.... Link to gallery Yes they took the reckk cars through before the WRC ones as test runs.
  9. I'd say let the lost grow, last gen sti can hit over 210wkw with down pipe and tune.
  10. Took car for an unexpected bath, flooded road roulette. so underside and wheel arches will be nice and clean.
  11. @chulozumo lol sure you don't really feel bad but... You aren't contributing to pollution. well not much, welcome to the NZ promotes pollution. ok so we just can't avoid it we are an island and import so much.
  12. Wondering if I'll get a letter being it wasn't on nz list?
  13. Checked mine and GRB is on the list to be done. so nz website didn't list it but is on Japanese one so time to go get a bunch of rattles put into the dash. also my translation is different but it's all about that note. [Caution for car not yet implemented] Although you can update the car inspection, please contact the nearest dealer as soon as possible to repair it.
  14. I just went there and it's now the Apache default page, oops it's broken. note "not implemented" says it all. the already carried maybe the notification public or owner, not the repair.
  15. Wow that's slow. later model stock twinscroll hits ~22psi at 3500rpm, ok so it's down to 20psi by 5500rpm but still that's over 200wkw for 2500rpm. It's 160wkw at that 3500 rpm mark so it feels quick.