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  1. Yeah that’s what I have still works as a drill if you buy the socket to hex adapter @Individualities work with screw bits for brake discs and drilling provided you keep it on the 1 low speed mode.
  2. They have a screw driver hex attachment for that 1/2”. Also if you look about there are drill bits that are hex mount into the drill. No chuck no slip. Just click on and make holes
  3. Does it have little aerials on either side of the windscreen? Also fold down the drivers sun shade. Is there another unit mounted in to the roof?
  4. Does it do it on startup too? does it have a etc or bcas card reader?
  5. BBS Japan Even a GRB section BBS Japan RG-R 18 x 9.5 ET45 BBS Japan RE-V 18 x 9.5 ET45 BBS Japan RI-A 18 x 9.5 ET50
  6. Thermonuclear Broccoli As @Batbaruman description 🥦 😂 @newsuba
  7. Well someone is yet to cross post your broccoli shocks here.
  8. Cobb 4 bar map sensor on its way. Plus some other bits 1200cc injectors colder plugs Viton stem seals still waiting on studs rods and crank prices still pending as well.
  9. Why archive? Will search results break from google etc
  10. Ring a few shops and make sure they have stock. Heaps don’t since it’s next day ordering being local.
  11. I get mine in AU and take them back in luggage 🧳 😀 officially they aren’t listing any dealers here.
  12. Just remember if you change too a bigger pipe diameter where the MAF sensor is installed it’s retune time.
  13. Even modelling the EFR series for a 2.0-2.1L the .83 Twinscroll is the biggest org controllable wastegate of a reasonable size. Whats with the turbo manifold pressure from 6500-7250 it looks like the wastegate gets a resonant wave gaining in amplitude for a bit. Not it that I’m good with turbos. But have been researching heaps lately
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