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  1. Part number on invoice would answer that. Or the massive price... Maybe they didn't notice the twin plate written on the box
  2. Stock gets high pressure air from above radiator so if you are going to replace it you need to get something good. pipe from guard is good but only if it's sealed to filter or boxed off. Pod in the inner guard wont be as good. at 100pkh you get a good pre compressed and cool air feed to the factory one. just pull the resonator if you want noise. But again these are tuned usually to the rpm at 100kph in top gear to feed the intake more efficiently.
  3. Gearbox mount is in 3 parts. Rubber main mount to gearbox and then two plates that have figure 8 looking bushes between them. i have a spare set of those 8 if they are dead or missing, or get whiteline ones. Main mount I've only got is 6 speed one spare. buts sounds like an imbalance from clutch cover not bolted in fully or disc with incorrect thickness or figment to spigot. Low rpm imbalances are worse. Guess the engine isn't rough with the car in neutral so leaves clutch or mounts as main causes. You need to check all the way back to diff where driveshaft connects. Guess if you're already finding loose bolts then there will be more.
  4. Next we need the exploded kidney for the weekends...ok no, no we don't.
  5. So in neutral with handbrake on does it shudder? Or does it shudder when clutch held in. any noise in the those same tests? does it shudder on deceleration as well, i.e. Coming to a stop? is it better down hill, less engine load? maybe the kit wasn't quite the right fit or was faulty. check the gearbox mounts are all bolted up correctly and the center drive shaft mount is tight.
  6. Wiring adapters turned up so installed new rear speakers. So easy to plug speakers in with factory to speaker looms worth the $2.50 each.
  7. Man just launch soft the first time, you'll likely F*** it up anyway with the lights and nerves once you've got the first run out of the way decide how you go from there. If you end up breaking something then likely it was going to break at some stage. Better to do it on the track than the road.
  8. I met a guy in NZ who had not common but something like 1 in 2 million. Just smaller than normal.
  9. I have some adverts turn blue as well but not all. even on iOS think it started yesterday.
  10. Lol that's awesome. Stock rebuild = Forged rebuild = Thanks
  11. Well mitsubishi fitted them to the ASX as an option for reversing camera (cheap retro fit on older models). Think it is only allowed to work when reverse is selected, otherwise has to operate as mirror. Same as DVD player has to be not visible(back seat) to driver or only when handbrake is on. But I'm no lawyer and neither was the dealer who I was talking to. I had the dx reserving one for a while, mirror sucked and got rid of it. ps once you use these and the police and insurance have a record you have one(i.e. Seen at scene or used in claim) it becomes a double edged sword.
  12. Like emoticon. Someone wanted to know how much a kidney went for so they could afford parts. I'm being a dick feel free to ignore me.
  13. So you knew you had a faulty solenoid and never said that until now. Should have just asked, I'm sure there are plenty of people here that would have a spare for cheap and helped you out. if you'd read some of the rest of the forums then you know how much @boon has done to his car and it's probably a good idea to listen. And yes OEM boost control is best until you go to a new Ecu or high end electronic controller.
  14. Depends on the temp and how they are cooled. But powder coating weakens or distorts most types of wheels to a point, how much depends on place coating them. there are a few forum topics of Ssr wheels being tested after cracking and they found the wheel was weaker than what it was originally and only change was powder coating. Eitherway it costs more than most secondhand 15" wheels sell for. Plus bronze wheels add JDM points and make everything faster. I have them, wanted silver but they grew on me.
  15. A kidney icon for showing how much S*** costs.
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