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  1. Tried searching s-gt and get nothing even though I can browse the topics. guessing the - breaks stuff
  2. You'd still need the ecu code to use the sensors so may need to swap Ecu and other bits. did you get the service manuals @Andy_Mac posted and check pin out? Most cars have "oil pressure sensor" its what triggers the dash light so more switch than sensor. euctek should be able to tell you if the code is there in the newer ecus. Ive wired things to the auto trains ecu pins on other cars but with newer can bus you likely need a signal not switching to ground. could wire the sensor low output to open circuit another key sensor to trigger limp mode. Or get really crazy and wire it to the start button to kill the engine.
  3. Brought it presents from @Niran jumpstarted some stranded lady's Toyota while waiting for burger fuel
  4. Just get the process west one I haven't even fitted mine yet but the fins are packed in there and the finish is next level. plus it weights a ton so built tough.
  5. Top mount as it'll work for now without cert issues. Still really want front mount though. That was to big for plane. have 4 port solenoid and dual port Wastegate turn up to see how far I can push the stock turbo. should have new suspension on the way next week. Just OEM replacement type but shortened Tomorrow may try the swapping of the vacuum pipe of BOV and fuel reg you suggested.
  6. Got sent to Australia for a half day event, got bored in the afternoon so went and got a process west intercooler to fill in the time
  7. Pretty sure health and safety and local bylaws will F*** you being its flammable. zoning of the property will likely be the first issue unless you are on a lifestyle block.
  8. Hmm photoshopped maybe. @boon so good... Tldr "it's all F***ed, enjoy it while you can" In Auckland 98 is the same as it was in 2005 when I filled up last week. have you thought about the price difference is based on yearly profit. Say each station owner want 1 million dollars profit. to get that in auckland you'll have more people paying so need less margin, in the middle of nowhere the price is way higher but less people both make the same overall. Now take prices from the post @Niran made on price breakdown, what are we missing the fuel cost is already contains a huge amount of profit to say BP since they own all the BP connects (go are privately owned) they then make the listed profit as well so they make about a $1 or 50% profit not the margin only. Yeah you got suckered and distracted So why the Blah blah blame government taxes? It all gets worse as the flow on effect is that if more people move to public transport (blah blah not here yet whining) the fuel price will start to go up even further to maintain profit levels.
  9. With @Loren MAF is likely having issues. if the car doesn't have a custom tune then swap it out. If it's been tuned then swapping the MAF is a little risky as it will have less safety margin. handbrake while driving maybe the answer to code 52.
  10. Yeah it's a good photo, high contrast and the sky in the Windows adds to it.
  11. Lol I just figured it was a bot adding a link to a virus or ransom ware thing to the most popular topic and reported the post. figured a mod would remove the link and see if they person reposted it with some explanation. Dont click the link...
  12. Quick @RaKid submit this one... @RAYDEO if you want any of the older rally and WRC ones let me know i'll have a hi res copy. Yeah and an excuse to go get more.
  13. do you have a report from them and a list of what the service includes if they do a lot of PPI's they should have something that says what it includes, like those WOF tick sheets? sounds reasonable that a visual inspection would have been done. Though some write "wear and tear consistent with age" which is what I had from AA before. citizens advice have free lawyers that will give it you 30 minutes but will take a bit to get an appointment. for that I'd grab a bunch of other companies PPI sample reports or lists of what they cover to see if there is a de facto standard. could try the parent company or file a written complaint not just over the phone where it is easy to dismiss.
  14. 23 maf 32 o2 sensor 52 parking brake or brake fluid level sensor o2 shouldn't cause a MAF issue. maf issue can cause o2 error reading to rich or lean etc, so start with MAF and depending on filter it could have stuffed the MAF. Is the intake piping all in good condition with all clamps tight and no leaks? For 52 check brake fluid is topped up or the handbrake switch isn't getting worn and sensitive.
  15. I picked up a new set of the older version of these for cheaper than the retainers alone. little less spring weight at 1" height 160 not 170 lbs but otherwise the same.