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  1. This. And since your car is a EJ208 (no AVCS), as said in another thread, going OEM is probably ok. Another member said that Subaru made improvements to the belts for engines with AVCS, due to the AVCS being harder on the cambelt. Don't cheap out and get the cheapest thing, go for a middle ground. The Gates kits from Repco are used by tons of mechanics, or Optibelt ones from Partmaster. Just make sure the bearings in the idlers aren't Made in China, preferably Japan. For the belt(/kit) - stick to a brand you know. IIRC, the kit I got for my car was around $500, then another $100 for the water pump. I also got a genuine Subaru water pump gasket ($13 IIRC), cos they're metal (not paper like the one that comes with the water pump). Thermostat you NEED TO GO ORIGINAL SUBARU ($100 IIRC) - using an aftermarket Tridon one or something is a bad idea; they open up at a different temperature, and screw with the factory tune. Doing a cambelt with most 90s Japanese cars is also preventative maintenance, due to the water pump being run, or fitted behind the cambelt. PS - go Nissan for using timing chains on their GA and SR engines
  2. Good to know. Definitely will push this on my friends irl that have a BP/BL Legacy then. Cheers!
  3. As someone who was on the tools once upon a time, if you're REALLY particular, go genuine. Otherwise OEM stuff is great. Just make sure that the bearings in the idlers are Made in Japan, not China. And you'll want all idlers (there's 4), tensioner and water pump done too. Cam and crank seals - probably worthwhile doing. I did my cambelt myself - Speed Academy have an excellent video on this. I used a Gates kit, with a GMB water pump for my car. Wanted the Gates Blue Racing cambelt - but nearest one was Melbourne. Next time!
  4. There's a thread here somewhere which explains some little mods you can do to help, like the Hose 10 mod for example. Try those first, before going for an ECU tune.
  5. Cheers. I'm trying to figure out a way to wire an Amp up in the original under the seat position, without the ugly cable from the battery. I've just got the wires joined under the seat at the moment, and using the stero amp. But will go all out soon(ish) on a new stereo system.
  6. How did you wire up the power for the Amp? cos from memory the Factory McIntosh one pulls from the headunit power.
  7. Not really what did I do, but what a buddy of mine did... He's bought himself a 06 BP5 Legacy Wagon turbo 6 speed. First things is to fix the few little issues it has, then get him onto do some mods. Gonna do the QoL ones first, then maybe some performance stuff. I know he wants it tuned, just so the fuel map is fattened up a little for safety mainly, but that'll probably result in more power too, which is always a bonus.
  8. Old - by the old Railway Station in the CBD That's not my number in the photo 😂 Friend decided to write my old number in my dirt - it just goes straight to voicemail New
  9. Oh man. Sounds like a fun job. Definitely something worth tackling yourself if you can find the help. Be a lot of money on labour in a shop. I'm also a cheap ass, hence why I'd do it myself
  10. It's still there. Under "General Off Topic Discussion"
  11. Just don't go to VTNZ
  12. Yup. Sunday night. That was me lol.
  13. @BMCracer I was gonna do one when I was down the other weekend, but just ran out of time. If no one has done anything in a few weeks, I'll jump on, and maybe do something a little challenging...
  14. Going by the engine code, looks to be a V6. They had the EJ207, with wasted spark ignition. Unlike the later cars which have coil on plug. If you're needing advice for which workshop to inspect it, I'll always say an Auto Super Shopee franchise. Used to work for one
  15. Hmm. Maybe go for a flat, dark grey? Like Anthracite as a colour? Maybe charcol? By flat I mean no flake/pearl etc. Preperation? Like sanding back a few layers etc? I'm all ears on advice.