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  1. Haha, Nah. She needs her own wheels. I can't afford to keep the Subaru and buy a Mazda. At least the Subaru is going to a good home in my eyes. The missus will probably get a motorbike of her own in the future, so no need to worry about keeping all the toys for myself! Was that a GLX 2.0? I'm not wanting one of those. The 2.0 isn't a good engine in the 6 in my opinion. Definitely getting a GSX with a 2.5 petrol. Dad has a 2017 2.2 diesel Limited which is actually pretty quick. I'm ideally going for a release model 2013/14 GJ chassis GSX 2.5 petrol. Has the older TomTom satnav system in it, but it'll do for what I want. Comes a hell of a lot better equipped than the older GH chassis ones in terms of tech and that.
  2. Was a hard decision to make thinking of it going to someone I didn't really know. But when my friend expressed serious interest, it was just so much easier. My bike will be my manual experience for quite a while anyway. I want to enjoy life as much I can, and driving round NZ on those adventures is something the S401 isn't very good at (fuel consumption). The Mazda will probably do me for quite a while as they're very practical cars, that go really well for what they are. Only thing I don't like is the 5 speed auto... but that's very minor.
  3. Come to the conclusion that my time has come with my S401. It'll be leaving my hands in the coming months, as I simply cannot afford to own and run it with my other half wanting to do lots of road trips, as she's seen a lot of the world, but barely any of NZ (I'm the opposite lol). I've already found its new owner, which is a good friend of mine. He'll be continuing what I set out to do with it, which is tastefully mod it, namely on the suspension side - he's not too keen to change the engine up. What will I be replacing it with? Well... a motorbike for starters - a 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT, and as for the car, a 2010-2013 Mazda 6 GSX wagon (the update one, as they get a lot of extras standard vs the release model). Having one of those will enable road trips for the both of us, and also her to drive it, as she's not a confident manual driver, and the Mazda will be auto. I do plan to own another Subaru in my future, but the time is not now. Probably when my grey hairs start to develop lol.
  4. A customer of the shop I used to work at had a 10 3.6 Outback with the 5 speed auto. Towed her Horsefloat pretty well from what she said. Had it in the shop cos the electric brakes on the float were screwing up. I'd say you'd be ok with using it as a tow vehicle. But personally, something with a 3L diesel would better - say a Toyota ute/SUV with a 1KD-FTV diesel will be far better.
  5. Just my 2 cents on an RX8... If you're gonna get one, get a series 2 (2008-2012 IIRC), as the engine has heaps of minor small improvements over the series 1, that makes it heaps better (for example 3 oil squirters for the housing, vs 2 in the series 1). Although, if you can find a rebuilt series 1 RX8, with the series 2 motor improvements, it'll be worth it. They're not a bad car at all, if you maintain and drive them properly. Can't avoid bad fuel economy unfortunately, that's just the downside of a Rotary. They're a great little chassis! Tons of fun! CarThrottle recently did a series on one, and Alex (the main presenter) absolutely loved it! Despite the extra work needed to maintain and run a Rotary. My Dad has a series 2 RX8 (Spirit R mind you), and it's load of fun! I love the sound of revving it out to 9000rpm. Although, if you're looking for a car to make more powerful, the RX7 with the 13B-REW is a far better choice, because of the peripheral exhaust ports (vs side port exhaust on the RX8). RX8's are great with suspension mods etc, where as RX7's you can make more power on them with a turbo.
  6. I did the same thing too, but for a motorbike. Settled on a new Royal Enfield Continental GT. Gonna use some of my incoming inheritance for it. Such a wicked bike! The GF is also interested in a Classic 350... so I think I scored a good one of the female side lol
  7. No thanks on the NZKW one! Hence why I asked Andy_Mac what he's gonna do with either of them. I'm more so wanting the Hardrace one, from what Andy has said about it previously. I'll be going down the Hardrace engine mounts and all that when I get my EJ207 and build it.
  8. What ya gonna be doing with it/your old Hardrace one? I'm keen on either. ______________________________________ S401's at 199150km. Getting ready for it's 200,000km oil change! Done all the other 200,000km service things over the last 5,000km or so.
  9. I will happily say that I prefer wheel nuts and studs over bolts. You can get thread in bolts for most Euro cars, that you can then throw a nut on anyway.
  10. Going by your previous posts, you're Auckland based right?
  11. New shifter boot is finished and installed. Made from proper hide leather, not vinyl like they do from factory. Doesn't fit as well as the original, but was a HELL OF A LOT CHEAPER than going for an original Subaru one (at about $450). The one made by the upholsterer was just over $100. Also painted all my interior lower plastic pieces one colour - Satin Black. Specifically using VHT paint. So simple process - ColorPak Plastic Adhesion promoter, wait 2 hours - ColourPak Grey Primer Surfacer, 3/4 light/medium coats 10-15 minutes apart, wait 7 hours for it to cure, then sand back with 600 grit sandpaper - VHT Satin Black quick coat enamel (followed instructions on can). Left them all for a week while I was away, for the paint to properly cure 100%, and they look good! Beats the fake wood finish plastic that was there before (someone had replaced the interior in my S401 in it's past, with something else).
  12. People here have used @mlracing.co.nz and had good experiences!
  13. @IZichard was talking to my old boss at the shop I worked at, and he says they're illegal. It's something to do with the "performance" of the retrofit LED bulbs. He says the VIRM that changed it was INCREDIBLY vague about it - took their lead WoF inspector to calling LTNZ about it, and getting the proper definition out of them. Probably due to a market flooded with cheap bulbs on Facebook and TradeMe, that are pretty damn average. Sucks for me, as I've only bought Philips/Osram branded bulbs, which actually say that they're better than incandescent bulbs. This is from what I've heard, and what you hear from someone else might be different. Depends on your inspector too, but for where I take my car, has to have incandescent
  14. They've been illegal for a few months now. Not wanting to take any chances.
  15. Swapped out all my LED bulbs for traditional incandescent for the WoF tomorrow. Only to put them all back in once I actually have the WoF lol