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  1. Not meaning to point fingers or be rude, but my reaction in that situation would throttle off, trail brake and gently steer back into the lane. Either way speed (I HATE using that word in relation for accidents) seems like the main cause. Reminds me of the weekend, and watching a good friend ride his motorbike - he's trying too hard to be fast on it, vs being smooth. I think learning to be smooth before you learn to be fast is the best, cos being fast (on sealed roads) is being smooth in my opinion. Plus also this bike is a 650cc twin Hyosung, that is de-restricted, and the dude is on his Learners...was a sharp price for the bike, but it's waaaay out of his league for a learner. Edit: I suppose I could throw up a build thread of the Mazda @1randomkiwi. Do have some Quality of Life things (for me anyway) that I'll be doing to it.
  2. I know LED retrofit bulbs in places like headlights and that where the socket/projector/reflector is designed for a Halogen/HID bulb are illegal. But I couldn't find anything regarding to park lights and that in the VIRMs myself. Still won't stop me from putting LEDs in pretty much any socket I can
  3. No longer the owner of a Subaru... Gonna miss the S401. Got lots of fond memories of it with Mum doing random little road trips over the last 3 years of her life. I got the car pretty much just before she got sick. Now, I've got a car better suited for long trips and all that, and luckily a lovely young woman (better than the last one I "dated") to explore with. Think I'll probably sign off from here for now. I'll check back every now and again, and provide advice if needed. Kia Ora fellas! Enjoy the drive!
  4. Geez. Every time I've hit a Possum it's been dead Possum, and fine car. Must've been standing up... Was this what hitting it was like?
  5. No RHD model too. BIG mistake considering how good the R3 still is, and how much better the R7 is despite it only being a slight upgrade. Radenso might be the detector brand to go for soon...the main developer who did the R3 & R7 has just left Uniden for Radenso. So, I'll get me a new R3 me thinks.
  6. Emailed RadarDirect about the R7NZ. It was supposed to be here this month, but it's been pushed back a month to fix up some bugs in the software before release. RRP as advised by Uniden NZ is $1300.
  7. True. I only use my home PC to stop me looking at it all day! PROCRASTINATION
  8. So, the start of passing the Subaru onto it's new owner has begun... Officially bought a 2015 Mazda 6 GSX wagon. Picking it up tomorrow (8/5) Better get me a motorbike sooner rather than later I think Edit - I'm not liking these now emojis... Edit - have to scroll down for them
  9. Already sold. A good friend expressed interest, and it was a no-brainer. Still get to see it round and drive it on the odd chance. I was in 2 minds - sell and forget, or sell it to my mate. Glad I chose to sell it to my mate! The car has a lot of memories in it for me - mainly of my Mum who passed earlier this year. We did quite a few road trips in it together for random things.
  10. The last RS4 manual too...and that V8! Such a wonderful engine! But when the timing chain guides fail (plastic), they're a SUPER fun job (NOT). Only one on TM that grabs me (it's not black, white or silver lol). I'd love a Yellow one! Less than 1000 of those worldwide.
  11. Subaru probably handled better than the B5 RS4 though. B7 RS4 is still the best RS4 they ever made though. I'm really tempted to pick one up instead of a Mazda at the, VERY TEMPTED
  12. True. The S401 is just that much more special with all the extra little bits they got. I adore the 6 Speed (TY86) that Subaru has been making for ages! Such a wonderful transmission. Probably my favourite 6 speed - nice and notchy, and you always know you've gone into gear (especially with the CorgiWerx Delrin shifter bushings I've got in it). I think the Rev D Legacy's are an unknown classic at the moment, for many reasons. Yes, they're flawed because of the TT system, but at the same time it makes them rather interesting and fun to drive! Then there's A_J_T who's first words about a Rev D TT is to "Single Turbo it brah," which are wise words lol. The full black interior is quite something. Makes the interior feel much more complete compared the the white/cream upper like normal. The closest thing to a S401 wagon from Subaru is the S-Edition wagon. They get the full black interior, but with the stock seats, and dash bits. Plus they got the WR Blue paint, 17" BBS wheels, and the 4 pot Subaru Sumitomo (or are they Tokiko?) calipers. Small changes over a normal Rev D TT, but enough to makes them that little bit more special!
  13. Took it for a *NOT* Sunday drive I'm gonna miss the hell out of this car. The S401 is a truly special machine
  14. I actually find that Mothers Chrome Polish works an absolute charm for me. On the outside at least. Put a couple of coats on my Legacy windscreen ages ago (like, over a year), and the rain still beads up nicely!