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  1. Wooo! Grats on getting them in! Perseverance is key sometimes. Would like to know what you make of the Anti-Lift bushings. I'm interested in getting some.
  2. As above. If you have access to a hoist, stick the car up there, and get a LONG pry bar in where the front lower inner goes, and tweak it a bit so it's wider. It'll snug back up on the crush tube when tightening it. Just making that mount point a little wider could make all the difference.
  3. That would imply that the subframe is bent off the top of my head
  4. Good to know. Was always told by the certifier in my town you had to. Guess he's wrong lol. So by reading that, if I was to put some MCA coilovers in my car, and set them up so they're at stock ride height and all that, they won't need a cert?
  5. Just note - if you want to be fully legal, lowering springs are ok, but if going super low, will need a cert (extra $500ish). Coilovers out of the box need a cert. From memory, with lowering springs, if its a % lower than stock, it needs a cert.
  6. IIRC - 09+ they switched to a blue coolant. Coolant colour doesn't really matter that much - just don't mix colours. So if you're doing a water pump and all that while doing the cambelt, it would be a good time to throw in some fresh coolant. Have to drain it all.
  7. You know I'll be bringing my S401 too lol
  8. Sweet! Awesome. Will do. Unfortunately I'll just be doing the weekend, due to unknown work situation at the time. Should still be in seasonal, but hope to have something full time by then. So playing it safe.
  9. Screw it. I'll volunteer. Probably still be doing Agricultural stuff that time, but can take time off to volunteer for this. Gives me an excuse to go. OK if I mention your name as who recommended me @Joker? PM me your irl name if you're ok with it. If I don't get selected as a volunteer, happy to buy a ticket, and help with cost towards a bach!
  10. Yup. 7500rpm. Wanting 8000rpm so I don't have to shift to 3rd in a 100km/h sprint lol. S401s got the EJ207 short block, with fully hand balanced internals.
  11. Same here. Just for s***s and gigs. Happily make a trip down if I'm not working (seasonal work). Edit: if I was to make it down, how long/hard would it be to raise the redline on my car to 8000rpm @A_J_T?
  12. I was chatting to @1randomkiwi a while ago, and we had a good idea for a Summer Meet and cruise, if anyone is keen. There's a few of us in Whangarei, and further north, that aren't able to regularly attend the meets due to distance, and time of day/week etc. I'm always one for being social, and enjoy meeting you guys! It's good to put (forum) names to faces! We were thinking of cruising up (or down) to Mangawhai, or somewhere out Matakana way, and then meeting up for food & drink, and chats & bants. I was thinking of a weekend during January of 2019. Just wanting to gauge peoples interest at the moment, so something can be organised closer to the time. Made 2 strawpolls, so we can see what everyone wants to do. - Destination... - Date(s)... As far as places to go, and eat & drink, I don't know those areas at all. So open to suggestions...
  13. Yup. That's why I love Pick-a-part places. They're usually pretty cheap. Got me a airbox resonator (sits inside the drivers side guard) for $10. I believe a full airbox etc is like $20. That is a good deal. Take it. Shouldn't be too hard to install what ever intake he gets.
  14. Too right! Very under appreciated chassis and drive train for their price. A few of us round here already love and know the BE/BH chassis well. Trying to get my friend into one at the moment (a Rev D wagon).
  15. 2 screws? That's sounds totally not ideal... If there's a pick-a-part in your area, check them out first, or a wreckers. If Shibe just needs the clips, throw em in an envelope @Andy_Mac.