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  1. I’m looking for the owner of a black 1997 Forester, with the reg “NAZGUL”. It’s absolutely nothing bad...I’d just like to chat with them about the Sub! Thanks!
  2. Thanks @Individualities... the deck is different...only has "Subaru" on the top left of the deck face. It's a stock 6 disc, miniDisc, head unit. It sounds good, but will upgrade later to a bluetooth unit when my daughters end up driving it more.
  3. @Individualities Thanks. The head unit says Subaru...so I don't think it's a McIntosh. I'll have a look under the seat. Hmmm...cool sounding bands... I've never heard of them. Are they NZ?
  4. @Individualities I'm really surprised by how good the stock sound is! The deep base was making this speaker flutter...almost unbearable to listen to. For $20, absolutely! Now, when the need for bluetooth becomes mandatory, then I'll get the double din head unit, and the accompanying speakers! I do like my Led Zepplin, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, Anthrax, Judas Priest, and Whitesnake!
  5. So... I got some parts. What a learning experience this has been! Here are the places I've been to get info and parts... SuperCheap Auto - New Lynn BNT - New Lynn Winger Subaru - Auckland SubTech - Auckland Strong For Subaru - Onehunga After going back and forth between these places over the last 2 days...I have the following parts... Front ceramic pads - 2006 WRX Calipers - BNT Rear ceramic pads - 2002 Legacy GTB BH5 - BNT MAF cleaner - BNT Throttle body cleaner - BNT Front caliper cross spring - 2006 WRX - Winger Subaru Front slotted rotors - 2002 Legacy GTB BH5 - SubTech Left rear brake light lens - Strong For Subaru Left rear door speaker(mine's blown) - Strong For Subaru I'd like to thank Raj at SubTech for his tech help and suggestions, Rachael at Strong for Subaru, Talia at Winger, the staff at BNT, and the staff at SCA(even though they had none of the parts or chemicals in stock). Here's a few pics... I'll post some more pics of the parts tomorrow...and some of the repairs when I do them.
  6. Im going to Winger, Subtech, and the big used Subaru parts dealer in Onehunga. I'll post my experiences! The major types of brake pad material are semi-metallic and ceramic, with ceramic being the higher cost better performing and lower dust material.
  7. @RaKid @TNHSTI Thanks for the info! I'm taking these pads back to SCA. I'm heading off to Subtech in Auckland to get some rotors and pads there. What brand do you guys recommend for the ceramic pads? I'll be posting my brake install adventure as well.
  8. I'm replacing the brakes all the way around. Here are the pads I picked up at SuperCheap... My guess is I have the wrong front pads, but the right rear pads. Are these ceramic pads worth putting on? Should I be getting another brand? Thanks!
  9. Here's a pic of the back brakes... which don't look like WRX...are these stock?
  10. Here are the pics of the brakes installed on my Legacy... @TNHSTI Looks like that's the right part.
  11. As I'm new to the Subaru scene...with the WRX calipers I have...will I need the matching pads, shim kit, spacers, and clips? Where the rotors changed too? Thanks.
  12. That looks more like it! From pics of the internet, the calipers I have look like 2003-2004 WRT STI red calipers.
  13. I think that's It! I'll be taking the wheel off the other side to check if there's a part# stamped on it.
  14. I need help...the rattle noise I have in the front is coming from my front left brake caliper...the metal clip that locks the brake pads in place is missing! I can't find one, unless I spend $260 for a used caliper. I have a 2003(2002 model) Legacy GT-B BH5 rev D...the front rotors are the 294mm? With the 4 pot "Subaru" logo red calipers. Does anyone have a spare or know where I can get this clip? I'm desperate! Thanks!
  15. Well, that clears things up. I'll have a look at the registration to see how the Legacy is classified.