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  1. Always a helpful nugget of info, need it brought up to ol' south auckland, and yes thankfully still drivable Thanks for the recommendation, will send him a pm shortly 🤙
  2. Hey fellas, got a car I want to buy down in Otago but is deregistered. Looking for recommendations on a reputable transport company who'd get it to me with no hassles. Cheers
  3. Give the bro Perret at Audio and upholstery a call. Owns a shop down Glasgow Rd behind music mania. Did the install in this altezza. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1838995233045416&id=1771939836417623
  4. Morning clubsubbers. Woe is me for owning a twin turbo. Had no experience datalogging an ecu and for the life of me I can't understand this S*** so looking for some help. My Bg5 seems a little tempermental at times, boost feels inconsistent and sometimes a smell of gas when coming off boost after gear change. Would really like to see the ecu readings if that's at all possible on these so I'm not stumbling in the dark. Can anyone point me in the right direction here please? Other than going single turbo... 😅
  5. From what you describe it sounds to me like the wheel bearing, had similar symptoms on my legacy.
  6. Any benefits of relocating the vac tank to the right hand guard @Joker? Shifted mine but I have a zerosports Ecu so vod is already very minimal
  7. Did this on my bg5, not too sure how applicable to the gen 3s. rear door was a straight fit but yes glass had to be swapped out. Behind the doorcard where two access holes to the window runner bolts, window had to be wound down roughly 1/4 the way for access. Took me under an hour to get it all swapped over. Bit of a pain to get the glass out and maybe mark the top of the bolt that adjusts height of your glass.
  8. Only because I'm pedantic and it adds 5hp, as long as the applied model is the same any tag will do. Will try my luck at the Waiuku parts world
  9. Your waterpump is in that general area. I'd start by looking at the thermo housing, might need silicone re-applied or a new thermo seal, hopefully sorts it for ya!
  10. So sexy, what camera you take that on?
  11. Will be very interested to see what figures you achieve, what mods do you currently have on your bg5? Or what do you plan to run? I myself run the zerosports 87 Ecu for rev c bg5 manual, however I haven't been able to find out what parameters have been changed over the stock ecu
  12. Ooooooh where did you get it?? Been wanting one for my car
  13. Puzzle time, My fuji industries tag has been removed at some point for reasons unknown to me, possibly removed when the old owner had it re-registered? I don't know. Any ideas where I can get a new one stamped out, if at all? Or know of a wrecked bg5 that I can pinch it off Cheers.
  14. Installed them on my gtb, loosened the nut that torques the steering rack onto the steering wheel pillar, Gives you a bit more wiggle room to get the bushing in. Use a paint pen to get the alignment spot on if you drop the rack to low
  15. Installed whiteline steering rack bushes and a new headunit today
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