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  1. I love that it only has two doors and a super special spinny knob that can change it from two wheel drive to four wheel lock. Super special!
  2. That looks exactly like them. Wonder why they had their pins removed. Anyhow, I’ll clip them short and tuck them out of the way like you had. Once the car is mobile again I’ll test for any power. Cheers guys!
  3. Hey team, Iv had my type R for a while now and pretty must know it inside and out EXCEPT I have just recently found a wire that the previous owner has cut and I was wondering if anyone had any info on whether it’s meant to have a plug on it or if it’s meant to be attached to something? I realise this is a hard question but if any who has a version 5 sti could pop their head under their steering wheel and see what’s up. It’s right beside the black and green plugs. I would love to see if it has power but the car is currently out of action. Pics attached. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Cheers mate. I have cleaned th IACV and replaced the throttle position sensor with a second hand one. Just recently I replaced the O2 sensor and boom, fixed the problem. Just a game of guess and check because it wasn’t throwing a code.
  5. So a few months ago my car (1999 STI Type R) developed this idle problem. It only happens every now and again. So not on every drive. But once it starts this idle it won’t stop until I have turned the car off and let it cool right down. It throws the code “24 air control valve”. I have changed this with a second hand cleaned one but problem persists. I have also put in a brand new air flow sensor. When it starts, I can be driving along normally then come to an intersection put the clutch in and the car will rev all the way up to almost 5k rpm, drop down to 1k rpm and pulse from 1-2k rpm. Any ideas or seen this before? Try a new IACV? Possibly an O2 sensor? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. Cooool!!! ill pop in on Monday. Thanks!
  8. So I plugged the stereo in, it didn’t ask for a code for the first 30 mins of driving, stereo then turns off asking for a code. I unplug it and leave for 15 mins, plug back in and it goes for another half an hour before asking for a code. Yeah if @boostin could have a look at his serial number and code to see if it lines up that would be great. Or if you know even how to punch in the code??
  9. That was my thinking too. Who would steal a factory stereo. I’m in Auckland (Howick). I read somewhere that the stereo talks to the ecu and if it isn’t the original it locks it. Is it an NZ new stereo?
  10. No, are they able to do that? Ill call them tomorrow or next week. That would be great if they could.
  11. Few years back we bought my wife a 2010 BR9 legacy Jap import and came with a dreadful kenwood aftermarket stereo. Long story short, I found a subaru legacy factory 'NZ new' stereo that came from a BR9 off trademe. Met the guy and saw the car it came off so know its not stolen. Plugs into our car perfectly and ran for 20 mins before it turned off and says "security". I know that the original car has the code hand written in the factory log book but the guy I bought it off hasnt got it. Is there any way to by pass this code? or disable it? I can prove its not stolen. @Subirex Automotive any ideas??
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  13. I had a GTB legacy years ago and had a very similar problem. When cold, ran like a bag of dicks, when warm and on boost was sweet. I replaced the O2 sensor and fixed the problem. Sounds like you have changed a few components, try the O2 next. Hard to diagnose if its not throwing a code.
  14. Old: Goodall reserve, Bluff Terrace New: Sorry its an easy one. Be harder next time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I would love to go and get this since i have a bit of time today but haven't a clue where it is. Presume its out west....?