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  1. Blew the SRX's radiator and nanna'd it home without cooking the engine. Replaced it with an oem part from Redline. Sweeeeed asss! Removed the massively loud exhaust from the Type R (keeping the down pipe) and replaced with factory STI exhaust from downpipe backwards. Holy moly it is quiet! Now I can hear every other bloody noise it makes.
  2. We have a Phil and Teds car seat and that fits in the back of my Type R. He is facing forward tho. I presume you will be rear facing for a while still. The main car the car seat lives in is a BR9 legacy wagon. MORE then enough room.
  3. A $5k Audi will be an expensive fix if it turns out to be a lemon. At least a non turbo subi is reasonably cheap to fix. Im not bias but subi would be my choice....
  4. Bit of an action pic :-P
  5. Gearbox in and car back on the ground. Shifts smooth as silk! Drives like a Subaru should.
  6. I'm keen for something new
  7. Installed some pretty green sway bars.
  8. [/url] The three wires that are free when I got my car with the intercooler spray missing. Two I believe are from the reservoir and the third is from the inlet temp sensor.
  9. I'll be doing the same thing in time. If it works for the EVO's there is no reason why it won't work for a front mounted Subaru. I can send you a pic of the plugs but I won't be home for a bit.
  10. Why? It would effectively do the same thing. It's located (if looking at the engine from the front) at the left behind the lights in front of where the ABS unit is or should be.
  11. 4 at the moment but we are downsizing. 1996 Mitzy Mirage (currently on trademe) 1997 landcruiser prado for towing the project 2005 Suzuki swift sport for the wife 1999 Subaru STI type R
  12. Cool concept. I had a wee look at your account so you don't need a login. In my opinion it looks like an online shopping list for thieves.
  13. So it may have a bent chassis?