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  1. I have never seen a car as a means to make money. All the cars I have bought and sold have been for fun and not worried about the loss. HOWEVER.... i will never sell my Type R. It will be my legacy to my son and he can, in 18 years, do what he likes with it.
  2. Thats a pretty decent clue! Wish I lived closer. Can pin point it on google maps but that doesnt really follow the Tag rules haha.
  3. I have been driving round with that wire pulled since I started this thread. Hasn't affected driving and yes it does show a warning for low fluid. I have tried to refit it but honestly if you're worried about it.... replace the pump. It's not worth the effort.
  4. Blew the SRX's radiator and nanna'd it home without cooking the engine. Replaced it with an oem part from Redline. Sweeeeed asss! Removed the massively loud exhaust from the Type R (keeping the down pipe) and replaced with factory STI exhaust from downpipe backwards. Holy moly it is quiet! Now I can hear every other bloody noise it makes.
  5. We have a Phil and Teds car seat and that fits in the back of my Type R. He is facing forward tho. I presume you will be rear facing for a while still. The main car the car seat lives in is a BR9 legacy wagon. MORE then enough room.
  6. I hate hearing this stuff. Hope you get your pride and joy back. I'll keep an eye out.
  7. Nope, no throttle. This is purely the car doing it itself.
  8. About a year ago my wife and I bought a 2010 BR9 as a family wagon to cart round the baby gear and also the dog. As its predominantly her car, I don't drive it a lot but i have noticed that on the first start after it has been sitting for a while it seems to heavily over fuel to the point of almost stalling (sounds like a diesel engine). When this happens the exhaust releases unburnt fuel. It calms straight down to a perfect idle when selecting a gear out of park. We are the first owners from it landing from Japan. Is there an ECU flash that can be done to eliminate this dreadful start up feature? Car is still under a warranty just for interest sake. Cheers
  9. A $5k Audi will be an expensive fix if it turns out to be a lemon. At least a non turbo subi is reasonably cheap to fix. Im not bias but subi would be my choice....
  10. Bit of an action pic :-P
  11. I'll be there depending on the hangover status.
  12. So I'm doing my first track day and I'm wanting to know if anyone knows about track day insurance? My current insurer won't cover cars on the track. Is there a company that does one off insurance for a track meet?
  13. Gearbox in and car back on the ground. Shifts smooth as silk! Drives like a Subaru should.
  14. I'm keen for something new
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