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  1. "Said authorities" I don't think this airport has these "said authorities". I like to live life on the edge! Like taking 15 seconds to take a photo in a no parking zone.
  2. Serious???.... you will be there for 15 seconds for a pic.
  3. Not here you won't. You may get hit by an up and coming topgun trying to buzz the tower.
  4. Its a bit of a hard one. My last one was too easy so made this one a bit more curly. The background has a few clues. Yup it is a no parking but for the sake of a couple of secs for a pic 😝 Iv been in Auckland my whole life bud. Except for studying in chch many moons ago.
  5. Sounds like you're after compressor surge. Remove BOV block up hole and enjoy ssstututututututu. Or get a BOV with a tighter spring.
  6. Old New Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Not if I get there first!!😝
  8. old new Not a super hard one. Like to keep this on a roll.
  9. Ah! I know this place! I just can't get there till next Friday.
  10. Yes and also the GF8 fits.
  11. After eliminating all the rest, how old it your water pump? Could have buggered impeller blades and can only push water once your above idle.
  12. Got the Soccer mum wagon serviced at @Subirex Automotive today. AJ is such a pleasure to deal with! The Type R got a fire extinguisher and I currently have the intake manifold off tiding up the split fuel rail and a few other things.
  13. It will buff out. Chuck it back in 😂
  14. Bit of a segway into another topic but does a V7 intercooler fit into a V5 STI?
  15. Holy moly. Bit of restriction there. So concensus is that it doesn't fit and I'll need to persuade it to make fit. Anyone selling a 3 inch down pipe back exhaust? 😝😝