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  1. boon. No fuel pump has been replaced last year from a subaru specialist and a genuine part from Sublab in Whangarei. I think might be the relay.
  2. Ive checked the fuel pump plug but it aint that, also pulled the fuel line off as recomended by a local and tried to start and it should have spat fuel out but it didnt. So from the fuel pump maybe to the relay is my problem.
  3. Yea I thought might be that AGAIN will see tonight. Would the relay be a problem at all?
  4. Hey guys second time having this problem, car is a Impreza sedan 93. A few weeks ago my little bro borrowed my car to go to his training, he came back while it was pissing down, told him to take it back to my mums he started it up he got 1/4 of a way down the street and it straight cut out. I tried to start but it just rumbled like it was having fuel problems. Over the next three weeks I pulled the fuel pump plug out left it for a week hooked it back up and gave it a jump start and away it went till monday the 12/09/16. Now it wont catch fire, it is starting but again no catch. I have replaced
  5. Hey SpeedFreak is this gear box with the dccd switch? Give me a txt bro 0211106763 and quote clubsub dccd.
  6. Shot thanks guys will give that a go.
  7. Hey guys, Ive got a problem seen if anyone else has it. Got water running down inside my car from underneath the glovebox when it rains anybody had any issues or no a solution? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Is the dccd any good for off road like rally?
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