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  1. Being a D-rev, don't they come with the best twins from factory? You'll get better pick and reliability from a ECU retune being a D-rev.
  2. My little Starlet got a tank of sweet sweet 100RON today. The WRX will get some love when it next needs a filling
  3. Your S-GT will probably love it after a few tanks to re-learn. That's cheaper than 98 in chch too!
  4. You're in luck! I still have a photo of my old engine bay: Was a GFB Responc BoV that I had 100% recirc
  5. Uhhh what is going on here?
  6. Factory airbox? That probably is silencing that compressor surge.. On my old WRX I had a cold airbox with a mushy, got me some sweet sweet stututut.
  7. Coming up, but co-sharing. Probably with @IZichard
  8. I still cannot get over this..
  9. Found a nicer boot liner from Pick a Part. Gave it a quick clean and she's in.
  10. Flick me a message, I can probably grab them on the weekend if that's alright?
  11. Model: 2002 Impreza WRX Wagon, GGA Displacement: 2L Mods: VF30 Turbo, Decatted factory downpipe, Silicone intake, Version 7 STi intercooler, Deatchwerkz DW200, STi Manifold, STI Pink (565) Injectors, Genome Muffler Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: SAS 196.47kw ATW. This thing sings now, oh boy!
  12. Subaru themselves did not know what car it was??
  13. I'll be coming up too, not 100% sure if I'll have the funds to take me car up, or I'll co-share, probably the latter.
  14. Well @SAS has let me know my WRX is ready for pick up and loosey in his words, "Much improvement from the old set up, goes really well" - I'm excited!
  15. @IZichard IMG_7949 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7982 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7918 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7570 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr