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  1. Model: 2002 Impreza WRX Wagon, GGA Displacement: 2L Mods: VF30 Turbo, Decatted factory downpipe, Silicone intake, Version 7 STi intercooler, Deatchwerkz DW200, STi Manifold, STI Pink (565) Injectors, Genome Muffler Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: SAS 196.47kw ATW. This thing sings now, oh boy!
  2. Subaru themselves did not know what car it was??
  3. I'll be coming up too, not 100% sure if I'll have the funds to take me car up, or I'll co-share, probably the latter.
  4. Well @SAS has let me know my WRX is ready for pick up and loosey in his words, "Much improvement from the old set up, goes really well" - I'm excited!
  5. @IZichard IMG_7949 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7982 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7918 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7570 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr
  6. Don't quote me on this, but I've had my car re-tuned for 98 and my tuner said I could happily run 95 as the ECU still retained its knock correction, so I'd say it would be the same case for your car, it would just advance timing within it's limits. If you could afford the trip to Chch, I'd highly highly recommend @SAS for your tuning. In fact, give them a message on Facebook and/or @gotasuby. They'll be more than happy to help.
  7. Given you're in Invers with no 98, I'd totally be saving up for the mods you want to do (e.g. exhaust) and then get the car re-flashed for 95.. You'll net more power, bit more economy and an ECU that is happily not retarding timing due to the lower quality petrol
  8. Dropped my WRX off to @SAS for some lovin' - VF30 upgrade - STi manifold + Pink Injectors - 3 Port MAC valve - Genome muffler fitment (Thanks @hunter951 ) - A retune!! - Some Dixcel ES pads all around
  9. What's your location? Given the mods a ECU reflash will definitely help and I agree you don't need to invest in a Link.
  10. I went out for a Saturday drive to somewhere I haven't been before and took this
  11. Woohoo I'm still on the list!
  12. Don't suppose you took any photos of this? And were these the model? https://drivingsound.co.nz/product/infinity-reference-6500cx-6-5inch-component-speakers/
  13. Have a blast guys! I will be up for Flat-Nats in November
  14. Good news - it has been found. Bad news - Dash has been messed up