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  1. I'm planning on removing the poly lip on the Version 8 and replacing it with EZlip as it scrapes too often than I like and my bumper is now cracking
  2. I use this: https://www.unitedcarcare.co.nz/products/gyeon-q2m-silk-dryer It's fantastic, get one and love it.
  3. Was looking at +35 offset to hopefully clear Brembo's if I go that route in future, but tbh it would just be more cosmetic so I could drop back to +45
  4. Crappppp. I am looking at going 18x8.5 on STi struts and Pink springs on my wagon and what I had been looking up it was looking I could get away with that, ah well.
  5. So I have not really driven my Version 8 much over the past 6 months, hence nothing really been done to it. But today I (finally) dropped off my Pink injectors off to Vantage Auto to be flow tested, cleaned and have new O-Rings installed. Yes I will FINALLY be on track to install the VF30, 3 port solenoid and a retune Not looking for more power, just a more responsive set up.
  6. I like that the list has gone to Top 20 I feel included yay!
  7. Don't forget SAS!
  8. I should get off my butt and check, but I think you're right, it's just how the arches are designed which gives it that look
  9. Here's my car on 17x7 with STi struck and STi Pink springs: The rear sit lower compared to the front sadly giving it the "saggy butt syndrome" - I do plan on fixing this by getting some spacers.
  10. I'm sure either myself or @gotasuby will post dyno pics Yup I've got some STi Pinks to go on with it
  11. Bought me a VF30 off Trademe for a pretty nice price. Plan is to swap out the TD05 in hopes to get a more responsive car.
  12. PM @SAS @gotasuby to retune to 95. Or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SASworkshop/
  13. Wait, was I heading towards Wigram Skies/on Birmingham Drive??
  14. Sorry man, that wasn't me, my Wagon was parked up in the garage. I have heard there are two other Version 8 wagon's in silver floating around though.