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  1. Started the Mothers 3 Step process, only got the bonnet done before I ran out of time. Good thing it's a long weekend next weekend!
  2. @Jono24, do I dare wonder what you're doing? 😮
  3. Hey Cheers Zeus for sorting this out
  4. Hey team, Do we have anyone who can get Whiteline products for a bit cheaper than BNT/Autolign? Wanting to get some camber bolts for my Startlet, but BNT want to charge me $85 which seems excessive
  5. Your Legacy has AVCS, I'd stick to 5w30, 10w30 or 10w40. @gotasuby this sound right?
  6. In that case, i'd just go for custom made axel back exhaust, slap in a centre muffler to keep noise down and you'll be golden. Probably be cheaper to get something made local as opposed to getting something shipped from NZ. Have your replaced the hard rubber hoses that connect to the intercooler with silicone? Apparently that makes a nice wee difference for not a lot of $$
  7. Replaced the passenger side coils whilst trying to diagnose an awful cutting issue that happens after a few good pulls: Took it for a post test and so far so good! (I obeyed the speed limits incase you question )
  8. My friends factory BP5 felt faster than my tuned WRX too Must be that twinscroll, dual AVCS goodness
  9. Just a thought, would it be worth running this in conjunction with Flat-Nats? As a South Islander, I can't justify 2x trips up North sadly Even if I fly up.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/O95VLj1 Aw dumb the link doesn't show a preview
  11. I haven't installed the bushes yet as I don't have a means of getting under the car, however the short shift is great! Has reduced the throw a good amount.
  12. I felt that way after I installed my "fancy" new speakers, only to find they sound like hollow crap and then for a few days later one side stopped working because a cable manged to pry loose. HOWEVER, I'm glad I got it done, some tuning with the headunit and they're alright.
  13. Well.. I ordered it on Friday, and guess what has just been installed?
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