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  1. A special on Retunes please! ;D
  2. What springs you got in there now bro and how many k's they done? I'm needing to change my front ones as they've started to lose a bit of tension..... I've still got my originals which (as you know!) didn't have that many k's on!! :-)
  3. I guess I'll be seeing you at just after 7am on Wednesday morning at the ferry terminal! ;D
  4. Awesome that it's being set in concrete so far out! Great job team! And of course I'll be there! 8)
  5. I'll keep an eye on the board to see if anything changes. In the meantime, it's off to Lake Ferry.....!! ;D
  6. Was going to come down tonight, but still refuse to bring the car to Courtney central. I like it too much! Have a very Happy New Year all!
  7. Keen if it's in January - and doesn't coincide with a Phoenix game! :
  8. Don't forget to price in some decent Boost Control fella!
  9. Recommend you set your goals first bro. How much power are you looking for? What other mods have you done or plan to do? V2 STi motors came with TD05H out of Japan. Much more kick than the TD04, and I've seen 230kw ATW on that set up (with all the other supporting mods of course). Should bolt straight on and they're pretty bulletproof - and pretty cheap to pick up. Are you still running on the V2 grey injectors though because if so, they may have to go as well. You may be looking at another tune as well for the G4, but you will need to ask a pro on that one! The angled V2 top mount is why you'll see that most of the old school STi's have front mounts, although it's a matter of choice. The flow ain't great on those top mounts but again, it comes down to your goals.
  10. And it's still got less than 20K on the clock from what I remember!
  11. How about a video of every car on the track driving past the camera? Thinking somewhere where it's safe, cars going past at a safe (but reasonable) speed. Could be in pairs or something like that? Only needs to be a 30 second clip I guess.