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  1. he has the a passwords but yep would love that
  2. thus I have 6? (I've lost count but not looking for any more) Avengers.... in the parts "bin"
  3. Anyone keen to login and "Act" and 'rep' on our social media? I'm not coming so yeah FOMO is real Post up on our Facebook or Instagram etc (and or live vids / feeds plug your sponsors / crew while your at it)
  4. over sealing is a real problem too, can cause problems later on I wouldn't run "beads" more a thin line about 5mm wide & yep around the bolt holes
  5. I did dream about a 1st gen AWD 2dr Rav4 Bosokued out, like lowered flares & sweet Streeet shark fins or longchamps etc... or Hotwires
  6. ign on / off (prime system) there was not constant flow and I didnt 'hotwire' the pump no return fuel either I can hear the injectors clicking with foot flat cranking
  7. if anything I'd say no pressure? as I had to use the pump prime to get fuel out, (no flow on crank or 'on'
  8. right RVR is basically a Evo good little van, mate used it for a work wagon once (rvr) much of muchness I guess?
  9. Old fuel out (about 20L Mower 91 in milk Bottle for comparison and Fresh 98 I put 10L in for comparison Still no go, may need to bleed injectors somehow? / from Filter on? not getting any return flow from the other two pipes little or big
  10. PS you'll LOL at what the plate was.... oh wow ok 7 years... fuel might be #1 issue there since last wof
  11. Pulled it off after Filter canister in Bay, got good flow, mate reckoned it was discoloured (where, um is the return line? & yeah nah only checked one outlet on Coil pack one theory was Crank / Cam sensor, but I reckon if its got spark, it has signal right? might pull plugs, or how do I check Injectors are actually working? I've never really spent time under the bonnet of a Subaru, as odd as that sounds I am not a mech expert (just good at googling / using search button, maybe I should try that LOL
  12. Ok I bought a dereg complete Fozzy [Auto] have removed the AVS & Turbo Timer (lady lost keys & fell out of love with it and got told by the council to dispose of or remove it from the Roadside, along came me!) I have Spark & fuel and no fire any ideas or tips? Door chime only comes on when I unplug ign etc Has sat on the side of the road for 2 years unlocked & locals have had a go at it (Ign pulled out etc) << i believe this may be the main issue all Lights go on, no stereo though, air con works, I connect the Diagnostic plugs (Black & Green) & get a constant flash of the CEL I do have the Gravel Express parked nearby for robbing bits off I am aware this is all hard to see from where you are, just trying the basics for now next I'll drain tank & pop some fresh fuel in but I'd expect it at least to cough & fart with stale fuel right?
  14. Way old thread : dash out & resolder joints? / what was the fix?
  15. Facebook "event" for that is here : hosted by Flatnats
  16. I was aiming for it : lean winter & low funds unfortunately say now just needed a set of Taillights for the GF8 to get a wof now
  17. Diesel switch..... Number plate Hider activates the Gull scarer to stop birds s***ting on your car
  18. touch them both at the same time while driving with your D*CK nah dont but i had to say it!
  19. no probs! (yet) and welcome to the forums
  20. ok those are weird (& I updated thread with your images too) are they magnetic? can you trace what ever is attached behind them? yeha the up & down sticker might be a clue? & the other might take over the traction control?
  21. NA might use a different method to hold vacuum? (ie turbo has positive Manifold pressure at times etc) BUT let us know if they are the same at the end of the day please I'd doubt it
  22. gidday there @Ross might help wit ha bit more info on where 'you' are but yep I hope those with the experiance will chime in shortly with good movers is the car driveable? lowers the cost considerably if the truckie can drive on & off without hassle