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  1. and be sure to give it few tic's to process, like don't past & hit reply instantly this forum will also display public Facebook and Instagram post too, just right click or grab a link eg : Though I have heard these can be slow to load for some users (Insta especially)
  2. until

    Choice! thanks for posting to the forums!
  3. the forum "ClubSUB" has the ability to host & upload images "we" just need to have a viable income to cover it and hosting space / traffic having a 'subscribers' function or the ability to accept donations is key (and a structure to deal with or process them too)
  4. edit : yep 1st best link is dead ( ClubSUB is 22 years old & the "Ihug" link above, ike the author is deceased next best is still live tho not a direct link it might have some handy info
  5. bunch of pinouts links in the Mega FAQ thread Ill check some links shortly
  6. cos welly Member started it for thread of people coming that way sweet pix! E30 looks like it may b one from Dannevirke
  7. I'll be in the area from tomorrow night : nek weekend (based in Motueka for a family event)
  8. I'll not be in the right Island LOL
  9. same forums software also has the ability to do more that we've got ....
  10. .....and go or start your own thread to keep things tidy whatever floats your boat if you dont ask you dont get!
  11. now you might have a chance to see the back end & see what can be done about this
  12. I have been super busy (read made an offer on a house, listed a house, painted stuff & now ll since 1st Feb so have 10x calender's siting at work & about as many orders waiting to be sent! Soz you misses Jan but hope I'll get time next week, going away for 10 days on the 14th so need to get as much work dine before then too!
  13. Aiming to Volunteer & be there in the Avenger
  14. hah yeah was wondering about that & one Trademe seller like the Lisle Funnels but none of these for some reason! alternative (also USA) Source / product
  15. And here is a Link! Screen Grab with images from listing Video #1 #2
  16. brolly's don't obstruct view for those behind you as much & trying to get anything Larger over the bridge would be a hazard
  17. @Niran your answer is on the facebook post I shared of this! (Tagged you there too)
  18. Right who's keen to help / make something happen in 2019! I'm thinking Taupo Playday (need to check their calender) and a fun thing to do on the other day / pissup / social you've seen the fun we have in even the Cheapest Subaru's so no need for BIG brakes or flash setups, just COME Suggestions GO
  19. sooo its 2019 does any one want to help make ClubSUB Great again?
  20. I did think about a Roady but heading for this instead :
  21. sure did ! I it seems like the shop IS hard to find, not in your face or a button on top of the page or even avderts for itself would be good i reckon aye?
  22. thought i read in another post they are shut down or no longer selling? I'll find thread in a tic Edit : Discussion here :
  23. And they are away! Slight delay Soz so the 1st Batch all got an extra goodie need to reorder so anyone else thinking they need one of these?!?