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  1. shared to the CS FB page hope ya get something soon! 1st comment is the hireopool for $50 / day pfft
  2. it's not hard to get the dash our for a visual inspections, screws up under dash trim & a few around the housing etc, plug could have fallen out?
  3. no dimmer on BG but yeah I had a similar issue with the AC / Climate control Lights being dim... then I realised I drove with my headlights on all the time (they dim) LOL but yeah trailer plug was good idea or a short in wiring etc
  4. thats what forum hook ups are for! Chur & I shared this on our FB page too
  5. heh yeah : I've never used the insert media button
  6. can you 'paste' here what you're trying to insert? the forum is / was smart enough to code it for you just from pasting onto the reply box for most media (give it a few seconds to figure it out) and on what platform? Mobile or pc broswer?
  7. ❤️ haha yeah wasn't having a "go" just saw it somewhere & thought the image was semi relevant LOL
  8. Repping tee shirt polishign a 'turd* for the Show & shine (same one I posted the Live vid from) Sunday taking a break from SuperLAP Repping sadly no Pics of the GF8 in action LOL must have been too slow to catch any attention from the event [*not actually a turn but an award winning Build Chrysler Avenger with Lexus motor & Hilux Running gear]
  9. of happiness! We've got updates hah 😹
  10. ahaha nay that was my *sad react* to your post
  11. noice! I love a 'result' too often we never hear nor see of the cars again
  12. yep official tapatalk 'compiance' is deemed unecessary (although actually quite neat to use) as the forums software IS mobile friendly sidenote : yeah tapatalk does have (& I Use it every so often on mobile) neat features combined with this forums, there is a cost & that's part of why we try to raise funds with 'donations' and sale via our online shop (calender's & stickers etc
  13. system works, thanks for bearing with it, I didn't want to have to try & log everyone in individually etc & don't thank me, we've managed to gather a crack team of technical people to mitigate these interweb things! if you see this parked outside, you'll know why....
  14. everyone got logged out @pedro did you try the "lost my password" link? (let the system do its thing first) or reset your password
  15. it's neat to see all the small things with an update [scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (pc / browser) : love the inclusion of the FB & Insta that were never there] can someone make the "contact us" button actually work or point to a working email address or 'help' thread please? it's a email address & we havnt had one of those for eons, & emails to it go nowhere nor do they even bounce back (try it) edit : I hit it again & says "Sent to administrators" pipe up if you see it anywhere!
  16. no sorry Nice type R tho!
  17. both of them! my "G sensor" hit the windscreen a couple of times on Braking Turn #1 / Toyota @Tony (aka "Ronin" old forum name) took out Fastest on the day in his Evo I was just out there for fun Don't think I did too bad for a Thousand Dollar car! $$/smiles/miles I think I won
  18. Here's a couple of vids if anyone can be bothered to watch (pretty boring lap stuff) only recorded the 1st & last session & not sure why the gopro decided to split the videos into two I really liked the way Superlap is run, sorted into times & the 1st session I spent time looking behind me to let faster (everyone) pass me safely By the last session we had times & were let off in order so no-one really got in each others way #timeattack / #oneperfectlap oh yeah & Lol Gravel Express (Version 2 WRX) I had fun Chasing Vivian aka @Munkvy in his BMW He had slicks, less power but more grip, & I ran out of rear brakes after session 2, lucky Repco just down the road! "What's your rego....." I know there were other ClubSubbers there too Cam & the Palmy Sub guys Feel free to post other cars & your pics from the event!
  19. Slower than my old GTB but I still had a Blast! Wanna PM your Address I have A Tee Shirt & couple of Goodies from for you just for this comment! (Half of these stickers are on my car Soz LOL)
  20. 1UZ : yep pretty sweet combo Survived 4 sessions of 'superlap' can see how addictive it can become! [I'll update pic link tomorrow] survived : just!
  21. yep keys will be radio chipped (body coded) did they take the keys too?
  22. I went for a ride in a mates creation today after delivering him a new Windscreen