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  1. hah yea & rapid Down changes get the back loose too (I was accused of Handbraking into the Hairpin on the back track of Manfeild) so yeah @THUNDA can you confirm Trans? I did start this thread once and got LOL'ed at
  2. and now I seem to have a Forester also Auto suitable for Auto-crossing & other fun stuff haha
  3. Auto? cos yep they'll do that, FWD most of the time
  4. aaand we've decided they were a spammer anyway & banned, multiple "report posts" with gibberish
  5. all good welcome to the forums you're in the Legacy Section already so time to start a VF51 / 08 S402 Leggy thread! <3
  6. hah yeah and that, Plus this is the twin turbo thread LOL which they stopped making in 2004?
  7. who is not logged in & trying to post to threads with the report button? IP address does not give any clues
  8. Whoever is posting "replys" to threads with the 'report button" please stop, or pay attention to the forum
  9. @Kamloarne we're not sure why you reported your comment instead of 'replying' to the thread with it
  10. are they the same digits? if so I would not stress too much
  11. Yeah "Wheels" always fills up quick then empties out around Lunch I got there around 11 last time & ended up parking just out of the "Circle" in the Avenger Also Palmy Swap Meet this weekend
  12. Is the 1.5 AWD though? the review on the listing mentions FWD 1.5 be the way to go I reckon OR 2.0 take both for a test drive maybe?
  13. Ditto on the 2.0 the 1.5 will have to work harder to Move the same Mass = use more gass, what do the carjam / Trademe Fuel stats say? Also assuming your referring to these Third generation (2007–2014) – GE, GV, GH, GR Sedan (pre-facelift) Hatch (facelift) and with zero 1st hand experiance I'm gunna go by the Trademe listings that popped up 1st both 2008 1.5 : 2.0 : all depend on how heavy your foot is I guess & every day you get in a 1.5 you'd wish you went for a 2.0 anyway also one could spout out "Newer Auto Trans these days are much more efficient than those of the last Millenium a ther ehave been advances in parasitic power losses" etc
  14. @courtneylouise is Mot @Nachoooo is n the area too
  15. Moderator hat on ⚗️ Split & created your own 05 Blitzen thread in the Legacy Section (some good info here) as I dont think we've seen some of these on the forums before (new model buyers are slow to catch on / Facebook clubs seem to be 'winning') again welcome to the forums & thanks for your contribution! Your $$ help keep this place alive & information like this available hopefully for years to come!
  16. this ones nicer of the 2x on TM currently learned something too!
  17. gutted : yeah not sure just stoc k& yep even mine do look a little thin tbh vs any jump lead I;ve seen
  18. yeah by design they are snug & hard to get out so tended to pull on the leads (bad) when packign away have since just left if plugged in & on charge in the car at all times, comes in hanby for Locksmithy type jobs too (lost car keys often car is flat too) would start the BG5c in my yard so i could move it with no battery in it
  19. Box is at home & replacement leads just arrived hah old ones were looking tired & letting sparks out
  20. I have the Powerall one good for what it is, had to jump the e34 off it once & yep new battery in the Commy today as winter killed it : had been Jumping it on & off for he past two months every couple of weeks after a charge keep it in the car plugged in Leads have just about s*** themselves tho so a new set on their way from Ali-express ($6 vs ripco $60 mate got one similar (not sure what brand) and it would never work for whatever reason so sent it back pretty good for a portable USB power source too & a light (though mines stopped working for whatever reason)