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  1. Yo. Does anyone know if Subaru changed the formula for its 14L paint specifically for revision D? I ask because my car has had some touchups professionally in the past, and some by me. One of the professional touchups was a perfect match. However my touch up and the other professional touch up were near perfect except in direct sunlight where there's a strong purple pearl coming through, that the factory paint doesn't have. Yet i see earlier Revisions of the legacy wearing what looks to be the exact paint i was supplied? The other possibility i guess is a change in bas
  2. Cheers dude. Might be a while before I gain momentum...
  3. Yeah all work.will be done in my garage. It's not the same if I pay someone else to do it.
  4. Anyone got any experience with running Boost through the first gen EZ30? I have an 02 RS30 thats a good solid car with relatively low ks. Been looking at upgrading to a facelift BP SpecB, but for the extra $$, i'd rather build something fast that has that flat six howl. I currently have no budget, as i'm still planning what i want, which will determine budget. (i also need to finish my bike build) This won't be a top shelf build though, more a Dirty but effective garage build. So Questions - is 250wkw acheivable on these motors unopened? Internet tells me yes, but i'd
  5. can only see the 3 public forums
  6. Chucked the car on ramps on the weekend. Looks like the whole rear subframe has to come out. Bugger!
  7. Cheers Boon. Think its a stuck float. Tank has a rather large dent on drivers side - i'm presuming right underneath where float sits, causing float to keep reading 1/4 tank, as when the tank empties the float hits the bottom of the tank at the position where there would normally still be 1/4 of a tank(though have not lifted back seat/float yet to check) Driveshaft has to come off to replace these tanks, yeah?
  8. Hi All, So picked up an RS30 last weekend, got a pretty good deal on it. However yesterday i was taking the dog home from the dog park and suddenly the car started running real rough and died. Just like it was running out of gas. Except the Guage was reading 1/4. So i called up the Mrs (who gave me the 'your a dick thats bought a **** car' face) to bring down the lawn mower gas. Threw a couple of litres in it and it started sweet - Filled her up and its been all good since. So obviously my guage is playing up. Any ideas? Gas light didnt come on, and now i think about it it had been on 1/
  9. yeah 2k is fair. just sold my rsb for 4k.
  10. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/x5/auction-473619256.htm
  11. +1 on the 530d, but a motorsport if you can find one in budget. Or an X5: http://www.turners.co.nz/Vehicles/Pages/Car.aspx?RefId=995947 The M57 really is a fantastic engine, and responds really, really well to a good tune
  12. Theres a little notch where the cable attaches to the actuator. In an Rsb its in the left hand side of tbe boot where the jack goes. Pull the cable up from its current location and hook it into the notch. This leaves the valve permanently open.
  13. Dosent sound like a failed primary to me. When mine let go, the whine was loud and started at around 2k rpm.
  14. Chur. Had another dumb question but have forgotten already. Oh thats right. Whats the lifespan of OEM plugs? The red car has close to 100km on its current plugs but still drives very well. Should i be bothered pulling them and at a minimum inspecting them? Should they just be changed as a matter of course with that kind of mileage? I know little about modern plugs in turbocharged vehicles
  15. ^^^ FWIW: My GTB has a ghey turbo timer built into the alarm (cant turn it off, it s***s me). This car has had the primary turbo replaced at least twice due to bearing and seal failure. The RSB on the other hand has never had a turbo timer, however has always been shown good driving practices (IE: giving the whole car a cool down period after a raping) has shown no signs of turbo wear or failure in the last 100,000kms. (or ever) Take from that what you will... Now. Dumb question time. Does anyone know off the top of their head what the diameter is of the factory primary DP on a GTB? Need
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