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  1. Ive had a quick search around the forum but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer. Will a Diff from a BC (or BF) bolt into a BG5? Will the BG5 driveshafts fit etc? I am aware of having to match final drive ratio with the gearbox. Need to find a 4.444 diff to match a V4 STI gearbox and they are proving difficult to source down here in the South Island. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  2. All sorted, looked to be a wiring issue with the turbo timer harness. I have removed the wiring and the starter works as normal. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replys, I have managed to take another look at the car. I unplugged the small gauge wire to the starter solenoid and it stopped cranking. That wire seems to be getting a constant 12V from somewhere. Also as soon as I did this the 10amp fuse at the top of the fuse box which I believe is for the dash cluster blew. Could this be related??
  4. Long time no post... I am having issues with my Legacy. Basically every time I connect the battery the starter motor begins to crank and will not stop. This happens even when there are no keys in the ignition. The car is a BG5 Legacy with a V3 STI engine that I swapped around 4 years ago. The car has run fine with no issues ever since I completed the swap. I have checked and double checked all wiring and have now reached a dead end. Is there potential for a short in the starter motor? I am trying to get hold of a new/rebuilt one but I would rathe
  5. *edit, Cleared codes but now it is majorly overfueling smoking out the garage!! firstly I would like to say this thread is an absolute godsend, thanks to everyone who has contributed!! Ive followed every instruction on here to the letter and finally fired up the engine. the only codes i have left over are 31 and 45. Is there anything I have done wrong to get these codes?? engine runs pretty rough and eventually dies. Im hoping it is something simple ive done wrong, but does anyone have any ideas? I have converted BG5A TT to a V3 sti motor.
  6. is there anyway to keep the spotlights?
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of Subarus...
  8. Thanks alot. Still having issues with over boosting. I will check all hoses and post up again if nothing is amiss
  9. Ho guys, I have just upgraded to VF26/27 combo on my BG5A wagon, what happens with the hose that used to go to the secondary wastegate as they seem to have done away with it on these turbos? Do I need to block it? or tee it into the primary wastegate hose 10 I think....? Thanks
  10. Should be more like 10psi primary, 15psi secondary
  11. New radiator cap should solve that problem. You probably weren't getting any pressure at all in your cooling system, making the boiling point of your coolant lower, which caused it to bubble over to the overflow. Does anyone know how to bleed the cooling system? (sorry for the hijack.) Or is it easy as running the car with the cap off....?
  12. Faulty knock sensor perhaps? Same thing used to happen to me. would only run 7psi on both turbos, replaced the knock sensor and runs nicely now.
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