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  1. the car had a hiding from 2 previous owners but when I got it going it had around 3 times the power so didnt like it. both shafts were like bananas
  2. "got more gigs that a currie got chillies" who wouldnt wouldn\'t be concerned...... but its deff gna be usable
  3. thought I hade a case of deja vu then looked a page back sleve install could be anywere from 800 to 1200 at a guess. pick carfully who you get to do it tho. if not done correctly can lead to dramas. as in later on the sleve could drop and then youll never get a headgasket to seal.
  4. this is what ive done . hopfully picking it up today . depending on you contacts and what you want to do with the engine putting bore supports in a open deck could be a possibility. sleeveing can get expencive.
  5. why do you want a phase 2 intake mani. the v1/2 intakes flow great I was looking at using adapters also but then for the same reasons as tony ive stuck with a early intake and will change it as I need. there are flow specs on the net somwhere and the early v1/2 flows just as good as the expensive aftermarket units
  6. there was one on trademe around 6 mounths ago . it looked pretty dam good!
  7. got old very fast for me 4wd is really good. i had my rs rwd for only a few weeks really
  8. ? its a complete liner or sleve
  9. liners were around 400. hard to tell how much the liner install was tho as I got alot of other stuff done also .
  10. how does the crimp look. the one that goes on the alt stud. ive had one go all nasty and corroded before
  11. ive done simlar . put darton sleves in a 2l cdb to suit 98mm pistons. but sleves shouldn\'t drop if machined and installed correctly. they shouldn\'t be able to drop at all
  12. isnt 43 psi at 5000rmp a touch low? rule of thumb is 10psi per 1000 rpm ?
  13. link and a repin of the harness. jase (gotasuby) could wire it up and tune it for you rather easy. he has done many simlar