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  1. It's subtech catless down-pipe it's coming Monday, just get all stuff ready to install.
  2. Ok cool so need turbo to down gasket and down to middle cat gasket?
  3. Im changing my down-pipe on my 07 LGT what gaskets will i need and the best place to buy them ? i would like all the stuff before i begin.
  4. Hya dude are you in Auckland? If yes I can help with a cable
  5. OK this is got me completely stumped, when I first start the car everything's alright idles fine does all the normal things I driving like normal boosts good really smooth, but as soon as the blue light goes out on the temperature gauge the car feels quite sluggish and I have to put my foot down a lot more it doesn't matter what mode its in either s or S Plus dont have a code or error,im only getting 390ks on full tank for BP 98... does anyone have any idea what it could be? Could it be the O2 sensor or knock sensor I know it's not the air flow metre as I've only just put a new one a month ago, any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Got Michelin PS4 on my 07 GT atm amazing tyres, they grip like a mofo in the wet compared to the RE003, had the RE003 on my old twin turbo they were good , but I prefer the PS4
  7. I was thinking 07 GTs had 260hp? I'm going setup like your, but with grimmspeed intake and turbo back exhaust system as well as the three ports boost controller
  8. im think about doing this too, were did you find the guide? 2007 GT
  9. If they made a wagon version I would buy it for sure.
  10. stock air intake, juts had a new subaru air filter put in
  11. Ok got my friends scan cable and software this reading i got. no error codes, boosting 14.9psi, running Mobil 98
  12. Cool thanks guys!! Yup jap inport, i put a tank of mobil 98 in it yesterday and it running like S*** again... so i'll go back to Gull next fill up!!, ive cleaned the MAF today hoping that would help and it hasnt at all.
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