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  1. People have this idea that Subaru\'s aren\'t very reliable when they get on in years, which is bullshit really. Any car that\'s well looked after and serviced regularly should go for donkeys years.
  2. Really, no 98 in Queenstown? I seem to remember filling up my old Celica GT4 at the big BP in Frnakton with 98, and I\'m sure the last time I was there (about 1 year ago) they still sold 98?
  3. I still remember the first WRX I ever saw in S.A and I nearly jizzed in my pants. When I gt over here and saw how popular they are and how cheap they are compared to S.A I had to have one. Good luck with the move by the way!
  4. Hahahaha there\'s always one idiot from the VRYSTAAt, lol. Just kidding! If I was to make a choice between an early legacy or wrx, I\'d go the wrx.
  5. Where about in Durbs? I was born in Addington Hospital, spent my first 7 years in Montclair, then a couple in Umbilo, Then Malvern, moved to Pennington on the South Coast. I went to Maritzburg College before I was expelled and did matric in Scottburgh. Lol I\'ve been in NZ for 10 years now and love it, you will too. As for the choice of cars, an early impreza should be in your price range? The twin turbo Legacy\'s are very cool but I\'m biased, Lol
  6. There will be a ton of choice in that price range and it\'d be best to look when you arrive. On a side note, where are you moving from in South Africa?
  7. Can\'t remember if it was them or SPECT? I think they were called?
  8. Read what I posted again numb nuts. I never implied that they made fresh fuel daily.
  9. I stopped filling the tank just for the sake of it a long time ago now. I found the fuel consumption wasn\'t great if the gas had been in the tank for weeks and weeks. Nowadays I fill up enough to get me through a week at a time and it\'s good.
  10. There\'s an entire thread about suitable oils and you\'ll find some "interesting" advice. Lol. If the mechanic said to use it then you\'re all good IMO. I use Castrol Edge 5w-30 by the way.
  11. Absolutely a GC! Even cut the wires that made the car beep when you put it in reverse or have the keys in the ignition and door open. That beeping always annoyed the shit or of me!
  12. Hey mate, I live in Methven too. I ended up getting it installed by a company in Ashburton. All up cost me $100 and it was money well spent. Whoever installed the other unit butchered the wiring and the aerial wasn\'t even connected! The guy that did the install let me sit in the car and watch what he was doing so that if I ever wanted to take the unit out or anything I\'d have a better idea.
  13. Definitely feels a bit smoother and seems to idle a bit better too. I guess time will tell. Apparently rocker cover gaskets are leaking very very slightly so will need done in the future. That can wait til after Xmas.
  14. Had it scanned, no codes in the system at all and all sensors are working as they should. Had a new air filter put in, new long life plugs and an upper engine clean.
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