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  1. I guess our RAs won't be meeting each other then. I got a bit keen a few weeks back and decided I'd solve my gearbox woes with a v3 sti ra dccd box. My original gearbox is long gone though so I don't have matching numbers to preserve like you do.
  2. That looks very reasonable. Did the RS RA a couple of months back and I think from partsouq it worked out about $70-80ish landed. It does say "from" though. As much as I hate dealing with them it may be worth stocking up.
  3. Where are you guys buying these? The part number I found online doesn't have a listing on partsouq. It just seems ridiculous to pay the $5-700 people want for these. I'm looking for the dual climate version of above.
  4. Anyway, I really need to get this sorted as well. I did check out some options when I moved to christchurch about 6 months ago. I can't really remember exact figures but I think Crowesport could do it or had someone that they used and it was going to cost around $80. That may have been with me supplying the pak file. I think M45 was a bit more than that, maybe $200ish. I'll look in to it again this week if I get a chance.
  5. When I eventually got the pak file from Armstrong in Lower Hutt they I had to pay the $40 Subaru NZ apparently charged them for it. They said they would normally add a mark up to that but as they had wasted my time 5 times they were doing me a favour! Whether they actually have them all on hand I don't know.
  6. Yea I'm based in Christchurch now, I've had a few dealings with them and to be honest they appear to be complete muppets. I asked for a quote to do the reflash and a trans service and they never got back to me. I've been in several times trying to source parts for my RS RA and they always take my details then nothing. I'm sure they would happily sell me a new car. I still haven't got mine sorted but I would try Crowesport or I believe M45 can do it.
  7. I think my best average ever for a tank on the factory trip meter is 10.7 km/L. Mines auto though. I came from a BG GTB so I thought I was actually doing quite well, maybe not!
  8. So a quick update. After 5 attempts with Armstrong still no go. I do now have a copy of the pak file, which may of may not be of any use. Moving to Christchurch so I'll try my luck down there, although much worse problems with my 5EAT after a fluid change. I don't recommend putting anything in your transmission other that subaru ATF-HP. I've now got major shudder issues after a shop put the equivalent Valvoline fluid in.
  9. Had another go with lower hutt, 4th attempt. This time, apparently using the correct pak file, there was some sort of encryption error. So still no joy. Probably could have driven to Auckland and had it done in the time I've wasted on this now haha.
  10. Yea that makes sense given the dash screen displays the trip meter anyway on the later models.
  11. Mines an import and the plug was right behind where the screen was.
  12. I did this in my 2007 bp5 gt and the plug was there. The clock works, however it doesn't dim and the trip meter doesn't work. I can only assume my clock came from a non facelift or something has to be turned on in the ecu.
  13. So to update, I've had zero success with this. After taking it to Armstrong in Lower Hutt the first time I didn't hear anything back from them. Finally got around to calling them last week, was told yes they can do the updates now and I booked it in. I took in to them this morning, when I got there they'd never heard of me and claimed to know nothing about any new pak files for it. After leaving it with them for a couple of hours I got the call back saying no they can't do it. They said they'll chase it up and get back to me. To be honest I'm not expecting to get a call. I wonder if there's any other options near Wellington.
  14. I attempted to have this done to my import 2007 gt spec b at Armstrong in lower hutt yesterday, as I also have the hard shift from 2nd to 3rd. It turns out they didn't have the pak files, but they said there were 2 updates for my car. Apparently they have to buy them from subaru nz which they are doing and will be able to flash it for me next week. Will let let you know how I get on.
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