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  1. Hi guy's can anyone recommend anywhere aside from the AA/VTNZ (prefer Subaru mechanic) in Palmerston North to have a look over a Legacy i am looking at cheers
  2. Happy to look at both options, does it work out cheaper to buy offshore? freight costs $300ish from japan i was told, there seems to be far more options overseas, redline have the HKS systems for $1500, which is all good would just rather have more then one option!
  3. Hey Guys after some help finding an exhaust for my 2008 STi Hatchback, redline sell HKS on trademe etc, i have had a look online, but would like some feedback from some members before i buy, what websites would you recommend having a look at? thanks
  4. Hey guys, just after some feedback on what you make of the yellow coloured sti V6\'s
  5. its 2nd hand haha so it doesnt
  6. hey guys putting aftermarket bov on my V7 am away from car atm if any of you can save me the hassle of looking when i get home, cheers guys
  7. hey guys wondering if any of u know a good sparky to install and alarm, homey! cheers
  8. hey guys removed my immobiliser sweet putting everything back but cant seem to find where to plug the window wiper plug into? its got me, any help?
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