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  1. It was two big end bearings. The crank was not salvageable nor were the rods. Head was fine and block got a little machining. V7 Sti crank rods and pistons went in. The sump has also been extended and baffled. Back to to the shop in a week or two for new injectors and a link.
  2. It feels as though it has been a very very long time since Taupo... especially as I have been a pedestrian since then. I am pleased to say that my little car is finally back on the road with a freshly rebuilt engine... and it only took three months.
  3. I got mine through Neil at FortyOne Automotive. Took about a fortnight from ordering to delivery as they came from the states
  4. Well, it didn't end the way I would have liked but I'll be taking away some fond memories. It was nice to make some new friends and get to briefly hit the track. Major thanks to: Ray and Kristy for the ride down to Kapiti and getting us on the Wellington train with minutes to spare. Jason for the epic ride in his fearsome track machine. Bruce McLaren Motorsport park for letting me lock my broken car up in a pit garage until it can be put on a truck and sent back to the South Island.
  5. So... in less than a month I'm going to jump in my 20 year old wagon, cross Cook Straight, drive up to Taupo, thrash my car around a track for a day and then (hopefully) drive home again. Any recommendations that you all have to offer to make my Mega Meet run smoothly? Is there a list of pre-track day inspections or service items that I should really be paying attention to? This is my second track day ever... the first in over 7 years, and the first in a Subaru so there are no dumb suggestions here.
  6. I have been living in the Nelson/Tasman region for a few years now. After striking some duds I have a go-to mechanic for general maintenance, WOF etc. Nice place but not Subaru gurus (by their own admission). I have recently decided that my 97 GF8 is worth nearly nothing in trade and I would need to spend a relative fortune to buy something quicker and new enough to count as a real upgrade. SO.... Time to spend some proper money on the old girl then drive her for another 18 years. Can anyone recommend a good Subaru specialist in Nelson/Richmond/Mot that can help me get my WRX into optimal condition? Ideally it would be a shop that can offer some advice on adding a little performance to the mix as well. I've owned the car a long time and it isn't as exciting as it was.
  7. Ask if it happens all the time, or only when the fuel tank is getting low. Is the problem worse when coming out of a right hand turn? If so, repositioning the fuel pump lower in the tank may help. That turned out to be the problem in my car.
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