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  1. @pl0xIts currently running a bl bp 6 speed with v7 sti front lsd, stock centre diff and grb r180 rear diff. We run hoosier drag radials and just need more time to dial in the car to drop the 60fts. @Niran You should see 11's with ease, we were previously running 11.4 with a 7670 till the turbine wheel decided to give up.
  2. What Kent did around ten years ago was pretty cool, 10sec 1/4 with a stockish turbo and plenty of nos is no easy feat. It’s also not everyday a Subaru runs a 10sec quarter or even an 11 with the amount of supposed 300+kw Subaru’s out there these days. There would be less than ten Subaru’s in nz to have gone 10sec or faster. We are pretty proud of what the car has achieved so far and look forward to going quicker. Cheers Matt.
  3. Last Saturday lolgtr ran a 10sec pass at meremere. It’s a 95 Wrx sti running a built motor, 6 speed, r180 setup, gt3582, road tuned on pump gas. Finally a Subaru to compete with the fast evos and mitsi’s.
  4. Thanks heaps for the wiring diagram with ecu pinouts, just got the car running. Had to swap two wires around between the test mode connector and ignition swith. Your a lifesaver.
  5. I know that the v7 wrx loom I'm using came out a car running avcs. 99% of v7's i come across at my work have avcs. All jdm v7 wrx and sti have avcs it's only the singapore/ Australian spec v7's that don't have avcs. There are a few pins that I don't know where they go and my wiring diagrams don't help me . One that is confusing me is b137 12 on my v7 sti it has 5.8v going into the ecu from my research on forums it says this is from the alternator but none of wiring diagrams can confirm this. Tomorrow I will be checking the inputs on another v7 sti just to compare.
  6. It cranks over with starter motor, I've hard wired the fuel pump for now so it runs with the ignition on but has no spark, coils have power and earth with continuity for the trigger going back to the ecu, injectors have 12v supply.haven't checked for injector pulse yet. The car is not mine it's a weekend job I'm doing and the link g4 is a v7-v9 plug in out of my personal car.
  7. Yeah it's running a v7 sti engine and gearbox with a v7 wrx loom. I stripped the v7 loom back so I'm only using the wiring from the engine to the ecu and removed the v2 stira engine to ecu wiring and merged the v2 stira body loom to the v7 wrx engine loom.
  8. I've been doing a wiring swap on a v2 sti ra and I'm having trouble getting it running on the stock ecu, funny thing is when I plug in my g4 link with a stock base map she fires up and runs mint. Any help would be much appreciated and open to ideas. I believe I have a wire missing for an input to the ecu or out of shear bad luck I'm using a loom designed to run an immobiliser.
  9. I'd say you would be roughly 8.4:1 with the v7 sti head gasket and 7.8:1 with the v3-v4 sti head gasket. Try and find a 1mm head gasket to get you right about 8:1
  10. Blocks are the same, manuals came with a oil heat exchanger, autos don't. Auto's have a large slot in the oil ring groove of the piston for the oil to drain to the inside of the piston and manuals have about four holes.
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