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  1. Looner: if you don\'t want to lend one out or wouldn\'t I don\'t really give a .... I don\'t rember asking. But to clear things up i do not expect anyone to give me there Amf so i can cruise around... Like evo pointed out it would be try in my car and see if it starts normally
  2. hey man, so you have v5-6 ones? looks like this Edit: And there 4 pin yeah?
  3. Hey does anyone have an airflow meter for a V5 wrx in the Hastings area i could possibly try/ buy.. Would be awesome. Cheers
  4. got a number bro? iv try\'ed state, ami, vero ect , all not keen haha.. my age and driving history doesn\'t really help me however.
  5. in the hatch? if so may be cheaper to just get a new tailgate.. if you could find one cheap enough. at our work we would charge around the $500 mark at least depending on how bad it is and taking in cost of remove/re fitment of glass/paint ect.
  6. first off... first problem your finishing Way to fine for a primer.. applying primer to a surface that has been 800 is to smooth.. 180-240 grit is ample for priming and 400 dry or 600-800 wet for your basecoat. if using 2k so not base/clear, you can easily get away with finishing 320 being a white. or 400 for a silver. (after primed)
  7. Anyone had this code? how did they remove it? i try\'ed to clear with the plugs but no luck. I removed the idlecontrol when i removed my manifold. so its most likely set in the wrong positioning. Any ideas? Cheers Cars a 98 wrx
  8. Note using kero on you paint... not a good idea lol.. if your after removing any type of wax/grease get a proper grease& wax remover.. I\'m no painter, but am a panelbeater, I would give the whole care a nice wash.. give the whole car a good hard buff with an electric buffer, using cutting compound, so a fairly abrasive compound, wasting your time doing the cutting by hand.. once you have got a nice scratch free car or close to to, depending how deep the scratched were to start with, as cutting will only knock the scratches in the clear back.. then to remove the swirl marks from buffer use
  9. Haha have sorted it , just didn\'t unwind the the adjuster back enough , Shees mint now =)
  10. Trying to set my Fpr up but it does not want to adjust? i wind the adjusting nut both ways full lock and all i get is 60psi it wont budge from there, even if i keep flicking the key to pressurerise the system.. The Fpr is a branndnew genuine Tomei Type s and i have 2 gauges that work fine.. tryed both of them and get the same result.. any ideas? , Yes all my lines are plumbed up correctly
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