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  1. So long as you use a corrosion inhibiter without fail, it'll be fine
  2. Having spent some time on a sportsbike I'm of the opinion that too soft is just as sketchy as too firm. I personally run mca performance series with whiteline bars and links I have softened the mca's up by like 4 clicks f+r as I'm running 9kg/mm front and 8kg/mm rears as it's a occasional track/autocross/fast road type setup. It's going to be some trial and error, and to be fair bars are cheaper than struts to swap around. Most people do one or the other, I appear to be in the very small section of people that have done both. My setup is firm, and I know the alignment is a little out, but so far it's been really good. Can't really comment too much though, as I've only got maybe 1500km on it since putting in the struts, most of which has been work commute
  3. 225 at the wheels and fugall torque. It's super lazy too. I might have chosen a rear housing that's a nudge too big, doesn't really come on till like 4k
  4. Had it on the Dyno Friday. Had a couple of issues. Basically, fuel injector clinic 1650cc e85 injectors have really bad short pulse control. Cheap injector, don't recommend. The exhaust strangled it, and I have a huge amount of pressure drop across the intercooler. Like nearly 4psi. Plan of attack: New intercooler. Adrenaline r 3inch tail section (or similar, quiet is good but needs to flow well) Get some id1300x's Retune. As it is, it's a hoot to drive (safe tune) but it's... No where close to what the target was
  5. Nah v7+ had em, think even the v5/6s had em too
  6. I'd be looking to reinstate pcv... Rear ports on the head should go to catch can. Front ports should tee together and to the right hand side crank case breather if you have it, as a pressure balance system. The pcv should also go back to the catch can, and there should be a consistant vacuum on the catch can. Or you could set up some sort of exhaust Venturi to put vacuum on the can, I'm sure there was talk of that previously, along with a soopercooler....lel
  7. Bought some bloody expensive shiny bits. Bodged em together, shoved em into the car. That required the bumper to come off, and the intercooler to come out. And the aircon condenser to be unbolted. Bolted it all in, poked some hoses around the place, pressure tested it, and whallah, 10 row oil cooler installed and pressure tested. Just as I was starting to put the car back together the heavens opened and in the urgent pack up I got drenched. Need to get some heat shielding between the headers and the lines, as the Kevlar shielding I bought with the lines won't quite cut the mustard. Deleted front o2 sensor too, as the link doesn't talk to it. Tune on Friday.
  8. Changed my power steering fluid. Well, more accurately, I sucked out the fluid and poured some new atf in, cycled it, sucked it out, new stuff in etc etc so it was no longer a black sludge, and is now a semi translucent Reddy brown. Going to do it again in another week or so, just going to run that stuff to loosen up all the crap while chasing out other rattles. Car is running ok, need to get it tuned. Then a write up of the saga that has been this "she'll be done by Christmas" engine build that is now nearly 2 years overdue.
  9. In a foz I'd go for the 24mm 3pt adjustible jobbie. There's more weight higher up to deal with. And for sure, heavy duty endlinks are a must. Be glad you don't have an sf chassis, the rear bar on those are only 14mm LOL
  10. Big rear swaybar will induce oversteer, they tend to have a whack of body roll till you get them a bit lower, but very capable. Unless they are auto as joker mentioned, then they are like 70/30 fwd biased and will push like a mofugger into corners with low traction.
  11. Does your ebc boost reference jump all over the place like the defi gauge?
  12. Some will, most won't. Basically, v11+ (grb chassis and newer) will fit, the rest won't.
  13. Ye that one. Got em bedded in today, yeesh they pong when they get hot. But good god it drops anchor confidently. Mca struts are freaking magic too, it's so planted!! Definately needs a tune though
  14. Yep, done it once or twice, going to let it settle for a few days then re-bleed when I'm not rushed for time. Brakes work fine, just slow take-up and a bit spongy. It's fine, just need to stop rushing. Lol
  15. Driver front, passenger rear, passenger front, driver rear. Yeah did that. Left the car to sit overnight, pedal feels a lot better today. Will let it settle for a few days then re bleed.
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