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  1. Compressed air is 79% nitrogen, so no difference there. Can't see any problem with CO2 either.
  2. I've got an 08 Spec B, yes the stock clutch doesn't have much travel before the bite. I prefer it to too much travel myself.
  3. 4th gen post facelift JDM/AUDM/NZDM/EDM are all EJ255.
  4. I haven't met anyone from clubsub in the north island so I'd doubt I would get much of a response/turn out. I'd be keen for a beer or something if anyone was interested though.
  5. Any meets happening any time soon? Seems to be pretty quiet in the tron
  6. I believe they did, it was a while back so don't know for sure. Yeah same, I've never seen any 100% specific answers so would be nice to know. FWIW here's an FAQ on JDM Bilsteins on LegacyGT.com: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/faq-jdm-oem-suspension-61108.html I suspect JDM & NZDM use the same shocks
  7. Not debating those catalogues but that link above is a JDM 6MT 3.0R sedan? [quote name='sobanoodle said: Where did you find the info re: Bilsteins? A while back on the legacyGT.com forums and from what I've seen on other non-specB LGTs. Someone put SpecB bilsteins onto their non-specB which raised the ride height due to the lighter weight of not having the 6MT. Wouldn't make a difference if they were the same.
  8. Depends if you're talking JDM or NZDM though. Everything I've stated is for 2.5L NZDM as I own an NZ new 2.5L specB. Here's 3.0R SpecB 6MT: Wagon (NZDM) - http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-796723623.htm. Sedan (JDM) - http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-807656882.htm. As I mentioned before JDM/NZDM/AUDM models all use bilsteins. SpecB use different revision Bilsteins. Sounds like you have a JDM 3.0R SpecB then, import & tiptronic?
  9. Would be great to have all that info. Problem is JDMs are different to NZDM/AUDM from what I've seen. Which gets tricky what with all of the Jap imports we get. We seem to get less trim as standard, instead offered as optional. NZDM/AUDM has post-facelift as 2.5L, JDM uses 2.0L Also forgot to mention the front LSD diff for SpecB before
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_Legacy_(third_generation)#D-Type
  11. Andy_Mac covered most of it, some extras/clarification: SpecB has (non-specB has instead of): 6 speed manual only (5MT or 5speed auto) 18" alloys (17") SpecB bilsteins (non-specB bilsteins, softer versions. Both use the same springs) Aluminium suspension components - control arms (standard arms) Aluminium, I think, pedals (standard plastic) No rear-wiper blade. - I think all SpecB's do not have one (mine does not), LGTs do. Might be all post-facelift do not have them. Moon roof/sun roof (unsure, maybe just an option but I'm pretty sure all SpecBs have one. standard LGT
  12. Oh damn, I was at the base just after 12... Next time then!
  13. Haven't looked into stoptech but when I bought my hawk hps pads it was cheapest to get them sent over from Infamous performance in the US. might not be the case for stoptech though
  14. Yeah you'd think that your own garage should be the safest spot for it... at least it's no hit and run
  15. Got it checked out by Wade Collision and Te Rapa Panel Beaters. Both are around $500 as the whole door has be to fixed. Good thing I'm not paying...
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