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  1. A few of my 03 Leggy GT And a few of HKM400s GC8 which i borrowed for the weekend
  2. Dumb question: If my car has an airbag light that comes on ocasionaly - will i fail a wof?
  3. Thanks for all your help guys, incase anyone was interested - have kick started the process by selling my current wagon. info in the forsale thread http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?45224-FS-2003-Legacy-GTB-BP5-Wagon-Wellington-City&p=570349 or trademe link http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=836434696
  4. Ah sweet. Thats a bit of a trap already. Good to know though. Jay i'll PM you
  5. Awesome to know. Did you go through an agent or privately?
  6. Hey guys, My current Leggy is getting a bit high on the kms and although i still love it and it drives well, i'm not going to need a car for the next couple of months so i'm thinking of selling it and finding a later model, lower km replacement from Japan. Interested to hear anybody's thoughts or experiences in the process of doing this?? Here's what i'm looking at: http://www.beforward.jp/subaru/legacy-b4/bf341661/id/446420/?mfg_year_from=2005 (just an example, ideally a ~100,00km BP / BL 2005+ 2.0GT/3.0R) Basically a case of pressing go, sending thousands of dollars to Japan and preying that it makes it through compliance??????
  7. Hey guys, any idea what this means? When i click the odometer stick with the car off i can toggle beetween 1-on and 5-on? Sounds like a locking thing but i cant work out what it does and googeling hasnt helped. Mainly just curious, can anyone help?
  8. Cheers for the input guys. Have more of a technical questions in the way of the mismatching speaker impedance. I've replaced the door speakers (previously Mcintosh 8ohm) with some cheap Boschman 4ohms and they sound great but after about 30 minutes to an hour of driving with (reasonably) loud music everything goes crackly and weird. I feel like this could be a problem with the mismatched impedance? Whats the best course of action i have considered either chucking a 4ohm resistor in the circuit ( to double the load but would this effect sound?) or replacing the tweaters and other speakers with 4ohm speakers too? (its the full 'premium' stock mcintosh setup) Or have i blown the amp...? The sub i'm looking at running a custom system with line level converters and another amp similar to Andy Mac's setup but thats not a priority yet. Thaaaaanks everyone! Rowan.
  9. Thanks for all the info guys! Especially Andy Mac i'd be tempted to try a setup like yours... are you still running a mcintosh sub? or any details on what you are running? Hard to find an aftermarket 8" might be looking to buy a mcintosh one off someone at this rate......
  10. Hey guys, Seem to have blown a few of the speakers in the leggy, make popping noises at high volume. Assuming this is due to blown coils on the speakers not some other issue (???) whats the go on replacing the speakers with a full McIntosh system? Can i just put any speakers in there? Cant seem to find size/specs online anywhere does anyone have information about BP5 Mcintoshs? One of the speakers that's rooted is the sub, can i just replace that easy enough and use the factory amp? Any advice would be awesome! Cheers.
  11. Took the Leggy to Ray last week, Litte more expensive than i expected but knew what he was talking about and gave excellent advice and friendly service, will be going back there next wof.
  12. +1 my BP5 has the worst reception. Just bought an anycar unit with bluetooth connectivity, aux and stuff off trademe. Best investment ever.
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