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  1. I'd recommend the Torin Big Red jack from BNT as well. I think i payed about $300 or just over for it. Found them on trademe aswell I've had one of the low profile alloy racing jacks and it died within a year, had it replaced next one died just outside of another year. The Big Red jack is steel, heavy duty, low profile and the best jack i've owned.
  2. Thanks man! Ive got the specs i want it set to, or near to it. Need someone confident in ecentric bushes etc. Dont just want a slap it on the hoist do what closest the computer says and be on your way.
  3. totally agree! Have used them many a times, always happy with what they supply and their shipping is on point too.
  4. Any recommendations for an alignment on the Shore. Ideally around wairau valley etc. I've been to platinum wheels before but won't be able to get there this time.
  5. sorted now :-) got a sub 80xxx km set of struts etc from strong for subaru.
  6. Finding i'm doing more off path driving, and the low stiff setup isn't working. Tried raising it, softening it, still not cutting it. Mountain biking, camping etc. Having to take it painfully slow down gravel roads, avoid all the big holes etc.
  7. Going back to factory struts & springs but my originals went in the bin when i put coilovers in. Stupid me. Ideally im going to buy new struts, source some factory springs but have to supply new top hats etc.
  8. factory, forgot about partsouq will see what pricing they can do. Noltec guy can do the front cheaper than bnt sas etc Cheers.
  9. Where is the best place to buy strut mounts / top hats. After a full set for a BP5 Legacy. Cheers,
  10. just to clarify, you're looking something like the below? One of the clubsub members sells them on trademe. If you have a 2005 chances are you're only single zone climate control. this one should be what you're after, Ive done a complete nexus 7 install as well. They gen 2 ones work well!
  11. Have a chat to A1 Exhaust And Towbars in Glenfield.
  12. installed a nexus 7 tablet into the dash of the wagon.
  13. Was greeted with this sight the other weekend when i went to leave the mountain. Removed the blitz induction cover and refitted the factory air box back to the car. Didn't like having to de-snow the filter before driving! Blitz cover is very open
  14. I'm running Fortune Auto coilovers, ride is amazing, very controlled and still forgiving.