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  1. Not sure. I remembered that I could see the cable sleeve behind the lock switch so I'm gonna try and slip something through to get the cable(s) free 🤞🏽
  2. Tried that @Andy_Mac but there isn't enough space to fit a hand.
  3. I'm thinking the door is locked. I only disconnected the cables on the internal handle so the outer handle should be fine. The lock switch inside is loose. Thinking cutting the door card might be my only solution and then replace it. Open to other suggestions! I'll Google slim Jim
  4. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows how to remove a door card while the door is shut? I have a GRB and was changing speakers and when putting the right rear door card back on, I didn't see that the door and lock cables had come loose and subsequently closed the door 😩 TIA
  5. My Spec C GRB is doing this too. Have read this may be a grounding issue?
  6. Hey Bobby Sent from my SM-A720F using Tapatalk
  7. Think I have the dreaded VF38 syndrome on my BP. Just noticed it dumps a lot of smoke when flooring it. Doesn't smoke otherwise. Any other thoughts? Either way, I've been looking into upgrading to a VF44, 45 or a TD04HLA-19T but I don't have any experience with Subaru turbos. Anyone have an idea of how much these usually go for? There are a couple of 44s on TradeMe for $895 and $1000, which seem a bit high to me. www.turbocare.co.nz have a couple but don't list a price so have sent an enquiry. https://www.turbocare.co.nz/parts/subaru-legacy-bp/ https://www.turbocare.co.nz/parts/subaru-td04hl-19t-upgrade/ https://www.turbocare.co.nz/parts/subaru-legacy-gt-2005-2008/ Cheers!
  8. He unbolted the heat shields but will check the actuators.
  9. Took it back and he's checked all the pipes and hoses. I looked over it with him and couldn't see anything misplaced. The car runs fine but drives like it's NA. The VDF Off light comes on intermittently followed by the CEL. It did this before I had the box swapped but was boosting fine. Would an ECU reset help with the boosting issue? What's the best way to reset or check VDC codes?
  10. Thanks guys. I've only tried to boost a couple of times since getting it back so haven't noticed it not shifting properly but will test it out. Last time I drove it was a few months back but it was boosting fine then.
  11. Hey all Just had the auto box swapped on my BH5 and now it seems like it's not boosting. Don't have boost gauges installed but. Got it done at First Gearboxes and he said the only thing he touched was the turbo heat shields and the hoses at the top of the firewall. Any ideas or is anyone kind enough to look at it for me? There'll be a bottle of CC's or beers for ya! In South Auckland area. Thanks!
  12. Sweet cheers guys. Getting 225/45's free and need to replace the fronts urgently!
  13. Hey guys I have standard BP5 wheels on my BH5 running 215/45R17. Would 225/45's fit without rubbing? Anyone know what width and offset these wheels are? Cheers Eddy
  14. ediddy

    Wiper travel

    OK cheers guys. I'll have a read up in the service manual tonight!
  15. ediddy

    Wiper travel

    Hey guys The wiper travel on my BH5 is irratic. At low speed, it will have normal travel. At high speed (>70km/h), the wiper will go off the windscreen ??? and also hit the body at the bottom of its travel. I've checked the securing nuts and they're tight but the wipers are loose when I move them by hand. Has anyone come across this before? Something wrong with the motors? Eddy
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