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  1. There is plenty of places that don't lock the ECU.
  2. If you interested in what the G25 or G30 will do, then Speed Academy has a through video on it with their STI. Links here: They then upgrade to the G30-660 But before most of that, they have a direct comparison on the dyno with another GTX3071R
  3. Hi All, I am in Sydney and went to have a look at the Motive DVD Eastern Creek Meetup. I took some video on my phone and had some photos as well. I was very surprised at the quality of cars there. Alot for everyone.
  4. I think you have all the answers you need from Dairusire. If you are happy to push an old open deck engine (even if you say your not looking for power) then prepare to have issues later on.
  5. Yeah that was Speed Academy in Canada. I heard there is a GRB STI with a G25-660 in Auckland.
  6. Hi All, I just want to know if anyone here has a Garrett G25-660, I am considering it to replace my TD06-20G in my Legacy. Obviously the TD06 is a lazy bugger and I would like anyone's feedback and opinions on the G25. Please note I am not switching to an twinscroll setup. Yes It will be on flexfuel 98 and E70, bigger injectors and a dyno tune. Also I have seen most videos on youtube already. Its all good and positive feedback, but I am looking for firsthand experience. I know of one person at PBMS that is putting in a G25, but that car is still a while awa
  7. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But everything would fail with a high impact. I don't think there is much to discuss, all of these have been successful in high horsepower applications.
  8. Frankly though, there are too many variables, and It would definitely be difficult getting their tuners to repair or replace a motor after blowing it up. Especially if they did not build that motor themselves or know the complete history of the vehicle. The vehicle was was originally fit for purpose, so a dyno tune is to make it more reliable? but if you are adding more timing, more fuel and more boost it has deviated from its original purpose and specification. This dyno tune was not intended to repair or fix a faulty vehicle. I'd just add that Soichi
  9. I wouldn't try to tune a stock vehicle, and that is the risk of dyno tuning. If they built your motor and setup, and they then blow it up it is a different story. Consumer Guarantees Act covers new products, and I am pretty sure that trying to modify a stock vehicle from standard would void it.
  10. Here is my footage from FlatNats 2019 at Meremere. It was a quiet turn out, but we still made our own fun. Thanks to FlatNats for putting on the event. Thanks to Mattchanics for looking after our cars.
  11. Hi All, I want some advice on installing a GD8 quick steering rack into a BD5 Legacy? I would like to know if it's a direct bolt in or we need to cut and shut steering knuckles etc
  12. Thanks for that, I was watching a few reviews, and they said something similar.
  13. Thanks, I've ordered the transmission mount. I will like to see how it goes.
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