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  1. On 29/04/2022 at 6:12 PM, logan25 said:

    Hi all,


    After a stint overseas I am back in New Zealand and picked up a 2007 3.0R NZ New 6 speed wagon a few months back.


    Finally ordered a obd2 cable to look at its data, and found the LV data below. 


    My main concern is the IAM value, also have the negative air flow values which I will try track down any leaks.


    Just seeing if this is someone normal for the EZ30 engine here using NZ fuel, I am currently using 95, may have to consider 100, what do others use here? I used 100 in my previous GT, which got the IAM upto 1.0, do these EZ30 need it as well? Or is that IAM value normal for an untuned EZ30?




    (Edit: I looked around on here for more on the IAM, I see others had issue with EZ30s had IAMs down to 0 and 0.5, maybe 0.6 is acceptable??)









    What software is that?

  2. I bike to work every day (or work from home) and only drive to the gym once or twice a week (have a setup at home as well). Weekends I'll drive a bit more.

    Previously i'd fill up a full tank every 5-6 weeks. Now i'm topping up most weekends. Put ~7l in on Sunday - saves having a $200+ hit every month or so

  3. 5 hours ago, wannabeboyracer said:

    That'll be next on my list then 😁 after messing around with EVC rod. Thinking about maybe doing a decat on downpipes, just worried about overboosting, EGT's etc (Car has already had main cat ripped out). 



    The Z/S downpipes I had were decatted and 2.5"(? maybe 2.25" - larger than stock) didn't notice any boost spikes on my RevD but YMMV

  4. These are some of the things I did on my rev D (2001), your's looks like its an early rev C or late rev B
    Hose 10 mod

    rear sway bar

    redo vac lines

    re plumb BBOD

    relocate boost solenoid

    lower it (see if you can find some sti springs)

    sti bucket seats

    genome muffler (I also had some z/s dps, didn't make much difference)

    re do silicon elbows under intercooler

    clear side repeaters

    fiddle with the ECV rod



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  5. 1 hour ago, menacenz said:

    Cool, any idea roughly of the price for a service? Can't see it on their page. If not all good I'll just call them tomorrow. 


    Off the top of my head, a basic service for my old 2001 legacy was ~$200 haven't taken the GRB for a service yet so unsure if that cost will change (unlikely) for newer cars. Of course additional work like dif/gearbox oil, coolant will cost more.


    One thing that they've caught me out on (up sold) is topping up washer fluid... i always make sure its overflowing when I take it in ;)

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  6. I had a decatted (2-2.5"?) zerosport dp on my legacy for a bit - didn't notice any boost spikes, in fact, didn't really notice much difference other than a bit more noise and carbon/soot/tar build up on the bumper above the exhaust. I've sure if it was tuned you could get more out of it


    Also if i recall correctly, the cat is only on the secondary turbo - the primary dp doesnt have one

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  7. 3 hours ago, Joker said:


    I know there's advances in TT' Ecu tech since I was playing but 'only' the later Gen 3's are tuneable right? (OBd2)


    unless they've done something silly like I did & popped them into a Gen 2 :P then "computer says no . jpg" (OBD1)

    Rev D is tunable, Revs A/B/C arent. Pretty sure the RevD switch over was early 2001.


    Your Fuji Heavy Industry tag in the engine way will say BH5* where * is A,B,C or D

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  8. 7 hours ago, swamp said:

    Not my car but there's a bugeye at work that was stolen. Its been there for a while and today I noticed it was wrx badged and registered as a wrx. Checked tags and looks like it is a gd9 (2l awd n/a) so engine is in fact original. 


    Must suck to insure an impreza and have to pay wrx/sti prices. Unless its a cash grab and imprezas are all one rate. 


    Also concluded that people say turbochargers are complex systems. Well I find electric operated sunroofs quite fiddly and with so much bits to microadjust, and parts being numerous and expensive to replace, I'd say sunroofs > turbos in crappiness. 


    The registration thing is weird. Mine is registered simply as a Legacy. I've seen other GTBs registered as 'GTB', 'Etune' and 'Twin Turbo' Legacy. Who knows if that has an effect on insurance or not

  9. 47 minutes ago, darkchief1 said:


    Have got that on a portable hard drive somewhere, on my google drive (I think) and on both my Mac and Windows partitions on my Macbook haha. Thanks for linking it though, now I know a place on the forums I can go straight to for them, as opposed to digging through Marky's OG post.


    Are there any more tunes lying around for them? Or is this the whole collection? I don't think I've seen any others in my forum hunts


    Think thats it, i haven't found any more

  10. 14 hours ago, darkchief1 said:

    Got me a tactrix and for the Rev D I know there are tunes lurking around, plus it would be pretty cool to actually learn and understand what my car is doing with it's tune if I was to start mucking with it myself. 


    I know there are tuners who do e-tunes for the Gen 4, Cryotune is a name I've seen around a bit, and their tunes are actually pretty reasonable for what you get from them so it would be the cost range of of free to a few hundred to get a tune sorted, so that isn't much of a price factor.


    I know the smart move is to get the Gen 4, but something about the Gen 3 just keeps grabbing at me haha

    have a browse of some of these  http://pc.cd/P91rtalK

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