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  1. https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZxKxr7ZQyYuh3GXAOFsYfAgPy2WYffoLwL7 Have a dig through here, i have a heap of manuals in here, try to remember to add any that I come across
  2. I seem to recall, at least for the wagon, the main difference between a standard gtb and the "s line" was that the later had full black interior trim and headliner
  3. I bike to work every day (or work from home) and only drive to the gym once or twice a week (have a setup at home as well). Weekends I'll drive a bit more. Previously i'd fill up a full tank every 5-6 weeks. Now i'm topping up most weekends. Put ~7l in on Sunday - saves having a $200+ hit every month or so
  4. Late to this, but ~283 for 100 at NPD Wigram today, ~330 for 98 at BP Moorehouse on Friday and BP Hoon Hay today
  5. The Z/S downpipes I had were decatted and 2.5"(? maybe 2.25" - larger than stock) didn't notice any boost spikes on my RevD but YMMV
  6. Pickapart would be worth a shot - have lots of Subarus on the yard currently - https://www.pickapart.co.nz/eziparts/Display_Vehicles.asp?MakeID=37&SeriesID=0&LocationID=7&VehicleDesc=Subaru
  7. Sti made some springs specifically for the Bh5. Re Seats - anything pre version 8 (maybe 9) will be a complete bolt in, four bolts, too easy 😛
  8. These are some of the things I did on my rev D (2001), your's looks like its an early rev C or late rev B Hose 10 mod rear sway bar redo vac lines re plumb BBOD relocate boost solenoid lower it (see if you can find some sti springs) sti bucket seats genome muffler (I also had some z/s dps, didn't make much difference) re do silicon elbows under intercooler clear side repeaters fiddle with the ECV rod
  9. Where'd you get you paint from? the Lyndar stuff from SCA?
  10. Off the top of my head, a basic service for my old 2001 legacy was ~$200 haven't taken the GRB for a service yet so unsure if that cost will change (unlikely) for newer cars. Of course additional work like dif/gearbox oil, coolant will cost more. One thing that they've caught me out on (up sold) is topping up washer fluid... i always make sure its overflowing when I take it in
  11. I had a decatted (2-2.5"?) zerosport dp on my legacy for a bit - didn't notice any boost spikes, in fact, didn't really notice much difference other than a bit more noise and carbon/soot/tar build up on the bumper above the exhaust. I've sure if it was tuned you could get more out of it Also if i recall correctly, the cat is only on the secondary turbo - the primary dp doesnt have one
  12. Rev D is tunable, Revs A/B/C arent. Pretty sure the RevD switch over was early 2001. Your Fuji Heavy Industry tag in the engine way will say BH5* where * is A,B,C or D
  13. My legacy would scrape all the time. so much so I wore a hole in the tip
  14. My shameless link to the Subaru stuff I hold - https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZxKxr7ZQyYuh3GXAOFsYfAgPy2WYffoLwL7 Full Service Manuals (FSM) for most models pre early 2010s
  15. Are you 100% certain its oil temp? I've got what sounds like the same gauges and its air temp (i ran it as intake temp). from memory the gauges goes from -30 to ~50c
  16. i've got most of it here: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZuwdEkZt41zz07vsh75nCPFpcpGJ0GpIlTV
  17. The registration thing is weird. Mine is registered simply as a Legacy. I've seen other GTBs registered as 'GTB', 'Etune' and 'Twin Turbo' Legacy. Who knows if that has an effect on insurance or not
  18. Think thats it, i haven't found any more
  19. have a browse of some of these http://pc.cd/P91rtalK
  20. My cousin had a rover with a stuck thermostat so he just shoved an old sweatshirt in front of half the radiator. kept the temp up for the few years before he sold it. (not suggesting you do this at all)
  21. Done at ~186k so should be good for a few years to come
  22. Ticked over to 200k 😦😦 Also got told at the petrol station that running 100octane in my turbo Subaru will blow it up and that they're only designed to run on 91 🤷‍♂️
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